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Dota 2 Ranks: NA/SA DPC Power Rankings Pre-Season 2021

Content of the article: "Dota 2 Ranks: NA/SA DPC Power Rankings Pre-Season 2021"

***Updated to reflect the results of the final NA Closed Qualifier match in which Aristotle defeated Team DogChamp 2-1. Aristotle qualifies for NA's Upper Division and Team DogChamp will start the season in the Lower Division.***

Welcome to DPC NA/SA Rankings

After the long wait of 2020, the DPC is back and the regional league system is here for its inaugural season. We here at Dota 2 Ranks NASA care deeply about the North American and South American regions: the players, the teams, and the rivalries. With so much coverage of EU/CIS expected this season, we’ve taken on the challenge of shining a light on two undercovered regions. Besides, EU/CIS may have better teams overall, but NA/SA is total chaos right now with drama and numerous competitive teams looking to use this chaos as a ladder to the first Major Tournament of the season.

So, we don’t want to hear about how bad NA is compared to EU. We’re here for the intrigue, and we hope you are, too. Also, if you’re completely new to the Dota Pro Circuit or want a refresher, be sure to read up on the league’s structure here.

A quick note on Power Rankings. Obviously, you can go check the DPC Point Rankings and such, but those rankings do not tell you how a team is performing at this very moment or the potential a team has compared to other teams in the hemisphere. Enter power rankings, an assessment of where each of the 16 teams in the Upper/Lower Divisions of NA and the 16 teams in the Upper/Lower Divisions of SA stand heading into the DPC season.

We hope to release new ranking systems eventually (see the bottom of this post for more details). Also, a simple plug. Rating teams between region leagues, such as rating an NA team vs. an SA team becomes easier the more those teams play each other and the same competition (wink wink hint hint, schedule more interregional tournaments Valve).

And now, without further ramblings here are where things stand before the first week of DPC Leagues kickoff in NA and SA.

Power Rankings

1. Evil Geniuses (NA Upper Division)

  1. Arteezy 2. Abed 3. Iceiceice 4. Cr1t 5. Fly

What’s there to say about Evil Geniuses? EG finished a respectable 6th (despite being on hiatus for much of 2020) in the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, arguably the biggest tournament of 2020. EG have reloaded a depleted and scattered roster by adding SEA standout Position 3 iceiceice and returning Abed as Mid Laner. EG still has Arteezy at carry. EG is the heavy favorite to dominate NA’s Upper Division and has the talent to be the best team in the hemisphere. Sure, there are questions to be answered. Arteezy wasn’t enough to power EG to wins in June 2020 when they finished a disappointing 3rd in both the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas and ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: North & South America. Also, we won’t know how the chemistry of this newly reloaded EG team will work until they start playing games. Regardless, it won’t be a surprise if this team ends up at the top of NA again.

2. Quincy Crew (NA Upper Division)

  1. YawaR 2. Quinn 3. Lelis 4. MSS. 5. SVG

The kings of the online tournament scene in NA/SA during 2020, Quincy Crew played in the Grand Finals of every tournament they competed in. Quincy Crew benefited greatly from Evil Geniuses taking a hiatus from regional competition, but even more from the addition of Lelis (formerly of Ninjas in Pyjamas) at the Position 3. Headlined by arguably the best solo mid player in the hemisphere, Quinn, Quincy Crew also laid claim to having the best position 4 and 5 in NA during much of 2020. The only major question will be if YawaR’s play can carry this team into the first Major Tournament of the year and a top two finish in NA’s Upper Division.

3. Thunder Predator (SA Upper Division)

  1. Mnz 2. Leostyle- 3. Frank 4. MoOz 5. Mjz

The top team in South America during 2020, Thunder Predator wasn’t satisfied playing for second in tournaments with Quincy Crew almost always coming out on top. So Thunder Predator looked to upgrade where they could. Adding more players with Major Tournament experience in Frank and MoOz, Thunder Predator has rebuilt itself into the dominant favorite to win SA’s Upper Division. Only Infamous proved to be a consistent challenge for Thunder Predator in SA towards the end of 2020. But, Thunder Predator finished 2020 strong by winning the BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas, the final tournament of the year.

