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Dota 2 Ranks: EU/CIS DPC Power Rankings Pre-Season 2021

Welcome to DPC EU/CIS Power Rankings by Dota 2 Ranks

Thrilled by the response to our NA/SA Power Rankings and encouraged by our readers, we here at Dota 2 Ranks have decided to provide supplemental coverage to the EU/CIS Super-Region.

Our primary commitment to coverage will always be first and foremost to the under covered NA/SA Super-Region, but with so much interest in objectively the best Super-Region in the world (EU/CIS) we will be pushing out EU/CIS coverage occasionally throughout this DPC season.

Also a quick note, if you’re completely new to the Dota Pro Circuit (welcome!) or if you want a refresher, be sure to read up on the league’s structure here.

Another quick note on Power Rankings. Obviously, you can go check the DPC Point Rankings and such to get a sense of where teams stand, but those rankings do not tell you how a team is performing at this very moment or the potential a team has compared to other teams in the Super-Region. Enter power rankings, an assessment of where each of the 16 teams in the Upper/Lower Divisions of EU and the 16 teams in the Upper/Lower Divisions of CIS stand heading into the DPC season.

We hope to release new Power Ranking and a few additional posts covering EU/CIS this season. Also, a simple plug. Rating teams between regional leagues, such as rating an EU team vs. a CIS team becomes easier the more those teams play each other and the same competition (wink wink hint hint, schedule more interregional tournaments Valve).

And now, without further prologue here are where things stand before the first week of DPC Leagues kickoff in EU and CIS.

Power Rankings

1. Team Secret (EU Upper Division)

  1. MATUMBAMAN 2. Nisha 3. zai 4. YapzOr 5. Puppey

Dota 2’s most dominant professional team in 2020 returns its full five man roster after a record breaking year. Team Secret has TI Grand Finals aspirations and sky high expectations heading into EU’s DPC Upper Division. With such high expectations, Team Secret will face scrutiny no other team will face this year. After never finishing higher than 4th place in the last three tournaments of 2020, we will see if Team Secret will be forged into the best team in the world by an absolutely stacked EU Upper Division, or crack under the pressure of expectations. Team Secret is our #1 team in EU/CIS, until another team can prove otherwise in 2021.

2. (CIS Upper Division)

  1. Nightfall (epileptick1d) 2. gpk 3. DM 4. Save 5. Kingslayer (illias)

CIS is’s region. Everyone else is just playing in it. After a disappointing 7th place finish in 2020’s OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, the traditional Russian powerhouse looked to rebuild it’s roster ahead of the 2021 DPC. Focusing on its young homegrown talent, promoted the entire five man squad of its youth development team (VP.Prodigy) to first team status in November 2020. Results were immediate for the young squad as they took first place in December’s EPIC League Division 1, knocking off Team Secret (2-0), (2-0), and OG (3-2) in the process. This young team is hungry, and they could feast in the top heavy CIS Upper Division this season.

3. OG (EU Upper Division)

  1. midone 2. Topson 3. Ceb 4. Saksa 5. N0tail

No team, possibly in the world, has a better sense of when they are strong, and you are not. This OG team, on the back of superstar Mid Laner Topson, will run you down. They will chase you past your Tier 3 tower if need be, and sit there because they know there is nothing you can do about it. Ranking EU’s Upper Division is like splitting hairs, as each team has TI Grand Finals potential. So, the question becomes, which team (in addition to Team Secret) do EU Top Division teams not want to see on their schedule as they all push for a top three finish and Major Tournament qualification? The answer, at least for Week 1, is OG.

