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games analysis – help me understand drafting

Content of the article: "games analysis – help me understand drafting"

Hi guys, the purpose of this is to increase confidence in my knowledge of the game and become better.

So i can usually keep my cool during games but a couple games i have let the game and my teammates get to me. overall i think i can deal with tilt better but I want to understand if i was right, wrong, or there is more to learn.

Game 1 (old) – 4843111414 – (im alch) They last picked monkey to lane against me, their TA went to another lane. I fed in lane and the game became hard, from this i assume I should ask for a lane swap straight after draft? Or just abandon lane and go jungle after level 2?

Game 2 – 5602135125 – (im bm) Was beastmaster just a bad early pick here? I found it very hard to lane and then do anything this game. I feel like this hero likes to end early but in low mmrs you miss all your timings then you're just a roar?

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Game 3 – 5605791746 – (im shaman) Our lanes didnt go so well (the doom didnt want to play aggressive with W/E), I asked the sf to go physical at the start of the game but he didnt. I found it very hard to make any plays beyond the river. As well as that I had to initiate fights, die, so that our team could get multiple return kills.

However during the game I became very tilted about the fact that my team, especially the lina hard support was just farming (you can see by her items) taking up AM's farm and delaying the game. I wasnt bothered about her not buying the wards and sentries, just that we werent going into their jungle and hunting the spectre. She muted me because I came across as too rude early on since we lost our lanes, and I felt like she could have picked a better hero.

For me that was the unfortunate part that she didnt want to learn and understand why we lost, i can always forgive new players and I'm never rude to them nor report them. I assumed these people have played against a spectre before? if you look at the graph it was back and forth until the spectre became unkillable.

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If you feel that the game was fine to go late with that draft matchup, then help me understand why.


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