4. 4Zoomers (NA Upper Division)

  1. Sammyboy 2. Gunnar 3. Brax 4. Oceania 5. Husky

The young guns of NA Dota return after an up and down first season in 2020. 4Zoomers broke onto the NA scene in a big way knocking out a substitute filled EG squad and pushing Quincy Crew to a full five games in the Grand Finals of the BTS Pro Series: Americas Season 2. 4Zoomers would turn in several more respectable 2nd and 3rd place finishes, but they hit a rough patch of poor tournament performances in the fall. As a result, a change on the squad had to be made.

The final decision raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced veteran “boomer” and Position 3 Monkeys-Forever had parted ways with the team, and not 4Zoomers’ immature and hot headed hard carry SammyBoy. After a tryout with Zero (now with Black N Yellow) did not end well, 4Zoomers lucked into convincing Brax, one of the best Position 3 players in the hemisphere to sign up for the DPC season. With Brax onboard, 4Zoomers found themselves in the Grand Finals of the last tournament of the year, but fell to Thunder Predator in a close series. If Brax can bring some maturity and top tournament experience to the more junior members of 4Zoomers they might be able to take the next step towards becoming a consistent challenge to NA’s top dogs, EG and Quincy Crew.

5. Infamous (SA Upper Division)

  1. Pakazs 2. Mr. Jeans 3. Papaya 4. Michael 5. Accel

The biggest surprise of 2020 in South American Dota, was Infamous. Infamous comes into the DPC as one of the hottest teams, but Infamous did not start 2020 nearly as well as it finished. Inconsistent results in both SA and NA/SA tournaments plagued the squad for much of the year. The team determined kxy (Faker) to be the cause of the inconsistencies and parted ways with the young and often tiltable Mid Laner. In kxy’s place, Infamous added Mr. Jeans from EgoBoys. With the change at Mid Laner, Infamous showed immediate improvement making it all the way to the Grand Finals of Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, knocking off 4Zoomers and Thunder Predator along the way. In three months this team went from an afterthought in South America to a top threat to the traditional NA/SA powerhouse teams.

6. Undying (NA Upper Division)

  1. Timado 2. Bryle 3. SabeRLight 4. MoonMeander 5. Dubu

It was not surprising to anyone that a team with TI experience (Timado, Moonmeander), the former coach of SEA powerhouse Fnatic (Dubu), and the number 1 ranked player in EU (SabeRLight) would be competitive. What was surprising was how absolutely dominant Undying looked in NA’s Closed Qualifiers. This team has only played together for two weeks and already looks ready for primetime. With so much talent, so much potential, it will fall to less heralded Mid Laner Bryle to determine how far this team can go. Often outmatched by top NA/SA Mid Laners like Quinn, Leostyle, and Chris Luck, it will fall to Bryle to hold his own in the Mid Lane to create space for his stellar Position 1/Position 5 combo of Timado and Dubu. Already showing results beyond the sum of its parts, Undying with SabeRLight could find themselves in the fight for Major Tournament qualifying against the likes of EG and Quincy Crew.

7. SadBoys (NA Upper Division)

  1. Fear 2. dnm 3. Moo 4. Sneyking 5. ppd

Call it a comeback. ppd is back from a short lived retirement and he’s brought fellow TI winner Fear along for the ride. The former Evil Genius TI winners have assembled an NA pubstar team of sorts bringing on Moo and Sneyking from recently disbanded Team Zero (the only team to defeat Quincy Crew in a tournament Grand Finals in the second half of 2020). Newcomer Mid Laner dnm rounds out the SadBoys lineup as they head into their first NA Upper Division Season with a direct invite. SadBoys have been a work in progress during their formation. The team made significant strides in terms of chemistry and results during the last tournament of the year. If SadBoys continue to improve, they could make the race for a top 2 finish in NA’s Upper Division very interesting.

