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[Guide] Nyx pos 5

After unable to get position 1 and being tired of fighting with people in pub, I tried to find a good support that is versatile enough for me to both support and do stuff around the map without relying on the team. Anyway, my life story aside, I present Nyx, a hero that does it all.

Requisite mechanical skill:

  1. Hitting your stun and meteor hammer (there's no targetting on nyx stun unlike Lion). Before level 10 talent stun duration, unless you can cast meteor hammer before your stun even connect, there is a small gap where enemy can escape.

  2. Manage your mana (Nyx ult + stun + meteor hammer will consume a huge amount of mana, even if you buy a lot of clarity, it won't be enough)

  3. Knowing when (not) to cast your spell. Your E is both your escape and a counter initiate. Your Q has potential to stun multiple people. And while your R might deal a lot of damage but you will need to not use the damage and just stun sometimes.

  4. Knowing when to take farm on the map. This nyx build requires rushing meteor hammer so you need to know how to get it by 15 minutes (my earliest time is 10 minutes).

  5. Knowing how to support in general. You are still a support. Buy salve, buy ward, die for your core if you have to, etc.

  6. Zone control. Watch this



Start with boot + a set of tango (give 2 to your mid if need to).
Why boot? Boot allows you to harass in lane and escape if need to.
Your job in lane is simply to keep the position 4 off your position 1 while not taking exp. Once your carry is high level enough to get kill potential, this is when you start to be more aggressive with your stun.
Don't be afraid to just use all your mana and then walk back to base and tp out.
If your carry is low, buy salve for them. The secret to a good pos 5 is keeping your carry hp up.
Your item build should be rushing meteor hammer and regen item. No stick, no tranquil. If you don't die and secure bounty, you should get it by 15 minutes even if you don't farm at all.

This is when you should have meteor hammer and ideally level 7 because the meteor hammer is more likely to connect.

Be aggressive. Gank with the people who win their lane or high level enough to do stuff with you. You do not need your ult to gank people. One stun into one meteor hammer will deal like 500+ damage. If there is no target to gank, use meteor hammer to push tower. If there is no tower, use meteor hammer to farm creep.

Keep up your mana. While meteor hammer provides some regen stat, it is not enough for you to keep moving around.

The entire mid game should be non stop pressure. Whenever you see someone alone or a tower that is not being defended, go there.

Ideally, you should have blink by now. If you do, just do the exact same thing you did during mid game.

If you don't have blink or cannot afford to, play defensive and protect your carry and just hope that he can carry the game.

There's not much for you to do at this point of the game. Either you were successful in the mid game and your carry is a lot stronger than theirs or you are now struggle to do much by yourself. Your hero strong point is that it's a 2.85 stun (one of the longest in the game) that can only be countered by bkb or status resistance. Try to stun more than one hero and you should hopefully be able to turn the game.


Brown boot -> Meteor hammer -> Blink

Other good item is lotus, aether, force staff

You do not need defensive item nor support item. Your job is not to save your carry. With your stun duration being long, it should be enough to save your carry or initiate without needing an escape.

My match history with nyx at 6.3k mmr (yes, it's a smurf)

There is not a single time where I was unable to meet the meteor hammer timing so if you are unable to do that, you honestly need to just not die and secure bounty rune because as I said, even if you don't farm, you should be able to afford meteor hammer provided that you don't die and spend too much money on needless regen for yourself.

Q: Can this work for position 4?
A: Nyx is traditionally a pos 4 hero so sure. I honestly don't like nyx position 4 because due to the match up, the enemy pos 5 doesn't care about you as much and being a melee support, you will have a harder time harass the enemy pos 1 compare to the enemy pos 4 or 3.

Q: Why boot as first item?
A: Higher movement speed will allow you to harass a lot more effective than you think.

Q: I am unable to harass the enemy pos 4 or 3.
A: In this case, focus on buying salve for your carry and not die. You can also move toward mid and help that lane but I do not recommend it. Don't leave your carry alone. Your presence will do a lot more than you think.

Q: Enemy has too much sentry during mid game, I cannot gank anyone.
A: First, avoid ward war. Do not spend too much on sentry. Ward an area where you and your team can play in and defend that ward. Second, if you cannot gank, then push tower. If you cannot push tower, then farm creep. If you cannot farm creep, then stack and farm jungle. Meteor hammer is an item that can do it all.

Q: My carry is flaming me and threaten to report me.
A: Well, first thing you do is mute them. The second thing you do is play well. Even if you are useless the entire early game, as long as you do well during the mid game and land your stun properly. Everything will be fine. If you cannot land your stun because you are low mmr, then you need to practice more.

Q: Why don't you have any visual aid for me?
A: Because I have zero editing skill and writing a guide takes 10x less the time. Watch the replay yourself and ask me any questions.

Q: What mmr can this guide be applied to?
A: Work in every mmr but I have never play at 8k so might not work there. The only thing you need to change is how you play the laning phase. Low mmr carry might not be able to solo the enemy pos 3 so you might need to use your stun a bit more aggressive. Low mmr carry might not know when to go in to kill so you shouldn't be sad that your carry is an idiot. High mmr carry should be able to solo the enemy pos 3. You have a lot more leeway in how you play the lane.


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