4. Team Liquid (EU Upper Division)

  1. miCKe 2. qojqva 3. Boxi 4. Taiga 5. iNSaniA

Possibly the biggest name in E-Sports, Team Liquid checks in at #4 in our EU/CIS Pre-Season Power Rankings. After its TI 2017 winning roster departed the organization in 2019 to make a bigger name for themselves playing for an organization (Team Nigma) founded by the team’s players, Team Liquid needed a complete rebuild. Results were mixed in the first year for this incarnation of Team Liquid, with top 4 finishes seemingly just as likely as an early exit. However, Team Liquid heads into 2021 on a bit of a roll, winning ESL One Germany, taking 2nd at DOTA Summit 13 Online: Europe & CIS, and finishing a respectable 4th in Epic League Division 1 (ahead of Team Secret, Team Nigma, and Natus Vincere). We’ll see if they can hold off Upper Division competition and qualify for the first Major Tournament of 2021.

5. Natus Vincere (NAVI) (CIS Upper Division)

  1. V-Tune 2. Iceberg 3. GeneRaL 4. RodjER 5. ALWAYSWANNAFLY

Natus Vincere has bought itself a strong contender heading into the DPC CIS Regional League’s inaugural season. After parting ways with a roster producing middling results in 2020, NAVI signed unsponsored FlyToMoon, a local Ukranian team outperforming expectations in EU/CIS competitions ahead of the 2021 DPC. NAVI took down an undermanned OG (3-0) in the Grand Finals of OGA Dota PIT S4: Europe/CIS to close out 2020 on a high note. We’ll see if the talent from the former FlyToMoon squad paired with the sponsor resources of NAVI will produce dominant results in the CIS Upper Division.

6. Team Nigma (EU Upper Division)

  1. Miracle- 2. w33. MinD_ContRol 4. GH 5. KuroKy

It is a testament to Team Nigma’s chemistry, in an e-sport that sees constant roster changes and turnover, the full five man squad that finished 2nd at TI 9 Team Nigma returns with a direct invite into EU’s Upper Division. It was an up and down 2020 for Team Nigma, which boasts an incredible amount of former TI champions and experience. The highwater mark in 2020 came at OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Europe/CIS where Team Nigma knocked off OG and Alliance on their way to a 1st place finish. Headlined by one of the most well known Dota 2 players in the world, Miracle-, Team Nigma looks to rekindle the competitive fire in 2021 that made them the team to beat in EU the last few years.

7. Alliance (EU Upper Division)

  1. Nikobaby 2. LIMMP 3. s4 4. Handsken 5. fng

TI 2 Champion and Alliance’s team captain s4 leads a talented squad with TI experience into EU’s Upper Division. Alliance was on the outside looking in when it came to EU’s top tier of teams in 2020. Alliance did take care of business in the Decider Tournament by beating fellow Upper Division qualifier mudgolems on their way to clenching their own Upper Division spot. It speaks volumes to the depth of EU’s Upper Division that a team like Alliance, that is expected to be in a fight to avoid relegation to the Lower Division, is still our #7 EU/CIS team heading into Week 1 of the 2021 DPC.

8. Team Spirit (CIS Upper Division)

  1. Yatoro 2. TORONTOTOKYO 3. Collapse 4. so bad 5. Miposhka

After a difficult 2020 that saw the plundering of Team Spirit’s roster by the more traditional CIS powerhouse teams, the organization signed Yellow Submarine. The previously unsponsored five man squad had shown glimpses of potential during 2020, and after signing on to become Team Spirits DPC lineup, Position 5 Miposhka (the only player on the squad with TI experience) led his team to a 1st place finish in BTS Pro Series Season 4: Europe/CIS beating out and a number of other Upper Division qualifying EU/CIS teams. With the top three teams from the Upper Division in CIS qualifying for the first Major Tournament of the year, Team Spirit will likely find themselves fighting off the rest of the Upper Division for the third and final spot.

9. (EU Upper Division)

  1. Shad 2. BOOM 3. Tobi 4. Aramis 5. Seleri

After adding talented Czech Mid Laner BOOM to the lineup at the beginning of 2020, looked ready to compete with the big boys of EU/CIS. ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – Online: Europe & CIS would prove was up to the challenge by delivering a 2-0 knockout defeat to Team Secret. would finish 3rd in the tournament behind OG and will have their hands full in a stacked EU Upper Division, but they have the raw talent to compete. It would not be terribly surprising for the boys to earn one of the three coveted Major Tournament qualifying spots this season.