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8. Beastcoast (SA Upper Division)

  1. K1 2. Chris Luck 3. Whisper 4. Scofield 5. Stinger

It’s remarkable in a year with so much player turnover beastcoast was able to retain and reassemble the 5 players that powered it to an 8th place finish at TI9 in 2019 (back then this roster played under the Infamous banner). Beastcoast dominated South America early on in the year, but for one reason or another, beastcoast lost their momentum and never finished higher than 4th place in any NA/SA tournaments. Still, beastcoast brings talent, experience, and familiarity few teams in NA/SA can match. It would not be surprising to see them recapture their competitive stride this year to challenge Thunder Predator and Infamous for the top spot in SA. It would also not be surprising for beastcoast to drift along in mediocrity.

9. Black N Yellow (NA Upper Division)

  1. YamSun 2. Ryoya 3. zero 4. FLee 5. Jubei

An NA “pubstars” team if there ever was one. Black N Yellow have formed around talented Mid Laner Ryoya. Ryoya spent much of 2020 as a Mid Laner for hire finding success as a stand in for Evil Geniuses and then dominating Quinn (Quincy Crew Position 2) during the DOTA Summit 13 Online: Americas as a member of Team Zero. Team Zero would be the only team to beat Quincy Crew in a Grand Finals after Lelis joined them as a permanent member. Team Zero’s success against Quincy Crew would be short-lived as the team disbanded a few weeks later due to “personality conflicts” between its players. This left Ryoya looking to fill out a team for the DPC. That team, Black N Yellow, has talent, but looks like it needs some time to figure out chemistry and playstyle. YamSun is the biggest question mark for Black N Yellow, bringing the least experience and accolades to the team. NA’s Upper Division will be a trial by fire for Black N Yellow’s hard carry. It’ll be a tough spot, compounded by the side-by-side comparisons he’ll attract to other established carry players in the Upper Division including Arteezy, Fear, YawaR, and even SammyBoy.

10. SG e-sports (SA Upper Division)

  1. Costabile 2. 4dr 3. kingrd 4. thiolicor 5. KJ

The former Team Brasil roster, now signed with SG e-sports, earned an Upper Division direct invite from league organizer Dota Pit on the back of a first place finish in November’s Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6. While SG e-sports found success in SA action at the end of the year, they were not competitive in NA/SA competition during the rest of 2020. This SG e-sports team doesn’t lack TI or Major Tournament experience, but they were not able to translate it into much success. Can the clean slate created by the start of DPC season be the opportunity they need to build momentum?

11. Omega Gaming (SA Upper Division)

  1. Mingatte 2. Darkmango 3. Oscar 4. Matthew 5. Panda

The top finisher in SA’s Closed Qualifier, Omega Gaming may have found its missing piece in Matthew (the former Position 4 for Thunder Predator). After receiving a direct invite to the Closed Qualifier, this new look Omega Gaming went undefeated in round robin play to clinch an SA Upper Division spot. After limited success in 2020, their best finish was 6th in Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, Omega Gaming looks to break into the DPC in a major way.

12. Team Unknown (SA Upper Division)

  1. Berna 2. Robo-Z 3. Drakeel 4. Wij 5. Yadomi

Team Unknown had a quiet 2020 to say the least. Focusing on building a team around its core players with Major Tournament experience (Berna and Wij), Team Unknown competed almost entirely in local tournaments and SA regionals. Team Unknown tested the NA/SA tournament waters during Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, but were eliminated immediately by finishing in the bottom four of the round robin phase. Hype for this team is slowly growing after they finished 2nd in SA’s Closed Qualifiers, beating every team except for first place finisher Omega Gaming. We’ll see if this under the radar team is up to the task in SA’s Upper Division.

13. EgoBoys (SA Upper Division)

  1. NaoG 2. Alone 3. Sacred 4. Ins 5. Prada

EgoBoys assembled a completely new roster of players to head into DPC 2021. Picked from other SA teams and organizations, this EgoBoys squad is built around Position 5 player Prada (the only player on the roster with Major Tournament experience). This current incarnation of EgoBoys did show flashes of talent, and clearly play together at a talent level beyond their individual rankings. After a lackluster round robin phase of the Closed Qualifiers, EgoBoys started to click taking down Infinity Esports and Latam Defenders on their way to qualifying for SA’s Upper Division.

