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Gloria, the Flower Sprite

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Gloria, the Flower Sprite


Support Disabler Nuker

18 + 2 12 + 1.5 21 + 3.5

Type Ranged
Attack Range 600
Base Damage 28 – 36
Base Armor
Move Speed 305
Vision Range 1800/800


All her abilities change based on the time of day.

Day Form

Night Form


Her contributions switch between an aggressive nuker in the day and a defensive protector in the night. She offers more rare buffs and debuffs with near global presence. While she spends a lot of time channeling spells, they can affect multiple targets so are strong in their own right. Overall, she is meant to be quite powerful in both forms since she does not always have access to them. Thus, allies as well as enemies should play around these timings.

Solar Beam and Lunar Shade are her primary tools for combat. They follow their target around while affecting those around it, prioritizing good targeting. Solar Beam can zone enemies away from the primary target. Lunar Shade encourages allies to stick together, which can be detrimental so watching for enemy area abilities is important. They also grow stronger the closer their targets are to death. This means Solar Beam is better at securing kills than poking and Lunar Shade is better at saving allies than simply sustaining them. Their percent based scaling keeps her relevant in the late game.

Snaring Roots and Sleep Powder can disable multiple enemies in a line. Snaring Roots slows them down for further assault but allows them to fight back. Sleep Powder is the opposite, hard controlling them at the cost of slowing down the damage they take. While their range and size are good, their travel speed is below average so there is that to consider.

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Bloom lets her synergize well with other spell casters but only in the day. Enclose counters disable heavy enemies but only in the night. All this means both teams should be most aggressive when the sun is out for maximum efficiency. Spell amplification also makes nuking items more attractive. While this effect is gone at night, having them as an outlet for damage she otherwise loses can be useful.

Both ultimates let you plant a garden that can sprout on command to debilitate enemies. Bright Seed exposes them, making them easier to take down and countering invisibility. Gloom Seed weakens them, making it harder for them to find and kill her friends. They are most useful when used before the rest of her abilities. While their combat effects grow much stronger when allowed to grow, immediately activating them for their vision effects can still be useful. Their innate sight range also gives better vision advantage than most other supports.

In the day, slowing enemies first then using Solar Beam would be the standard combo. It would be ideal to first affect multiple clumped up enemies to maximize the damage, but that might not always happen, so just casting it on one rooted target ensures a steady zoning area. Triggering Bright Seed first not only amplifies the damage they take but the vision ensures that Solar Beam will not be cancelled as easily.

In the night, reducing enemy vision with Gloom Seed can make it harder for them to dodge an incoming Sleep Powder, especially when they are alone. While enemies are asleep, she can plant a Gloom Seed and let it grow for a while to maximize its damage reduction for when they wake up. Lunar Shade can be used while they are asleep to maximize the healing. The status resistance from Enclose can reduce the effect of crowd control they might use to cancel Lunar Shade.

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However, her roles are not set in stone. When playing a more greedy support position, she can easily farm creeps instead of fishing for heroes in the day because she no longer has farming tools in the night. Sleep Powder is better at disengaging or resetting fights due to its speed, but can still be used as a decent ganking tool to set up for her team. Her ultimate is special because it lets her carry over some of her strengths into the next time of day. Since their limits are not shared with each other, she can sow the seeds at opportune locations then activate their effects independent of when they were planted.

I will mention that the abilities of different forms do not share cooldowns, making her really strong around those transition points. It also lets her pair up well with and against heroes that can change between day and night. Of course, this can also be a counter so it really depends on the situation.


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