10. mudgolems (EU Upper Division)

  1. skiter 2. Nine 3. 33 4. Biver 5. Fata

Founded by Alliance alums Fata and 33, mudgolems burst onto the scene as an EU “pubstar” team which saw its first action in the Closed Qualifier for ESL One Germany 2020. Mudgolems would go on to take 3rd at ESL One Germany 2020, winning series against Team Liquid and Team Secret along the way. Looking to upgrade talent ahead of the DPC, mudgolems lured established journeymen Biver and Nine into joining its experienced core. Add fiery, and polarizing Position 1 Carry skiter to the mix, and you have a dark horse candidate in the EU’s Upper Division.

11. Chicken Fighters (EU Upper Division)

  1. CharlieDota 2. Supreme^ 3. Chessie 4. Era 5. Xibbe

After the dissolution of Ninjas in Pajamas in November of 2020, CharlieDota, Supreme^, and Era were left looking for a new team to call home with just weeks before the start of the 2021 DPC. Adding Chessie and Xibbe from the also recently disbanded 5men (a "pubstar" team that made it through Closed Qualifiers and into the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division), Chicken Fighters were able to survive and advance in EU’s Decider Tournament to clinch the final spot in the Upper Division. With so many talented teams in EU’s Upper Division, Chicken Fighters will be hard pressed not to find themselves in a fight to avoid relegation to the Lower Division after the first six weeks of the 2021 DPC.

12. Live to Win (CIS Upper Division)

  1. dream 2. fn 3. Afterlife 4. Immersion 5. SoNNeikO

Formed in late 2020, Live to Win went to work qualifying for EPIC League Division 2 where they would end up pushing Alliance to the brink in the grand finals, but ultimately lost the series settling for a 2nd place finish. This team has Major Tournament and TI experience, but questions remain how this hastily formed team will develop over a full season. Live to Win will look to build stability, consistency, and chemistry in CIS’s Upper Division. All of which will be critical for this team of talented journeymen and former top team stand-ins. In a top heavy DPC division, they may have some time to put it all together.

13. NoTechies (CIS Upper Division)

  1. Crystallize 2. ergon 3. Malik 4. Zayac 5. Solo

Perhaps the most intriguing of the lesser known teams in the CIS Upper Division, NoTechies is a squad of former players (captain Position 5 Solo, fellow support Position 4 Zayac, and Hard Carry Position 1 Crystallize). Add to the pot ergon and Malik, who themselves were moved on from by their respective CIS teams in the days before the start of DPC qualifying, and you have a potential CIS force in the making. NoTechies utterly dominated the competition in the Decider Tournament, destroying Winstrike Team and Dendi’s B8 squad on their way to clinching an Upper Division berth. The ceiling is high for NoTechies in the CIS Upper Division.

14. Team Empire (CIS Upper Division)

  1. Smiling Knight 2. gwynbleidd 3. Petushara 4. sayuw 5. EcNart

We are more than three years removed from the last time a Team Empire roster qualified for a TI. This roster (even with new January additions gwynbleidd and Petushara) is a far cry from the Team Empire rosters of the past. Despite only having one player on its current roster with Major Tournament experience, Team Empire snagged an invite to the CIS Decider Tournament. The squad proved experience isn’t everything as they powered through the upper bracket of the Decider Tournament defeating fellow Upper Division qualifiers Extremum and NoPangolier in the process.

15. Extremum (CIS Upper Division)

  1. nefrit 2. mellojul 3. Shachlo 4. Chu 5. G

Anchored by CIS veteran and a former Mid Laner, now Position 5 player G, Extremum is still searching for what kind of team it will be this season. There’s talent here, especially in Position 3 Schachlo formerly of Gambit Esports fame, but Extremum got off to a rocky start in the CIS Decider Tournament falling to Team Empire before digging themselves out of hole with wins over HellRaisers and Dendi’s B8 squad. Extremum has an opportunity and could find its stride in order to challenge for a top 3 finish in the CIS Upper Division.