14. 5ManMidas (NA Upper Division)

  1. Lies 2. RRL 3. Monster 4. Aikster 5. Shoe

A surprise addition by league organizer Beyond the Summit to the slate of direct invites to NA’s Closed Qualifier. But, the 5ManMidas core of RRL, Monster, and Shoe and newly added NoPango alums Lies and Aikster took care of business defeating Electronic Boys and It's Okay on their way to qualifying for NA’s Upper Division. This new look 5ManMidas will be hard pressed against their fellow Upper Division opponents not to find themselves in a fight to avoid relegation as one of the bottom 2 teams in the Upper Division.

15. bros (NA Lower Division)

  1. boris 2. iAnnihilate 3. monkeys-forever 4. zfreek 5. empyreaN

It took a few tries, but NA veteran and journeyman monkeys-forever has found a competitive team to compete with in the 2021 DPC. After two days of failed attempts to qualify through NA’s Open Qualifiers, many teams reshuffled lineups. The best players of floundering teams organized themselves into “pubstar” teams to have a better chance of qualifying into the Lower Division. Of these Open Qualifier pubstar teams Bros is probably the best, and proved as much by smashing their way through the third day of Open Qualifiers while also beating fellow Lower Division qualifier the Cut along the way. It will be interesting to see how a team that scrambled to assemble itself will develop chemistry over an entire year of competition. If bros can figure it out, they could be a team to watch for a top 2 finish in the Lower Division.

16. Latam Defenders (SA Upper Division)

  1. Cucahook 2. Sueño 3. Valqui 4. Moonlight 5. Aretes

It seemed Latam Defenders, after receiving a direct invite to SA’s Closed Qualifiers, was destined for Lower Division mediocrity. Made up of mostly inexperienced players with limited regional tournament experience and success, many did not think much of Latam Defenders’ chances. But, Latam Defenders had other ideas. After squeaking through the round robin phase of the Closed Qualifier, Latam Defenders caught fire, knocking off Incubus Club twice and taking a game from EgoBoys in the knockout playoffs on their way to secure the last slot in the Upper Division. We’ll see if Latam Defenders can rise to the challenge of competition in SA’s Upper Division.

17. 0-900 (SA Lower Division)

  1. Madara 2. kxy 3. Greedy 4. Sl4d1n- 5. Jericho

SA standouts kxy (Faker) and Sl4d1n- formed this stack after parting ways with their respective teams in 2020. Their former teams would go on to receive direct invites into the Upper Division and Closed Qualifiers. Faced with a difficult bracket in the one and only open qualifier for the SA regional league, 0-900 dominated. The cherry on top was taking down One Million in the finals of the Open Qualifier. The Brazilian squad of One Million, stacked with talented players and Major tournament experience, was no match for this hungry 0-900 squad. 0-900 has the pieces to put together a top 2 finish and promotion into the Upper Division. Playing with chips on their shoulders of being dropped from teams and denied direct invites to the DPC from league organizer Dota Pit, we’ll see if Faker, Sl4d1n-, and the rest of 0-900 can challenge for a top 2 finish in the SA Lower Division.

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18. Aristotle (NA Upper Division)

  1. Rises 2. Princee 3. TheBloodSky 4. Szabo 5. TBD

The biggest unknown when it comes to teams in NA, Aristotle stands at a crossroads. After blasting through the second day of Open Qualifiers, Aristotle secured a Closed Qualifier spot. Aristotle was outmatched by Undying in the first round of the Closed Qualifer, but were able to rebound and knock off Electronic Boys to make it to a finals showdown with Team DogChamp where the winner would clinch the last NA Upper Division slot. However, the day before the match, league organizer Beyond the Summit (BTS) and Valve announced Aristotle’s most well known player (position 5 DeMoN) was banned from the DPC for previous, substantiated misconduct at past Dota 2 tournaments. It was a shock for the ban to come so late into the qualifiers and another example of BTS poor decision making when it comes to NA Dota 2 players with personal connections. It appears Valve had to step in and enforce a ban which BTS was either unwilling or unable to implement themselves. This lack of conviction and consistent leadership has left BTS in full on damage control.

