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From archon to legend

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TLDR: Learn to not tilt/flame as this is a valuable skill you can apply outside of dota. Gold is worthless if spent on the wrong item. Timing matters at least as much as hero/item comp when considering itemization.

Just made it out of archon! Going from 2 to 2.5k was waaayyy harder for me than 2.5 to 3k. The first took me like 250 games and the latter took me 50.

Part of it is that I started taking learning more seriously but honestly I think the biggest thing is not tilting/flaming. Flaming is not constructive. There are ways to give criticism/advice that are well received. Tilting begets more titling and then no one plays well. Be the domino that doesn’t fall and games become winnable. I think this works at every bracket.

I made it my main goal to not tilt/flame. I cared about this more than learning about counters or practicing mechanics. One, because it really does matter in game, but also because this is one of the few skills that you can really apply outside of dota. One of the ways I justify playing so much dota to myself is by thinking of it as a way to improve how I deal with frustration and give/receive criticism. These skills are very useful in all aspects of life that involve working with another person.

As to the actual game: I play mid and 5 when I have to queue all roles (I’ll try to trade into 5 if I get 4 or 3.) The things that I think were instrumental in improving are laning stage mechanics (creep/tower aggro, blocking, stacking, pulling) and itemization. Gold is worthless if you spend it on the wrong items. Timing is just as important as hero comp when considering itemization. From your first tango to when your pushing tier 4s you should consciously think about every single item choice. For example, for mid, orchid is good early game and late game item but loses impact in mid game imo. As mid you can get it before anyone has manta/Euls/bkb and destroy anyone out of position. It’s strong again later because it has a shorter cooldown than most dispels so you can use it multiple times in the long late game team fights and build into bloodthorn.

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Some background; I first played in 2013 but took many breaks totaling about 5 years spread throughout. I started playing consistently with the start of quarantine and calibrated to about 1.5k mmr. I think my highest mmr before that was something like 2.1k. I’ve played about 1.5k ranked games. Currently sitting at 3.1k mmr.


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