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Free coaching from an immortal player!

Content of the article: "Free coaching from an immortal player!"

Hello, I am One, an immortal support player from SEA. I have written many posts on how to climb as support and hero guides on this subreddit already ( like 1, 2 and 3 – highly recommend going through 1 and 2).

Due to the quarantine, I have extra time on my hands and lack the motivation to play solo ranked (it comes in waves), so, If you think that you have stagnated at some rank for sometime and need some help getting out, leave a message below with your id and what kind of problems you guys are facing playing support and I will try to help you on that.Maybe we'll go through some replays, live view some games, go over some basics in private lobbies, idk we'll see. I've coached alot of people before and some have had some good improvements over the years.

  • I can coach all roles (1,2,3,4,5) from 0 to 4.5k mmr and coach 4 & 5 roles from 4.5k to 6k mmr.
  • You need to have a mic, so that we can communicate back and forth on Discord.
  • You need to have a good attitude towards criticism and open to suggestions. Saying things like my should have done or is not something that is going to help improve.
  • You need have the drive to improve. I've coached people who after my session tried what I suggested for one or two games, and went back to their usual way. I'd say if you really wanna climb in dota 2, you gotta play alot of games with any free time you get.
  • I would like to focus on the laning stage mostly, but willing to go further into the game upon request. I will talk about what you're doing right and things that you can improve on.

What im offering is completely free and the only thing I ask from the people I coach is to update their progress a few days after the session like this. It would let me know that my coaching is making a difference (or not 🙁 ) and what I can change in the future. Hoping to talk to some of you soon!

My discord Tag : One#3174

My Coaching Discord


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