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Dota is starting to become a game I enjoy watching rather than playing. Anyone feel the same?

Content of the article: "Dota is starting to become a game I enjoy watching rather than playing. Anyone feel the same?"

Hello, this might come out as a bit of a rant, but I'm just trying to critique the game from the perspective of someone who has played this game for 15 years since 5.84.

First, the game feels extremely linear right now as opposed to what it was when it was still running in Warcraft 3. Due to how The International (and other DOTA tournaments) became massively popular throughout the years, it was inevitable that players will become popular as well. This meant that the player base will try to emulate what popular players like Topson and Miracle are doing. I feel like it tricked people into thinking that 'hey since Miracle did this play, I think I can do this as well' or 'Topson rushed phase boots, this is the way to go', it made them believe that a specific set of item build or skill build is the 'proper' way of playing a hero. This has also led to 'standardizing' certain heroes into specific roles. If you don't play by how the majority are playing, expect to get a report. I always viewed dota as a sandbox game, because you can approach any hero the way you want it to play. Now you are basically expected to conform with the majority.

Second, the game is not being played for fun anymore, it is being played to win even on non-ranked matches. It's like dota players right now are in it for the high of winning instead of just having actually enjoying themselves while playing the game. That's why when the games that these people are people are not turning out how they envisioned it, they rage, the collapse mentally, they just lose it, because they fail to meet the expectations that they wanted. Stop chasing those mmr, just enjoy the game for what it is. Win or lose, it's a videogame. You should be having fun.

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Third, the toxicity in game. Trash talk is ok, but there is a line between talking smack and throwing out racial slurs/sexist remarks. People have grown accustomed to throwing insults like these without the repercussions of getting punched in the mouth. You wouldn't call someone like Jon Jones the N word in front of his face now would you? Be nice people, being a decent human being feels actually better than being a jackass.

All of these and probably some other factors not mentioned, it feels like it takes a lot of toll on someone just to play ONE game. If you guys are familiar with the CJ meme from GTA San Andreas ('ah shit here we go again…'), this is what it feels like, for me anyway, whenever I queue for a game. I barely play anymore, probably 3-4 years ago I would spend at least 4 hours a day playing the game, now it's like 8 hours tops a week. I remember the last time I was watching the Omega League, Nigma vs OG, after that I felt like playing some dotes, we won the game, but after that I just didn't want to do it again. I went back to watching the tourney instead.

How about you guys? Any of you feel the same way?


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