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Got placed at 130mmr. It’s a living nightmare.

Content of the article: "Got placed at 130mmr. It’s a living nightmare."

I finished my first ever placement a few days ago and ended up at 130mmr. Yes 130, with one zero. Since then, I've fallen to around 60. Its way way harder down here than it should be. Theres way too many smurfs and throwers, and getting a real good game is quite rare.

Its not that people are braindead like people say the stereotypical 2k mmr people are. There are just so many people who seem like they are >4k in skill and either smurf or throw purposefully to stay in herald just to be dicks. I just dont know what i can do myself right now to climb

Ok that's enough about me ranting about the shitty matchmaking, and now im going to ask for help and tips on what i can do differently to claw my way to 4 digits.

Lately I've been maining pl, lina, io, drow, earthshaker, and axe, with some other heroes i can play decently but not confident enough in. Io and earthshaker on support (though sometimes i shift io to a more damaging build on mid-late game), pl lina and drow on safe lane, axe on the offlane, and lina or drow on mid.

On my carry heroes, i sometimes seem to be hitting a roadblock between lv8-12, and i think its due to me not knowing what to do. Am i supposed to push the lane? Jungle? Join teamfights? Im not sure what to do a lot of the time there, and a lot of the time spent in those levels seems to be either spent walking due to me not knowing efficient jungle routes, waiting on jungle respawns, or showing up too late to a teamfight that I sometimes either die in or arrive too late to take part in. (Almost nobody talks down here idk if anyone is prepping for a fight)

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On my offlanes, im unsure on how to properly and safely harass the enemy carries and constantly gain cs or denying creeps while my p4 is out roaming after a while, without overextending and making mistakes.

On mid, i dont really know when i am supposed to gank the other lanes or how to also safely harass the enemy midlaner.

On my supports, i think i have been doing decently in early game by taking the denies, pulls and bounty runes, but i seem to be falling off somewhere in the same levels as carry. Around this point, im sometimes unsure if as p5 i should be sticking with the carry or roaming (outside of pulls wards and runes). I'm on the road to fully understanding my abilities and how to fight as a support, though my problems still usually stem from lv8-12 due to me not really knowing what to do there.

What can i do to fix these and get better? I want to be able to pull myself up to 4 digit mmr without having to worry or care as much about the other roles not doing their jobs or smurfs waiting to smack me down. I want to learn and get good.


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