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Early Game Supporting Tips [Mostly Pos 5]

Content of the article: "Early Game Supporting Tips [Mostly Pos 5]"

Some tips for supports that I feel may help win lanes earlier, based on things supports don't usually do.

First of all, Mid Laners always want an observer ward, it can make the difference between them winning or losing their lanes sometimes. What I like to do as a pos 5, is buy both observers, a sentry and a smoke. The instant the game starts, I pop smoke and run straight mid and put an aggressive rune ward on the enemy high ground. Most players do not expect this and thus, fail to deward it. I dont put it straight in the middle of the lane, but further off to one side to avoid any randomly placed ward in the middle of the river.

Once I've done that, I go and stand on the OTHER side of the river on their high ground, and you've got a very good chance of seeing an enemy place their ward somewhere, and thus dewarding it. Give the sentry to the mid to if you want, you'll get the gold for it but they'll get the exp.

If you have mobility skills you get at level 1, like Earth Spirit gets his roll, Use it to get there as fast as possible.


Secondly, Laning. Your goal in your lane, is to win this lane for your core as much as possible. Secure them as much farm as you can, no matter how you do it. I'll discuss a bit on how to play when things go wrong, but lets focus on this first.

Harrass the enemy pos 4. Often, the enemy will pick something very harrass heavy, that's hard to punish for your pos 1. A lina against melee cores. Your job, is to see if you can safely trade with that pos 4 as much as possible, to prevent them from bullying your pos 1. If the enemy has a Warlock or disruptor, you want those nukes being used on YOU over your enemy.

Pulling. Pulling creeps has 3 main benefits. First, we have the "Weak Pull", the "Strong Pull" and the "Pull Through / Double Pull".

The weak pull is when you pull the SMALL creep camp to lure away your wave. In most circumstances, this WILL NOT kill your creep wave. Thus, the main benefit to this is maintaining creep equilibrium. IE, where the creeps meet. You want them to be meeting as close to your tower as possible. Keep in mind though, because you failed to kill the wave, your lane will now push even harder when the next one shows up.

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Next, The Strong Pull. This is when you pull your creeps to a camp that WILL kill them all. This is a stacked small camp or a full hp big camp. Pull creeps and they will all die, you should try to get last hits on the neutrals, because the other 2 benefits are: You last hit neutrals, You deny creeps to enemy.

The Pull Through is when you do a weak pull, and then follow it up with a strong pull. Much easier to simply do a strong pull rather than this, but you can do it if you think you can get away with it.

So, with the benefits and types of pulls laid out, the question is. "When do I pull?".

First, if your carry is already getting free farm, you may not need to initially, if harassing the enemy is doing the job of securing farm, leave it at that. BUT, when the creep wave gets a bit too close to the enemy tower, you know you'll be wanting to pull to bring them back. ALWAYS make sure to inform your core when you are leaving him alone, for any reason.

Second, always keep in mind creep waves HP as they fight, and learn to tell where it will be moving. Are three of your melee creeps hitting 1 of theirs, while theirs are hitting yours spread evenly? That lane is going to push to the enemy, as your 3 creeps will quickly kill that one, then your wave has a dmg advantage. That's a lane about to push. Likewise, ANY wave that goes under tower will throw the push in the opposite direction.

If the enemy is playing a push heavy hero, like Dark Seer or Underlord, where they nuke the wave and keep it pushed. DO NOT pull creeps except when the lane moves from your tower. If the creep wave is positioned in front of your tower but not in tower range, a safe area for your core to farm, DO NOT pull the next wave unless their wave is dying and it's about to push all the way to their tower.

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Third, Contesting pulls.

Right clicking the creep as it follows the enemy is sufficient to pull it to you, as is using a nuke on it. Alternatively, you can stun the enemy creep wave until it loses aggro as the neutrals walk off, or walk straight into the wave if it's safe and hit the enemy to get aggro onto you. This will work if the neutrals have stopped attacking.


Fourth, Teleportation Scrolls.

ONLY teleport into lane if you are Immediately needed. If the core NEEDS you in lane immediately, teleport. If the core does NOT require you be there right then and there, Walk. Always Walk. Why? Because you want your TP off cooldown as much as possible. An off CD tp will allow you to defensively tp to dodge dying, it will allow you to TP to a lane to gank, or to save a teammate.


Fifth, Map Awareness.

Always watch the map, keep your lanes situation in mind. Can your core manage to, at least, survive, if you leave? Then consider teleporting out for a quick gank. Look at your hero, what it can do, what your teammates heroes can do, and consider if a kill is viable, and where.

If your mid is being dived, TP to assist, even if only to scare the enemy.


When things go wrong and your presence will not help that lane, you risk chain feeding for nothing and are just exp leeching. Go to the jungle and stack, roam the map and gank, interfere with enemy jungle farm. Make space for your pos 1 by causing as much trouble around the map.

Last Note: Quelling blade is a good item to destroy trees for unusual wards, to destroy trees for trickier multi pulls (Radiant Ancients, Dire Mid camps) as well as to catch enemies off guard by appearing out of trees without a blink dagger.

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