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Emo talk about SG major final in his stream

Edited: the video got more info compared to my first view, hence I added some of the missing part

Hope you guys enjoy this, I am not a professional translator and English is not my mother tongue, please bear with my mistake and expect some of the translation is not on point. The original sources link is

Emo: Haiz, as you can see I taunted enemy with "?" even tho my play is so bad, have to practice dota a lot after this quarantine, just stop playing others games like LOL. Can't play LOL anymore, or else if I lose in the next tournament, I will get flamed out from the earth.LOL is just play for fun initially, but there is too much stress now, can't play LOL anymore, maybe I will play it next time, as my hand is very uncomfortable, got some hand injury. Let me rest here 10+ days, maybe I will stream some LOL, can't play game with too much execution and operation, my hand is almost gone. My full body is in sore now, already get back to some training, been start doing 10+ push up per day now.I been playing another game (I don't know what game is it), but I can't play it anymore since I have some injury on my hand, my teammates are way better than me in others game like Legion to 5.27, I was just like a scrub easily get gg .

Q: replay analysis?

Emo: my teammates already done that, you guys can watch theirs, I don't want to do that, I get carried by my team, nothing much to say about it, don't have the position to do the replay analysis.

My noob-ness is fully demonstrated in first 3 games (of the final), my condition was very bad at that time, there are some hand injury there.

Q: The double astral step into euling yourself play make me drunk

That double astral step into euling myself (he want to eul enemy to initiate initially) is just noob. I did read a lot of the criticizing comment, they all help me to learn about what I lack, tbh I did play very bad, like the worst performance among profesional.

Q: Why your rebellious morp don't want to morp strength (about kaka telling Emo to morp more strength to avoid get burst)

Emo: That's a simple 1, because I am young, youngster are just rebellious, if you try to tell me what to do, I will not do it, even tho I wanted to do it. For example, I wanted to roam top, but I will not roam top if you tell me to roam top. If Kaka tell me not to morp strength for sure I will activate the ring (essence ring probably), then I will not die for sure. Kaka's communication skills still have some problems. (A lot of ppl flame Kaka's communication skills base on TI7 truesight)

Emo: Have to apologize to all the chats that are watching me play the tournament, I really perform poorly, really sorry about that, is just noob and that affects all your spectator's experience, deepest apologize. The purpose of this stream today is to get criticize, any criticize please do it today, since I had already receive tons of criticize, "noob in game play, but good in taunting", "your morp is not same as your stream's morp, how can you just die to 1 leshrac Q". There is nothing much to taunt or feel proud now, everything is settled now.

Emo: EG played well, my void spirit's eul is just like non-existence, I will get silenced after the eul activate anyway, way too disgusting. I will simply talk about the games, in the game 1 morp game, after the first death on my eul, I was thinking "why am I so noob", and another death at top lane by Leshrac's stun, I know this game is done, I threw the game.

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I think the problem with 2nd game was our draft (the faceless void draft). I overheard EG's players chat after the first game which I throw on morp, they said my morp was mimicking Topson's morp, but a fail version, feeling they are taunting, I can understand English despite not able to speak English.

About the 2nd game, flyfly recommended faceless void, so straight go to the next game. Actually we can play the game if void able to get through the laning stage, the game is good to play if that happen. I was very annoyed, you know Crit, wtf, he tp mid from min 2 and hit me with full combo, averaging every 2 min he will tp mid to hit me with full combo, nothing much I can say. I was very scared and passive (in laning stage) whenever I played against EG, I will never enter their highground, since Crit will tp there if I do so.

Q: How about telling your teammate to tp mid too?

Emo: Is useless even I do so if I was at the enemy highground, my teammate can't help even they TP.

Q: Talk us about the "?"

Emo: It was a comeback of course I have to do the taunt, altho clearly I was just bluffing (with 0-2 down), I am not a Chinese if I do not do that, I have to get some respect back right?

Q: talk us about game 3

Emo: main thing about game 3 is my initiation at mid lane, that initiation is just so dumb from me, we were doing pretty well prior that, the game get hard after that dumb initiate, and we can't gather 5 ppl to fight them back after that (to abuse EG's CD), since everyone's respawn timer is not same, have to deal with the creeps in lane as well, so I can just clear some wave.

Emo: The storm, earth sibling are just dirty, whenever I show in creep wave, storm will cast orchid on me and my eul is useless, if I eul myself, earth spirit will roll on me and silence me again, if I do not eul myself, this storm will vortex and this earth spirit follow up with roll and keep his silence for my eul, so I will just die if I get gone on, have no way to get farm in that situation. I can just keep hiding and wait for chance. Tbh, I don't think there is much earth spirit in this world able to do that, his (crit) earth spirit is really good, his skill usage is so nice.

Emo: I keep force myself to just play normal after those event, try to keep my brain clear, my start was 7-0 and I die 7 times after that, from 7-0 to 7-7, have to keep my cool. The main thing is I realized I am a noob, so I have to lead the enemy to play like a noob, let them enter the noob's rhythm , so I can win them since they are unfamiliar on how to play as a noob, I learn this strategy from the chats. I feel like I can't play well in the game, able to feel that my condition is really bad, especially my hand is really uncomfortable, my hand was totally stiff after game 5, can't even move my right hand after that.

