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Euls is underappreciated vs Magnus + Righclicker hard carries, in particular on STR offlaners.

Content of the article: "Euls is underappreciated vs Magnus + Righclicker hard carries, in particular on STR offlaners."

Hi there,

4.1K MMR here, I strongly wish to recommend Euls vs Magnus + scary rightclicker X teams.

In particular on Strength offlaners.

Generally speaking for 2.75K this item can:

1: Delay your death for 2.5 seconds if they have BKBs active
2: Remove buffs (Empower + the quite freqent self buffs) from enemy carry.
3: Not care about his status resistance.
4: Cancel RP combos if Magnus has no BKB.
5: Stop Magnus from Skewering.
6: Give you more movespeed to kite a bit.
7: Gives you even more movespeed if you get a value wind lace on top of it.
8: Gives you are pretty useful self purge
9: Gives you a cancel for channeling spells, a chase tool and an initation tool.
10: Gives pretty good mana regen. Most offlaners do like having mana.
11: Be fairly equal defensively to a halberd, as the disarm vs fly time on a melee hero is quite similar assuming the mellee hero has S+Y.

If you are a strength offlaner, you should probably get it after Halberd/and/or your blink if applicable in these situations. I would argue that it is superior to Blademail in a teamfight on most strength offlaners (Blademail makes you farm pretty fast though, and is imho underrated as a farming tool), as these will typically be ignored by this combo initially. Having it on a Tanky guy can force them to actually go on you because you can protect your supports and/or squishy DPS sources. The Ursas/Svens etc. who typically get empowered are rarely glass cannon enough to care much about a single blademail in a teamfight.
Another thing which is strongly in its favor is that stacking Euls and thus wasting some fly time is pretty hard to actually do on an enemy, while stacking Halberds happens all the time. If an Empowered Ursa jumps somewhere, it is not unreasonable or even "bad" to see multiple people instantly halberd him out of reflex. If he is instantly Euls, you have 2.5 seconds to communicate who halberds him first for the follow up.
If you are an int support hero, strongly consider it after force staff and/or glimmer.

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I am fully aware that Empower and also most self buffs that such carries have have considerably shorter cooldowns then Euls. However, the Euls considerably adds to the task load of the Magnus player, who has to position himself, wait for the right RP/Skewer moment etc. If you add "refresh empower immidiatly after Euls" to it, chances greatly increase that he will screw up something.

However, the main aspect in such a situation is that 2 Euls, one on the strength core and one on the mid or pos 4, are essentially synergistic with each other. The capability of Euling the enemy carry twice is massive. An Ursa Magnus combo that plays well can reset overpower+empower after the first Euls, but not after the second. Of course, expecting your pos 4 and pos 5 to both get Euls is not particularly realisitic. Few Pos 1s go for it. Pos 2 heroes that build Euls are considerably more frequent, but Euls can also be a thing on nearly any position 3.

It is also a pretty easy way to tilt the enemy carry.

Euls, vs Magnus + X comboes, synergizes with itself. 1 Euls on the team is ok, 2 are more then twice as good as one, 3 get you in trouble with Peta because you are aerially transporting bearlike critters in traumatizing conditions. Nearly no pos 1 builds Euls, Pos 5s generally dont get the farm for it so possible Euls builders are 2,3 and 4. It is actually inherently decent on a lot of offlaners, and upgrades to excellent if there is one other Euls building hero in your team as pos 2 or 4 and enemy win condition is something empowered smashing your team.

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Note: I do not mean to build multiple Euls on the same hero, please never do that, but multiple Euls on the same team are great and most offlaners should consider investing one item slot and less then 3K in one in such a scenario.


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