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Exp-Lore Faded Broach

Faded Broach New Item Text
Charm given to those who pass the Scarlet city.
The gem grants waning power to its wearer,
depending how far the wearer is from the city premises.


The night was setting on the Feral Road. A young lad and an older man were resting by a campfire. The younger of the two, had just made out from forest nearby and was now resting by the others camp.
“Look I don’t know, what has happened to you, but can you quiet down a little. I was just about to fall asleep.” The young one sneezed on the corner of his cowl. “I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to bother, but I just had bad time with a person I knew and now I’ve been kicked out from their….”
“Hush, I get it already!.” Not even a minute passed and the whining continued.
“Alright you’ve had some problems, but I’m sure that one broken relationship isn’t the end of the world.”
The man was calming “What should I do then?”
“So you have no family, she discarded you for another and now you pretty much have nothing, correct?
“Now, have you heard about this place called Scarlet Veil?”
“Is it similar to Roseleaf where I came from?”
“Nohoo. You are comparing wine to sewer water.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Let’s say, Scarlet Veil is a place where young folk go, with problems like yours and if their needs are a bit more specific.”
“Ummm, how specific are we talking about?”

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“Well, I heard there was this king who visited the city to find the purest form of pain imaginable and the man almost died by the end of it.”
“Wait… I’ve heard about this actually. Wasn’t he the Ecclesiast-King? The one who ordered succubus summoning?”
“Mmmm. One other story I’ve heard is that, there was this vhoul who had really creepy taste in women. I don’t know the details, but he ordered some man's wife kidnapping. The contract itself demanded the wife’s memories wiped and altered so she’d think the vhoul was her husband.”
“Is there really an actual place like that on the streets?”
“Can’t be too sure, since it is a rumor.”

“The stories aren’t all as extreme as those two. This is the last one I know." There was this man, whom had never known love. However on his travels he heard of this city called Scarlet Veil. He didn’t think much of it, but decided to visit the place anyway. The city gives this bright red broach, a charm to their inhabitants and visitors…
“Yeah, I’ve seen those. They aren’t too common though. Don’t they lose their power the further away one is from the city?”
“Don’t know, but I’m getting off track.”
“Anyway, nothing seemed to interest him as he roamed the town." No brothel nor niche fantasy he could experience. However as he meandered the streets he did notice this young woman on a street corner, a bit out of it. She was a human like him with long brownish golden hair and clothes of a tailor. As the man passed her he asked, if she was alright. A bit startled the woman turned to face the man and she assured her being ok. She told him she was but gazing the midnight moon.

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"Beautiful isn’t it?"

"Yes… It is rather beautiful"

"May I ask your name?”
"Sheya… just Sheya"
“Sheya… may I accompany you but for a moment?”

After a long pause the old man covered his face under his hat.
“Bit anticlimactic don’t you say? The man just visited the city and saw some girl…?" <Sigh and affirming nod>
"Guess there are still options left for me… Thanks.”
And just like that the man left, leaving the older man to his campfire. After the stranger had left the older man reached to his pocket showing dimly shimmering red broach. Glancing the moonlit sky once more before he tucked his coat around him before falling asleep.

Edit: Changed few sentences and fixed couple wordings


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