We’ll see in the rescheduled match with Team DogChamp on January 13, 2020 if the remaining members of Aristotle can pick up the pieces, find a suitable replacement, and regain competitive form in either the Upper or Lower Division.

19. Incubus Club (SA Lower Division)

  1. Benny 2. mini 3. Jupiter 4. MahhxD 5. Nuages

The former players of Jaguares Esports have reformed for this incarnation of Incubus Club ahead of their first DPC season. In 2020, these player’s best results came around December in the BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas tournament. Knocking off Infinity Esports in the SA Open Qualifier for the last tournament of 2020, Incubus Club found limited success in the tournament itself finishing last in the round robin stage, but were able to win a series 2-0 against Arkosh Gaming. This result was enough for Dota Pit to send a direct invite to the CQ for the DPC regional league Incubus Club’s way. Incubus Club found some success in the round robin portion placing 3rd out of the 8 CQ teams, but lost two separate series to Latam Defenders in the knockout playoffs to wind up starting the season in SA’s Lower Division.

20. Infinity Esports (SA Lower Division)

  1. Arms 2. PiPi 3. LittleBoy 4. Pamplona 5. SexyeYogye

Hard Carry Arms headlines Infinity Esports as they look to move up from the Lower Division in SA. During the Closed Qualifiers, Infinity Esports found moderate success and managed to win a game against Upper Division bound Ego Boys in the round robin stage. That success was short lived as a rematch with EgoBoys in the knockout bracket of the Closed Qualifier forced Infinity Esports into SA’s Lower Division. Still, this team has shown they can compete and will not be an easy win for teams looking to make a run in SA’s Lower Division.

21. Team DogChamp (NA Lower Division)

  1. MightyMarcus 2. raylalisa 3. lukiluki 4. yarintheslayer 5. Bloody Nine

The breakout team of the first day of NA Open Qualifiers, Team DogChamp blew through the competition (including a 2-0 victory over Arkosh Gaming) to earn a spot in the Closed Qualifier. After losing in the first round of the Closed Qualifier to eventual Upper Division qualifier Black N Yellow, Team DogChamp knocked out the Closed Qualifier direct invite Byzantine Raiders before setting up a finals match with Aristotle. Winner of this one (to be played Jan 13) goes to the Upper Division, the loser is knocked down to the Lower Division .

Time and time again our rankings team tuned into SammyBoy’s (4Zoomers Position 5) streamer coverage of the NA Open Qualifiers to hear him criticize Team DogChamp’s Position 3 lukiluki’s play, only to have Team DogChamp win, and win again, and again. With lukiluki a known entity in the Dota 2 streaming sphere it will be hard for this team to shake the mantle of “lukiluki’s new team.” But, let’s be clear. Raylalisa, BNine, Marcus, and yarin can compete, and with a constant chip on their shoulders from the dismissive attitude shown by more established NA teams, this might be an underDogChamp story to follow.

22. Electronic Boys (NA Lower Division)

  1. Speeed 2. Mio 3. Giant 4. DoublA 5. abinozebra1

Electronic Boys comes into the NA Lower Division with a big question mark hanging over their heads. How competitive will this team be? After falling to Aristotle in the finals of the Open Qualifiers on the second day of competition, Electronic Boys managed to make it into the Closed Qualifier by winning a third place match and filling the vacancy left by a disqualified VirtusProPolar squad. It was 5ManMidas and then Aristotle again dealing losses to Electronic Boys in the Closed Qualifier, forcing them into the Lower Division of NA. This NA squad has players ranked in the top 250 in the region, but it’s unclear if this squad will capture any magic in the Lower Division.