16. NoPangolier (CIS Upper Division)

  1. Palantimos 2. Pikachu 3. Ghostik 4. Bignum 5. Slayer

NoPangolier is a CIS "pubstar" team with a lot of question marks heading into the start of the DPC season. Chemistry will be the challenge for this hastily formed team. Made up of former players from traditional CIS powerhouse teams (such as Position 5 Support Slayer who put time in with both Vega Squadron and NAVI) NoPangolier limped into the Upper Division. After falling 2-0 to Team Empire, NoPangolier managed to gather themselves to secure a 2-1 victory against Winstrike Team to take the last spot in the CIS Upper Division.

17. Winstrike Team (CIS Lower Division)

  1. dyrachyo 2. re1bl 3. chshrct 4. yamich 5. Pantomem

After a shock loss to unsponsored NoTechies in the first round of the CIS Decider Tournament, Winstrike Team rebounded to crush Gambit Esports in the lower bracket before falling to NoPangolier and taking a consolation spot in the Lower Division of the CIS region. With two players in the top 20 solo ranked players on European servers (yamich and dyrachyo), Winstrike Team has the the potential to earn a top two finish in the CIS Lower Division. They just need to put the pieces together.

18. B8 (CIS Lower Division)

  1. Rd0 2. Dendi 3. Sexyfat 4. TBD 5. Duster

What’s going on with B8? A team founded by one of the most well known Mid Laners in Dota 2, (if you don’t know, the former TI winner Dendi is literally a

), failed to live up to even its lowest expectations in 2020. Constant player turnover on the roster led to poor results as B8 replaced every position (besides Dendi) on the roster at least once last year. To compound B8’s lack of consistency, Position 4 player 5up was booted from the team just days before the start of the DPC. 5up had played with B8 through much of 2020 and the CIS Decider Tournament, but it wasn’t enough to keep his roster spot safe. 5up would later indicate the parting of ways took him by surprise. Now B8 will scramble to find a suitable Position 4 replacement as they prepare. Right now the roster is made up of Dendi and three former Midas Club players, a Brazilian squad that found no success in NA/SA tournaments during 2020. It remains to be seen if Dendi can carry B8 to a top 2 finish in the CIS Lower Division, or if this squad is failed experiment.

19. Hell Raisers (CIS Lower Division)

  1. Cooman 2. Nix 3. Resolut1on 4. LIL ME ALONE 5. VANSKOR

After a year that saw Hell Raisers finish last in almost every big EU/CIS tournament in 2020, the organization looked to upgrade its roster around team captain and Mid Laner, Nix. Bringing on TI level talent seemed to be the priority as former NAVI and Position 4 Support LIL ME ALONE signed on in October of 2020, while Resolut1on (formerly of and Forward Gaming) joined in early 2021 to shore up the Offlane. With such incredible talent and experience, it was a shock to see Hell Raisers demolished in the Decider Tournament, first by NoPangolier and then Extremum. This team has a lot of work to do challenge for a spot in the Upper Division of CIS, but raw talent and experience are on the roster.

20. Hippomaniacs (EU Lower Division)

  1. CURRY 2. Mambos 3. Tipek 4. Muf 5. sehny

The Czech based Hippomanics made up of mostly semi-pro players looks to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime as they compete for a shot at promotion to EU’s loaded Upper Division. After receiving a direct invite to EU’s Decider Tournament, Hippomaniacs did what they could with a tough draw. However, Hippomanics were clearly outmatched in the first round against, but were able to take a series in the lower bracket against Spider Pigzs before falling to mudgolems. The loss to mudgolems would seal Hippomaniacs fate as a Lower Division bound team to start the 2021 DPC.

