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Enigma Guide – necrobook3 Arcane boots refresher orb is my favorite build.

For this to make sense allow me to describe what a typical offlane Enigma game looks like…

Enigma wins lane. You eat every single range creep and send idelons to block small camp whenever possible. You auto-attack creeps 24/7 like you're a new player. Except you have a purpose… You are making wave push into you by eating ranged, the auto attacking creeps is to split your iedelons as fast as possible, manage the wave so it lands just in front of your T1, and you are constantly setting up creeps specifically so you can LH/Deny using your 100+ combined right click while the enemy can't possibly LH.

How do they counter this? They just hit you? Well that's not gonna work out for them cos you back off with your hero to tower as the 3/6 units punish the chasing player by constantly hitting them. They kill iedelons? They can try but you're going to be splitting them much earlier than enemy expect and you of course can deny them yourself

Did you know a denied hero-controlled creep gives them literally 0xp?

In lane you simply rush necro 1. It's 2050 gold which to be honest looks like an intern made a typo, it's clearly worth so much more than 2k gold.

Necro has 60s uptime 80s cooldown. You wanna be using it as soon as off cooldown to accelerate your farm/push/dmg.

Gameplan is to take their safelane T1, take their Mid T1, then you take over their jungle and pressure T2s. Ideally get one of them and the outpost before 20:00. Necro 3 gives truesight which makes you feel much safer in enemy jungle, you need an observer ward pop it on a cliff and just make your priority to pressure their safelane T2 but also farm the jungle. Their Pos 1 hero wants to farm near the T2 and the jungle, but you're there so their game becomes much harder. You can absolutely solo kill any pos 1 hero that walks uphill into you using necro + your spells.

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Most people at this point would consider Blink, BkB, Aether, aghs shard, Travels. They're great items, but my experience with Brewmaster Aghs has taught me the most OP you can get is just have 2 ultimates early as possible.

Naturally you've been ferrying out dozens of clarities all game, time to get arcane boots and make it a bit easier. This is required cos refresher activation costs 300 mana, so even though it gives 12 mana regen a second, the extra mana is necessary if you ever want to use your spells twice in a fight.

Refresher build up isn't too bad, the passive mana and health regen items help with sustain. Once you have the full refresher it gives a whopping 12 mana regen which more than pays for it's 300 cost every 180 seconds.

So why rush refresher? Well basically your hero has 2 states – scary AF and "blackhole on CD" – You don't realistically need to double blackhole very often at all, though it certainly is a nice feeling knowing the first blackhole hit all the targets therefore the 2nd blackhole is mathmatically guaranteed death to all enemies caught. In general you just wanna pressure lanes and kill all defenders. Refresh makes you capable of this much more often.

How can you skip bkb/blink aren't these needed for good blackholes? You win dota games by taking a good fight and taking objectives during enemy downtime. Enigma excels at dota because he constantly pressures lanes without endangering his hero, and you represent a real threat of 100 to 0'ing any isolated heroes, the enemy are desperate to prevent pressure so they will be split up across the map. The greedy farming heroes are attracted to your lane cos you're pushing to T2, enemy wants to farm from T2 outwards. Expect them. Blackhole them when they're isolated. Take the objectives immediately. Have another ultimate ready for any new challengers.

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Blink BKB are very good items after refresher. You can refresh them, even!

Skill build is max Iedelons, Malafice, then Pulse. Get value point in pulse at 4. It's literally 50 mana and does 68% as much DPS as level 4 pulse, no arguments just value point it every game!!!

Talents are super curious cos they're all too good…

Lvl 10 for example. Everything I've described sounds like tougher units would be incredible. They are. BUT. The malafice talent is OP. 3 instances of 1.35 sec stun every 2 seconds is a huge amount of lockdown, combined with pulse + units hitting them, it can be a difference maker in getting kills and surviving ganks. I will say if the enemy have shockingly poor wave clear then get the HP and take advantage, but most games just go for the better stun IMO.

Lvl 15 another hard choice. 8%CD reduction isn't crazy but if any hero can use it yours can the best. Massive AOE pulse feels almost redundant it's already huge, but I genuinely do favour pulse lately just cos you're taking an A tier spell to S tier imo never a bad idea.

lvl 20 +50 iedelon damage is a good default pick. They actually hit super hard so even if the enemy have tons of wave clear you will just find opportunities to utilise the extra damage anyway. I'd only take health if I can legit envision suriving with less than 400hp, for example if they have blademails it can be crucial.

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25 default has to be the extra Iedelons. They legit take T3s by themelves in under 20 seconds or so… Yes they feed quite a lot of gold and xp, but who cares if you're dealing unhealable damage and have an answer to any item they get (hint: it rhymes with Flack Coal).

Malafice talent is incredible if they can't dispel it. But the most important heroes usually can at this point. Enigma is a monster late game no matter what you choose. He's also a monster in lane. What a beast.


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