23. It's Okay (NA Lower Division)

  1. Ifrit 2. esk 3. Sword 4. Niqua 5. KKT

It's Okay had two strong days in NA’s Open Qualifiers. On the first day It's Okay made it all the way to the finals before falling to VirtusProPolar. VirtusProPolar would lose their qualification spot for using an unapproved substitute the next day. On day two of the Open Qualifiers It's Okay would find success knocking off Hawksmash in the finals to secure a spot in the closed Qualifier. Closed Qualifiers proved too much for It's Okay losing all four games they played in route to being bounced into the Lower Division. Semi-Pro players Ifrit and esk have found success in local tournaments in Mexico, but have never really broken through open qualifier brackets when it came to bigger tournaments. Now add in Niqua who has major (but limited) experience with European powerhouse Alliance, and we may have found a Lower Division team capable of pushing for a top two finish in the Lower Division.

24. Hokori (SA Lower Division)

  1. Lumière 2. near 3. Vitaly 4. elmisho 5. Gard1ck

Hokori did not fare well in the SA Closed Qualifier after receiving a direct invite from league organizer Dota Pit. Hokori finished 7th out of 8 teams in the closed qualifier, but having received a direct invite the team is still qualified for the Lower Division. However, Hokori was able to dominate the worst team in the closed qualifier (Crewmates) and took a game off of Infinity Esports. Make no mistake, it will be on the 37th ranked player in NA (pos 3 Vitaly) to pull this team through SA’s Lower Division.

25. Crewmates (SA Lower Division)

  1. Fcr 2. 4nalog 3. H1j4ck 4. Kaffurtado 5. Flash

One of the few unsponsored teams to earn a direct invite (and guaranteed Lower Division placement) for the SA Closed Qualifier from league organizer Dota Pit, Crewmates did little to prove worthy of a direct invite. Crewmates finished dead last in the Closed Qualifier only managing to steal one game from Latam Defenders. Latam Defenders, would move on to the knockout round and find their stride by qualifying for the Upper Division, while Crewmates have yet to find their stride. Will they find it in the first season of the DPC, or will this direct invite continue to haunt Dota Pit as teams with more experienced players failed to make it through Open Qualifiers.

26. The Cut (NA Lower Division)

  1. Scrooge McDuck 2. Lil Nick 3. Cyg3n 4. pingu 5. versatile

The Cut is an appropriate name for this group of young and inexperienced NA players. Many of the Cut’s players found themselves scrambling for new teams during Open Qualifiers as they were dropped from their original teams or were left teamless after a team disbandment. Somehow this scrappy team put it all together on the final day of NA Open Qualifiers in order to clinch a Lower Division spot. Only pos 4 pingu has recent tournament experience from his stint with NoPango in the DOTA Summit 13 Online: Americas. After qualifying, the Cut find themselves in the position of proving they belong in the DPC, as they look to avoid a bottom two finish and elimination from the DPC.

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27. Arkosh Gaming (NA Lower Division)

  1. Pale Horse 2. Canus Vulpus 3. Gremlo 4. Crow 5. G.O.A.T.

We won’t relitigate the NoPango vs. Arkosh Gaming controversy, but if you need a primer read on here. Arkosh burst onto the scene as the brainchild of Dota 2 streamer and content creator SirActionSlacks. As the team’s manager, Slacks built up what hype he could for his new team by calling them the “saviors” of NA Dota 2, promising to dominate the competition with insulting videos and social media. The team itself is allegedly composed of players who are streamers, casters, and professional coaches. Players who out of fear of smearing their own brands with poor results have fought to remain anonymous behind the pysudonym player names above.

After embarrassment after embarrassment in show matches and the BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas (Arkosh received a direct invite to the tournament on the back of personal connections between Arkosh and tournament organizer Beyond the Summit) the narrative from Arkosh turned from the “saviors” to the “villians” with Slacks claiming his plan for the team the whole time was for NA to unite around its hatred of Arkosh and therefore save it…or something. Issues with the creation and running of this team aside, Arkosh Gaming has not been a good team in competition, only managing to squeak through the third day of Open Qualifiers with direct qualification into the Lower Division. Avoid the spin from its manager, and expect Arkosh to be in a fight to avoid elimination from the Lower Division this season.

