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Educational Smurf) Immortal explains how to support in Crusader 1 bracket

Content of the article: "Educational Smurf) Immortal explains how to support in Crusader 1 bracket"

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First, what I realized playing in Crusader bracket was that there is no draft; people pick weird heroes and go to a random lane. In this game, one of my allies first picked Pudge as Dire, and he insisted he should be Hard Support (position 5). Then my Offlaner picked Anti-Mage.

Sure, I love being creative, it's how Dota should be played, but I recommend not to deviate too much from the custom. Was I confused with these picks? Yes, very much. But regardless, I had to support and find a way to enable them. It is my job to manage my allies as a useful tool. I picked Abaddon, and went to bottom lane with my Offlane Anti-Mage.

Starting items, I got 2 sets of Tangoes, 1 Healing Salve, and Orb of Venom. Then I skilled Curse of Avernus at level 1. My intention was very clear. I am going to abuse OoV + CoA combo. If I ever get into the melee range to hit someone, I apply double slow, which is a heavy pressure that could easily result a kill. We were against Facless Void + Lich.


, I could already tell we were going to win the lane.

  1. At minute 1:00 game time, I body-blocked the Small Camp, so they can't single pull.
  2. The lane equilibrium has been made far from the enemy safe lane tower. My Anti-Mage was more or less free farming. I was constantly in position to isolate and harass enemy Lich. I knew that Void would struggle a lot in 1v1 situation against AM.
  3. I body blocked the small camp, again, at 2:00
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I got Magic Stick right away from the courier, because Lich would be spamming his Q and W. Then I kept side pulling the Large Camp to create a huge mess.


, my AM got Battle Furry and went straight into jungle. And I felt I could transition into a semi-core. This is what you guys should be doing as a support player, every game, in the lower MMR bracket. Assess what is going on in the map. If you feel the game is slow, and no one requires your support, then play greedy and aim to transition into another core for your team. Watch how I began to appreciate and take all the farm in lane. From there, my emphasis is on not missing the last hits. Nothing else.


I make a good bait play, because I watch minimap; Pudge was slowly walking toward to me. I started blindly right clicking enemy Faceless Void. He was actually stronger, so he hit me back. After popping my ultimate, he used Chronosphere to kill. By that time, Pudge just arrived to hook and kill him. Nothing too fancy, but it's important that I had calculated and intended to make this happen. I would not have pulled this out if I didn't have the habit of constantly checking the minimap, which I believe a lot of players in Crusader bracket don't do.

After Brown Boots, I got Urn, because no one got Urn, I checked everyone's items. Yes, it is annoying to click every one of my allies' heroes to check their items, but you must always check everyone's items. How else are you going to gather the information needed to make a better decision?


, watch how I initiate with Solar Crest, then pop the Dust right away. This is a Must-Have-Habit as a support player. If you see an enemy carrying Glimmer Cape, always carry Dust and pop it early every team fight. It will make a huge difference.

Lastly, I guess it is worth to mention

, watch how I am ditching my allies and just focus on killing the objectives, while my team is diving near the enemy fountain.

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a good day


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