21. Hellbear Smashers (EU Lower Division)

  1. Ace 2. Stormstormer 3. rASmus 4. Gilgir 5. tOfu

After the short lived 5men squad failed to produce any meaningful results in 2020, the team disbanded. However, Position 1 Hard Carry Ace and the former TI runner up rAsMus looked to keep the core of 5men together by joining forces again ahead of the DPC. Adding a few EU standout "pubstars" to the already strong and experienced core of Ace and rASmus, Hellbear Smashers was formed. The quickly assembled Hellbear Smashers managed to snag a game from Alliance in the EU Decider Tournament before eventually falling to Chicken Fighters (2-0) to earn a consolation spot in EU’s Lower Division.

22. Spider Pigzs (EU Lower Division)

  1. ThuG 2. No!ob 3. Mitch 4. dnz 5. LeBronDota

The former roster of Tempo Esports returns as Spider Pigzs after a 2020 run that saw the squad dominate in open qualifiers for big EU/CIS tournaments, but flounder once actual tournament play began. Led by captain and Position 5 LeBronDota (previously on B8), Spider Pigz were able to knock off Brame on their way to a 3rd/4th place finish in December’s BTS Pro Series Season 4: Europe/CIS. But, Pro Series experience did not translate into success in EU’s Decider Tournaments where Spider Pigzs would lose first to Chicken Fighters and then Hippomaniacs to wind up in the Lower Division to start the DPC season.

23. Gambit Esports (CIS Lower Division)

  1. xannii 2. Lorenof 3. Blizzy 4. XSvamp1Re 5. eine

Gambit Esports is a cautionary tale of how roster instability can lead to inconsistent results in tournament play. In 2020, Gambit Esports was constantly forced to play with temporary stand-ins to deal with its players departing for other teams. After quickly patching together a roster for the CIS Decider Tournament, Gambit Esports is clearly still reeling from the loss of sensational Mid Laner gpk (now with #2 Only Position 4 Support XSvamp1Re has been a permanent member of Gambit for more than three months, so it will be up to Blizzy (who played for at TI9) to bring consistency and experience to this new look Gambit Esports squad. Hopefully that will be enough give them a chance for a top 2 finish in the CIS Lower Division.

24. Brame (EU Lower Division)

  1. Focus 2. W1sh- 3. SkyLark 4. Stomanen1 5. SsaSpartan

Packed with players always on the edge of breaking through into the professional Dota 2 scene, Brame formed around W1sh- and Focus, two top 100 ranked players on the EU leaderboard. With a 5th place finish in BTS Pro Series Season 4: Europe/CIS the team’s best result in 2020, Brame has its work cut out for it to prove it can compete in the hyper competitive EU region. Especially, after they were bounced from the Decider Tournament by Hellbear Smashers 2-1.

25. Creepwave (EU Lower Division)

  1. Crystallis 2. Malr1ne 3. AMMAR_THE_FUCKER 4. Alexxo 5. Fishman

Position 1 Hard Carry Crystallis and Position 5 Support Fishman seek redemption in EU’s Lower Division after getting the boot from Dendi’s B8 squad. Their new team, Creepwave, faced a stout challenge from Into the Breach in the finals on Day 1 of Open Qualifiers, but were able to put their opponents away after dropping the first game of the series. Teams that play with chips on their shoulders can be dangerous, and there is no bigger chip than being dropped from your team a mere month before the start of a DPC season as Crystallis and Fishman were from B8.

26. PuckChamp (CIS Lower Division)

  1. krylat 2. BOBINA 3. meLes 4. Astral 5. Dukalis

Powered by former Gambit Esports Position 3 meLes and former WinnStrike Team Support Dukalis, PuckChamp ran over the competition on Day 1 of Open Qualifiers. Having already defeated fellow Lower Division qualifier VP.Prodigy 2-0 in the finals of Open Qualifiers on Day 1, PuckChamp will look to surprise the field, fight for a top 2 finish and promotion into the Upper Division of CIS.

