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Falchia, The Mirage: Heroes Remixed

Falchia, The Mirage
Illusions a ubiquitous ability spread around the many factions in the known world. One may say that it along with Super Human strength is a common commodity among the great known world. Falchia is one such person to ever able to conjure such magic, a circus performer who uses illusions in various magic tricks, to put a smile on face is her goal in life. Life is not all rainbows however and with her friends burned by rogue members of the Quorum from Weeping Rose due to "unsanctioned" use of magic. Flachia hones her ability to make illusions not to see smile on faces but blood on them.


Role: Support, Initiator, Disabler
Intelligence: 26 +2.5
Agility: 19+ 2
Strength : 19 + 1.4
Movement Speed: 290
Armor :
Damage at Level 1: 49-53
Attack Range: 400
Attack Time: 1.8

Q: Bolt of Replica, Point Target

CD:19/17/13/11 Mana: 140

With a flick of her wand, Falchia is able to produce numerous versions of her

Fires a bolt of illusion in a line if it hits a hero a line of illusions of that hero is created to attack. The line is created on the front, perpendicular to the hero hit.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 90/130/170/210
Illusion Count 6
Illusion Damage 16%
Illusion Damage Taken 400%
Illusion Duration 5
Cast Range/Max Travel Distance 1000
Damage Radius 125
Projectile Speed 1100
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W: Resonating Attack, No Target

CD: 7 Mana: 70

Falchia's magic is no slouch in combat and using a trick from her maestro she is able to dispatch one that packs a punch.

Empowers the next attack giving bonus damage and releasing an evil image of that hero to attack them.

Damage Type Physical
Bonus Damage 150%
Illusion Damage 25%
Illusion Damage Taken 200%
Illusion Duration 2/4/6/8
Bonus Duration 10/12/13/14

E: Stunning Illusion, Passive

Those who are near to witness the magic Falchia wields are shocked and awed

Upon cast of an ability Falchia produces a stunning aura that deals damage and spawns illusion based on her. Number of illusions is based on how many enemy units are hit

Breakable? Yes
Damage Type Magical
Damage 50/60/70/80
Illusion Damage 20%
Illusion Damage Taken 210%
Illusion Duration 6
Stun Duration 1.1/1.3/1.5/1.7

R: Mass Delusion

CD: 100/85/70 Mana: 140/200/280

To fight one Falchia is hard already, imagine fighting an armada.

Executes a grand spell that deals damage in an AOE and splits her image causing a number of Falchia's illusions to be created based on the number of enemies hit.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 150/240/280
AOE 500
Minimum Number of Illusions 1
Number of Illusions Made Per Enemy 1
Illusion Damage 45%/65%/75%
Illusion Damage Taken 200%175%/150%
Illusion Duration 10/14/18
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Aghanim's Upgrade:

Mass Delusion: Illusions created per hero are doubled and illusions damage dealt and received are increased and reduced respectively by 30%

Aghanim's Shard:

Resonating Attack: Can now be casted on allies with them getting the bonus and the ability to produce an illusion, however this illusion is based on them not the enemy. If casted this way all bonuses and stats of Resonating Attack given are doubled. Cast Range is 500


Level Left Right
25: +1 Bolt Of Replica Charge +25% Illusion Damage All Abilities
20: +40 Attack Speed +1.2 Bolt of Replica Stun Duration
15: +2.3 Mana Regen +200 Attack Range
10: +30 Damage +4 seconds Illusion Duration all abilities

Author's Notes:

So this is the second hero on my hero of my creation project Heroes Remixed, where I take two heroes and try to make something new out of them using their existing abilities. In this time I mixed two characters that counter each other: Earthshaker and Phantom Lancer.

On this one the lore is a bit hard to make, so I just made her a circus performer turned vigilante. I actually feel the support being a misnomer for her because with items she can be a deadly carry but her overall utility does step on the way of that so there's that. Again with the previous one which is Boris, The Dwarven Ambassador, I didn't use every single properties and quirks of all the abilities that that would be very exhausting and all.

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Hope you enjoy this one and feedback is welcome as always. For the next one maybe I'll do something with PA and Pudge.


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