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For Busy People Out There: Free Replay Analysis For Everyone That Has Family, Working Multiple Hours Or Struggles To Follow Up With The Game

About a week ago, a student of mine that lives in the same city as me proposed to hang out, get to know each other in real life, and meet his friends who play Dota as well.
So, we got to meet, grabbed some coffee, and casually talked about different topics.
The last one was the most interesting: DotA

You might no believe it, but this 6 group stack of guys that are in their 30s, that are businessmen, shop owners, and half of them had families, are actually so pationate about the game. They play the game since they were teenagers and Dota has kept them together. They play most of the time together and almost daily 1 game.

So knowing my rank, they asked me all different kind of staff. I recall one of them, not accepting that Crystal Maiden is better pos 5 than his signature pos 5 Viper. I tried to logically explain a few things but he was so in denial haha. What can you say? If it works for him, then go go!

It didn't really matter. I literally loved them all!

At that moment I understood that this is the type of people I want to help and coach.
Don't get me wrong, coaching is fun with everybody. The feeling when somebody's MMR skyrockets when you give him the correct thought process is wonderful
But having less time for coaching myself (especially for free), makes me realizes that I would prefer investing it in people that I connect with the most, that have limited time just like me, and/or struggles to watch 25 videos for a single idea that might not even be correct

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People that I usually coach on these type of posts are in the age of 16 to 22, high school students and college students that usually watch every single video daily, follow up the meta, watch pro replays constantly, and play multiple games daily and are in multiple discord servers trying to gain the most out of them
While there is nothing wrong with that and in fact I encourage anybody to do that as long as they enjoy the game and the process, there are people that do need help more than others.

Therefore, here I am helping you guys as much as I can. Some of you might know me, some of you might not. For those who don't know me, you can find more about me over here

This is what I am offering today completely FREE for 30 people maximum. I will review 1 to 2 replays, a free session for everybody that is busy. All you have to do is click the link, do a serious application about yourself and I will contact you to set up an appointment.

Why I created the application: As I have said in the past, FREE is not appreciated and is considered guaranteed. That being said, the last time I offered the same opportunity to the community people were late to our session, they canceled it 30minutes before or they did not even appear. Obviously, people showed zero respect for the free time I offered to invest in them. Now I have learned from my previous mistakes, therefore I will get to choose the people I will work with. People that are serious, want to improve, and do write more about themselves and their situation, will get to work with me. Last but not least, you can re-apply if you have done this in the past or even got a session for free. I would be more than happy to see your progress and learn from you.

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Once I approve the ones that are truly in need to improve their gameplay I will contact them on the discord to schedule the session date. We are going to have a 15 call before the session to get to know each other, talk about your struggles, and the specific parts of the game you would like us to focus on.

You can find the link to apply over my website or direct over here

I will let the application for a few days. I believe it is more than enough time to fill up a good application. I am looking forward to helping as many players as I can.

Looking forward to it.


PS: Since I am having a day job and a lot of students already, please do show some patience. I understand that SEA, as well as West USA/Canada, have complete different timezones to south Europe therefore sometimes it's difficult for me to stay until late at night

PS 2: From previous experience, people miss type their discord. Please do type your discord info correctly. It's the only way to actually contact you(very important!!!)

PS3: If you have friends outside Reddit that you are busy yet enjoy grinding and playing please do share this post! The more, the better!

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