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Enable the team or myself?

Hello, i'm trying to reflect on my past few games and need some help.

Recently i've started playing razor in a support role because it's a comfort pick. Gameplan is set up lane in front of offlaner's tower then go roam. Midgame i just try to shutting down a core and that's usually enough to win a teamfight.

I have two things i struggle with though:

1# When the core picks a "hybrid" hero like Luna with split of phys/magic. Using this game for instance: I knew if tried to annoy her then i could risk getting ulted. So i changed focus to SF because it's a matchup i handle easily once i have Eul's. While shutting down the SF is nice, in hindsight i think i could have actually done something about Luna if i just went BKB. I bought glimmer and lotus in that game, which could be mispurchased items.

2# Bad teamfight potential + an anti-split push hero. Here's a recent one where their team just shut down our cores with control abilities (Doom in particular): In this game i knew i could easily shut down Void and Tinker if they appeared on the map, but they rarely did. So my plays felt incredibly limited. No wards in stock. Can only play around Storm. ET and UL just feel too static of heroes to really do anything on the map. Then Doom took control of jungle and it was hard to do anything on the map. Usually i can salvage a win with split pushing, but with Kobold aura Doom and Tinker makes it hard to do that.

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So yeah not exactly sure what to do. Despite having some nice lotus moments, in hindsight i feel like maybe i should have transitioned into a core role since UL didn't live up to expectations? I'm thinking if i made myself more menacing then i'd get doomed instead = better for our team.

I think i'm kind of like stuck in a mindset that i need to build items for team when maybe the best thing i can do is build greedy items to have more impact? I need some thoughts on this, because i have very little experience with support role outside static heroes like Lina.


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