28. Byzantine Raiders (NA Lower Division)

  1. Murderer 2. AlienManaBanana 3. Quebe 4. Froogoss 5. Lightshader

Another example of NA DPC organizer Beyond the Summit’s questionable judgement when it comes to organizing events in NA. Beyond the Summit (BTS) is known for running tournaments with a frat house mentality of giving direct invites to friends of the organization and “established” figures in the NA scene while forgoing the spirit of open competition. So eyebrows were raised when BTS extended a direct invite to caster and semi-pro player Froogoss’ inexperienced squad. A direct invite that would guarantee the Raiders a spot in at least the NA Lower Division. While the other three closed qualifier direct invite teams were dominating open qualifier teams on their way to qualifying for the Upper Division, the Raiders could barely put up a fight, only winning one game while losing both of their series against teams thought to be lesser competition. But, thanks to BTS, and its direct invite, the Raiders lost their way into the NA Lower Division while stronger looking teams failed to qualify through the open qualifying bracket. The Byzantine Raiders will have a lot of work to do to prove they belong in the DPC. If they find themselves at the bottom of the pack at the end of the season, it will only result in further embarrassment for BTS.

29. Gorillaz-Pride (SA Lower Division)

  1. Timo 2. TaO 3. Benjaz 4. D1smar 5. Cara

It’s not totally unsurprising to see sponsored Gorillaz-Pride so far down the ladder in SA heading into the season. Gorillaz-Pride never lived up to any of its potential in 2020, crashing and burning in their only NA/SA tournament action when they went an abysmal 0-7 in matches during the group stage of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas. Player turnover is one factor to point to in the less than stellar 2020 results. Gorillaz-Pride has reloaded itself ahead of the season, however, adding TI experience in the form pos 3 player Benjaz. Perhaps a consistent lineup will enable G-Pride to reach their potential. For now, they will have to fight to prove they can be competitive in SA’s Lower Division.

30. Inverse (SA Lower Division)

  1. Sweettam 2. NoaHGod- 3. Meley 4. dededo43 5. Slaw

Inverse relied on Sweettam to carry them through to SA’s Lower Division in their best of 3 Open Qualifying final by going 14-2-13 and 12-2-8 against Anoobs Gaming. Will this team be able rise to the occasion in a hyper competitive South American Region or will they be relegated after their first DPC season? Questions abound for this new Peruvian team.

31. blood for blood (SA Lower Division)

  1. Drakeshit 2. Ñengoflow KELOKE 3. RePicantekp0 4. EzAqeghj 5. Negga

The only South American Open Qualifying team to lose a game during their run to the Lower Division, blood for blood finds themselves on the bottom of a stout Lower Division in SA.

32. freedom team (NA Lower Division)

  1. YouZhi 2. P1 3. OldWhite 4. stormcici 5. haoyuduan1995

Freedom team managed to qualify on the fourth and final day of NA open qualifying by taking down VirtusProPolar, a team that dominated the first day of Open Qualifiers before losing its spot for using an unauthorized substitute during the qualifiers. freedom team has some work to do in order to not be on the chopping block of relegation at the end of the season.

The Big Finish

So there are your DPC Pre-Season Power Rankings for the North America and South America Upper/Lower Divisions. We hope this served as a good primer to get you up to speed on the teams and storylines for the upcoming DPC season kicking off on January 16, 2021. For more information on everything Pro-Dota 2 head over to Liquidpedia or follow along with Valve’s companion app.

You’re still here? What’s next for the Dota 2 Ranks NASA Team? Well, if even one person finds our rankings interesting and throws us a follow on twitter (@DPC_NASARanks) we are planning on updating our Power Rankings weekly, as well as releasing an RPI Rankings and Fan Vote Rankings after the second or third week of competition.

Be sure to let us know what you think we got right and more importantly what we got wrong in the comments. Hope to see you next week for our Week 1 NA/SA DPC Power Rankings.


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