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Hello, I play pos 4 and my best heros are rubick, tiny, and windrunner (but I play many others). I’d like to help some support players in the 3-7k range. Comment a matchID replay, your MMR, and your hero and I’ll write you a report on how I think you can improve, we can discuss afterwards. I’d like to leave it all in the comments section so others can view as well, and have a community discussion. Cheers.

Good Support resources:

  1. I think BSJ has some very up-to-date and easy to understand content for all roles, including support. Trying googling "BSJ Support," and you will find a number of videos on some of the basics of supporting as well as more in depth stuff.
  2. There are several streamers that play support that you can learn from, I will list the ones I find most educational, if you have any others – please comment. (Dubu, Cr1t, Febby and Taiga are the ones that I watch)
  3. HOW TO KEEP UP WITH META TRENDS – go to and you can search up your favorite support players to see what they are building/skilling every game in their pubs/pro matches. It also lists the match IDs if you would like to review their games (I highly recommend this).
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I have done this a few times on r/DotA2 if you would like to check out the threads. One and Two

One important intro for how I approach laning as a support:

Always come to your lane mentally prepared. The laning stage moves quickly, and is largely predictable, so you want to have already thought through what your lane might look like and how you want it to go. Here are some questions I like to ask myself before each game: What would a won/lost lane look like? Would we prefer this lane to be more static (minimal pulling) or active (lots of sidepulling, and playing away from the lane)? Does my core lane well against their core? Maybe I can distract the enemy support in order to provide a 1v1 for my core. I think the most important questions and easiest to quickly implement in your game are as follows: How can we get kills in this lane? and How can I die in this lane? I literally put a sticky note next to my computer that reads "How can I die in this lane?" This keeps me from putting myself out of position and dying unnecessarily (big no no). In each of the replays I review, I will show you how I employ this analysis every game.

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Note: I also offer professional coaching for all roles & teams. If you are interested, send me a PM or contact me on discord Notorious#3562


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