Emo: To play this bad in the final is repentant. Not really demonstrate fully what I have in the pocket, altho I did get some special treatment from opponent, but I still play bad. I think I should just get more training, have to get my physical into better shape, hence not feeling like to play game that have a lot of clicking like LOL, have to get more rest, or else I might even play lesser in solo queue or stream.

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Q: (Comparing Whitealbum with Emo)

Don't compare that, what to compare, everyone's role are different in different team, I just don't satisfied with my own performance. As I said, I lost most of my lane playing against local mid laner, everyone have their own pros. Oh, there is a useful chat "why you are not training now then?", I will train after the quarantine for sure, my performance is a disappointment , just noob. The tournament is end, anything you guys want to flame you can do it, I can give you guys some option to flame me if you don't know what to flame, "400 hp morp", "non-stop 7 death void spirit", "2 astral steps into euling himself", I guess that's it? Those are the things I really disappointed to myself, if you guys found something else do feel free to tell me, let me review it.

Q: Why did you eul yourself?

Emo: Simply say because I am noob, but in details because I realized things were bad after the 2nd astral step, but in the end I just noob I guess, nothing much to explain.

We actually have a shot in first game, as long as I play like a human, we should win that game, altho we do picked 2 greedy core, but we can still play around naga split push. I got an eul and feel like wanted to play aggressive, but the game prove that eul morp just food for beastmaster.

Q: Why you buy eul that game?

Emo: I can waveform in and eul storm set up for my disruptor follow up with kinetic field and static storm, a lot of stuff, I can morp into Leshrac and do the eul stun combo, morp into Mirana and do the eul arrow combo, become way stronger with eul, not to mention I can dispell myself as well. But I didn't play well, got 2 bad instant death, on top of that, Beastmaster do very well against l Morp that do not get linkern, what I learn from this game is I can't be aggressive in early game against a Beastmaster as Morp (without linkern). I was experimenting in game 1 and that caused 1 game from grand final, please don't get eul against Beast as a Morp .

Q: Talk about the sequence kaka stuck in the tree (game against VG)

Emo: That was a shock, I jump in and feel like I was gonna feed, I paused the game since Kaka said he was stuck (same pronunciation as lag), I was thinking at that time what spell should Kaka (rubick) steal in order to safe me, but it turn out he was stuck in the tree, wasn't lag. But the funniest thing about Kaka is that Kaka congratz LGD after LGD lose to EG (Kaka thought LGD won against EG). We played the game after LGD vs EG, so LGD meet IG at the elevator, Kaka said to LGD "Buddy, you guys are so strong", he was social death at that moment, I had nothing to say about that, LGD members were all poker face, Kaka is my superman, luckily the leader did communicate after that or else kaka should be death once he enter China. All of the LGD's member are in poker face after the loses and all the sudden someone step in and say "Buddy, you guys are so strong", who will have expect that.

Q: Talk about the EG's storm spirit

Emo: He played a really good storm, that's the top tier storm performance, the reason I do not pick much storm in this tournament is because storm as a hero just trash, you pretty much fall off after 20-30 min mark, have to play perfectly for the first 20 min to be a factor

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Q: Did you need to treat your teammate food (Before the major Emo predict IG only getting into top 6)
Emo: Of course I have to treat them something good, you have no idea how bad I wish to lose that gamble

Emo: Oh, I have some gift from the chat "LOL champion", thanks bro, I guess I will download LOL today, since you guys support me a lot, but I have to rest today and play it tomorrow. Haiz, I don't want to play LOL, I will get flame if I lose the next tournament

Q: We bait you to play LOL so that we can flame you when you lose the next tournament

Emo: You guys can just flame me now, feel like you guys already fed your keyboard straight into my mouth when we were down 0:2. Everyone is just waiting my throne to get exploded

Q: Almost all forum are flaming you when you losing the games.

Emo: Is okay, you can flame me if you wanted to, I will accept the critic with a humble mind, maybe keep your critic for tomorrow, you guys can criticize me when I am playing LOL, I will accept all the critic and set my improvement direction base on those critic (about LOL), but you can't criticize me about DOTA 2.

Emo: Oh suddenly all the chats flaming my Morp is so noob in game 1, flaming my LOL game play is noob. For sure I will think hard why am I so noob. These (flamer) are who you guess really are, keep acting prior that, you can just flame me if you want, I know you guys want to put some damage on me, I will help you guys to get something to flame.

Emo: Tomorrow is the festival of mid and jungler (Emo probably play mid and jungler in LOL?), remember my ID the big shrimp ball

Q: Your ID name big shrimp ball had a lot of meaning, seems like the SG final prophecy (iceiceice blackhole phoenix egg translate as Shrimp pulling egg in Chinese meme)
Emo: I am not the real prophet, I get this ID name from someone else, I got banned on my ID named " the meow brain" (this is hard to translate to the exact meaning, you get it), got banned just after I played 1 game, I have/had a cat name shrimp ball, so this ID name big shrimp ball, little that I know it became the reality.
Q: Are you not reviewing the replay?

Emo: I will review the replay, but I won't do it with the chats. For sure I have to learn from the game that I was playing extremely bad

Q: Why all of you guys' stream lag besides than Kaka's stream

Emo: Maybe Kaka had some special technique that he keep away from me


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