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[Guide] suport nature prophet, winning a game alone

Back with my unusual heroes guides, it has been a while since I found some hero to spawn and have fun since my sniper sup(since it got nerfed to the ground I kinda stopped playing it) but since I watched the game between Alliance vs OG, when FNG won the game alone I decided to try it out in my pubs , and here is the results

Between playing pos 4 or 5, I like playing pos 4 the most as it you have more freedom to make choice in the map at laning phase, you can always creep block the small camp, its really easy to control runes and steal bounty runes with global tp, can destroy towers early and have a lot backups plans if things are going rough either in lanning or in the game

Laning Phase

Starting items I go with 3 fairy, blight stone and one tango, dont give a dawn about trading hits because you will win most of the times and you can just tp base and go back to lane with global

In laning is best paired with strong lanner if possible and dont try to steal as much xp possible because you dont really need it, always spawn treants with the intent to block the small camp, use one to block camps and the others to trade hits with with the sup/core, and after you get lvl 3 you should go with 1-1-1 and now you need to pay really attention on the map as you can secure a lot kills if the enemy position is off

Is your offlaner losing with you or winning without you in lane? if yes you can just go jungle and look at map to fish some kills, pay attention if ranged heroes dont have quelling or tango because it basically mean that you have a pseudo stun for 3 sec on them

Very important, always try look for the 4 and 5 minutes runes, a lot mids depends a lot on getting the runes/bounty and just securing it you can either save you mid or win it for them

Pro tip: you can use scan to see if there is a hero on their bounty rune side

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Item build

Honestly the only item you need is drums, anything else is situational, but still most of the times i liked going for Aghs after drums, it gives you actually team fight and reduces your ult cd which means that it will help you in split push, team fight and stopping pushes, after it i usually went for AC, dagger, orchid or necro book, depending in how the game is going, funnily enough I went for dagger most of the times because it boost your survivability when split pushing and can be upgraded to arcane dagger(btw it reduces your global cast to 1.5 sec)

Very important, get shars no matter what, only need 1 gold to finish your aghs but its 20 min now? well then buy the shard instead of finishing your aghs, hands down one of the best shard in the game, can be spawned to cut waves, team fight( if the enemy dont have phase movement will be stuck inside trees and if you know how to sprout treant you can easily kill a sup by surrounding it) and you push it really fucking fast with it

Post laning phase/Early game(after 5 min)

Here you have 2 things to do, try get your 6 ASAP or push towers if you see the opportunity, even without catapult you can easily get a tower if nobody is defending it, just send one treant to pull the creep and push it

Never use your ult to farm, use it only to stop the enemy push, teamfight or to push towers( to kill the creepwave), get your drums and keep doing the same thing, you dont need use your ult to farm because NP one of the best hero in the game to find farm in the map thanks to your global tp, you can farm the enemy jungle or farm the dead lane with treants

Pro tip: try ward yourself if you can and try to never ward places where you can see the enemy neutrals because its just a big red alert that you have ward there

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Mid game/Late game

Basically keep doing the same thing, but when you get your shard things change, you now can be the most annoying hero in the map, you see the enemy pushing a lane to try take any of your tower? well then just global tp close to their t2/creep spawn and spawn your treants shard, now only you stopped their push, you got a lot farm/xp and made space for your team if they actually chased you down, bonus if they spent big ultimates on you, you dont really care if you die if they do it

Dont be stingy with your drums, you see a team fight and you can actually help? use your drums, you are hitting a tower? use you drums, drums you can just buy the recipe(550 gold) and replenish its charges

When you get your lvl 15, then things get really fun you can now split push 2 lanes at same time, one with your 9 treants and the other with your treants shard

When you get your aghs you now have one more choice to make, use it to push waves, but prioritize using it in team fights, now it roots so you actually can contribute a lot in fights

always keep skipping waves or split pushing and never show your hero in the map, you treants are enough to push for you, but try suck some xp in the trees if possible xp is very important to you, and if the creeps get in the tower range and break the backdoor protection and nobody is close to defending it, you can just spawn treants and use drums and see the tower melting

Try to focus in not dying, you dying is opening the enemy to apply some pressure on your team, so avoid it, thats why I often go for dagger because it boost my survivability by a lot

Pro tip: try to place tinker wards if possible to check if the enemy put wards there or not, not only makes your creep skip easier it also boost your survivability

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Your objective in late game is makes the enemy team play hero siege and dont give them a change to play as 5, the enemy will always have to send a core to stop the push because a suport cant stop it alone most of the time, your team plan should be Divide-and-Conquer and play with numbers advantage. See a enemy hero went to defend? well then try force a favorable team fight. Nobody is defending their base? well then you got a free rax

For reference here some games that I actually won the game by myself just by applying a lot pressure in the map 1 2

TL;DR : rat doto until wins


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