27. Imperial Pro Gaming (EU Lower Division)

  1. Rari 2. Askold 3. SuperNova 4. Le don 5. antoha

Imperial Pro Gaming, a Russian semi-pro team, took Day 1 of EU’s Open Qualifiers by storm beating Team TikTok 2-0 in the finals to claim a spot in EU’s Lower Division. Mid Laner Askold stood out in the finals match with Team TikTok and could provide the playmaking ability needed to compete in a strong EU Lower Division.

28. burjui (EU Lower Division)

  1. Runec 2. flacs 3. Ouker 4. Kilomancer 5. Atoufix

Burjui pushed through a difficult Day 1 of Open Qualifiers on its way to earning a spot in EU’s Lower Division. Made up mostly of semi-pro players, Burjui managed to beat the first incarnation of #31 No Bounty Hunter in the quarterfinals before taking down Zero Respect and Evil Corporation. This team is not afraid to experiment with their drafts, which could make them master “daftologists” or an easy win for teams in EU’s Lower Division.

29. VP.Prodigy (CIS Lower Division)

  1. Noticed 2. Larl 3. celebrity 4. forcemajor 5. dSa

The previously little known Russian five man stack of Team Generation turned heads on their run to clinch a spot in the CIS Lower Division on Day 2 of Open Qualifiers. They also caught the attention of and were signed by the organization to compete under the VP.Prodigy (’s youth team) banner for the DPC. If’s staff liked what they saw from this VP.Prodigy squad, they could be a surprise challenger in the Lower Division.

30. XactJlepbl (CIS Lower Division)

  1. lightless 2. MagicaL 3. Funn1k 4. KingR 5. Nofear

Even though XactJlepbl’s roster sported players with TI and Major Tournament experience, the team was flying under the radar until they beat Team Unique to clinch a spot in the Lower Division in CIS. With a talented and experienced team, XactJlepbl can’t be written off in the fight for a top 2 finish in the Lower Division.

31. No Bounty Hunter (EU Lower Division)

  1. kAAN 2. ntakii 3. BliNcc 4. dEsire 5. Flash

Led by the former, player Position 5 Flash, No Bounty Hunter fell in the quarter finals on Day 1 of the EU Open Qualifiers to #28 burjui. After adding ntakii and dEsire to the roster, No Bounty Hunter pushed its way through Open Qualifiers on Day 2. Time will tell if this Open Qualifier team can become a factor in EU’s Lower Division.

32. Meta4Pro (EU Lower Division)

  1. Lowskill 2. exact1y 3. ZipZaper 4. Keptas Gaidys 5. Vyacheslove

A prime example of the reshuffling team rosters underwent between Day 1 and Day 2 of EU Open Qualifiers, Meta4Pro starts the DPC season as our #32 team. The newly formed Meta4Pro managed to come out on top of its Open Qualifier bracket on Day 2 and clinch an EU Lower Division berth. We’ll see how this predominantly pub-player team adjusts to the pressures of consistent pro-level competition. They will find themselves the underdog in the vast majority of matches this season which could alleviate some of the pressure of expectations.

What’s next?

So there are your 2021 DPC Pre-Season Power Rankings for the Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Super-Region. We hope this served as a good primer to get you up to speed on the teams and storylines for the upcoming DPC season kicking off on January 19, 2021. For more information on everything Pro-Dota 2 head over to Liquidpedia or follow along with Valve’s companion app.

You’re still here? What’s next for the Dota Ranks Team? Well, we are committed to providing as much coverage as possible for the NA/SA regions, but due to popular demand we’ll be supplementing our coverage with posts focusing on the EU/CIS Super-Region.

Follow us on twitter (@DPC_NASARanks) for all the latest updates and content.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think we got right and more importantly what we got wrong. Hope to see you next time for our update to our EU/CIS DPC Power Rankings and a few more exciting posts.


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