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Guide to Support items – Part 2

Content of the article: "Guide to Support items – Part 2"

This is part two of my guide to support items so if you haven’t read the first part, you can do so here.

Medallion of courage/Solar crest: is a really good item against physical damage lineups. Its also item that you can do to help with doing roshan earlier. I love to build this item against Legion commanders because no matter if LC gets bkb or not, you can still affect your ally that is getting dueled with medallion/Solar crest. If you do put a solar crest on an ally getting dueled, most likely they are gonna survive. This item is that good. You also wanna build it against minus/amour lineups (like slardar,TA,etc). Also note that you lose armour on yourself when you cast it, so sometimes if you are getting focused its better not casting it on anyone. Also note that solar crest gives 10% movement speed buff so you can use it on someone that is running away/in to speed them up. Likewise, Solar also slows the enemy by 10%. Use it wisely.

Blink Dagger: Excellent initiating item. Build it on support that need it for initiation or position perfectly. Note that it is also a selfish item so think twice about rushing it on a position 5. Try to avoid building this item against radiance carriers / venomancers who can easily cancel blink daggers. If you can go with forcestaff in those games instead, go for it. Otherwise try to position in a way that your blink doesn't get cancelled. Really good on heroes like Lion, Rubick, Winter Wyvern, Pudge, Enigma, etc.

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Choice of boots on supports : In 80% of the games tranquils is the go to boots on supports. The other 20% might be the times where u build arcanes before disassembling to build tranquils later. You wanna get arcane boots first when you are gonna be building aether lens/ Guardian greaves/ Lotus orb later so that you can disassemble the boots to use the energy booster for the item. Tranquils allows you to keep your health topped off at all times. As for the argument that arcanes is good for sustaining mana, thats not true at all. Clarities are enough for mana sustenance along with other mana regen items . You are never gonna sustain your spells with mana boots alone. Tranquils + clarity spam is the way to go!

Heaven’s Halberd used to be good to build on literally anyone until last patch where they added a 400 gold recipe. Nowadays I feel kinda off on building it unless i need to. Really good item against right click heroes. Amazing on grim who can disarm 2 heroes using his ult.

Meteor Hammer is an amazing item right now. You can buy it if you have a way to setup for the meteor (like phoenix dive, nyx stun, etc) or you are a support who lacks the ability to farm waves (like undying) or you wanna take tower early with a pushing lineup (like with a pugna in the team).

Aghanims Scepter can be good on certain heroes. The only support i would say it would be good building it as a first item is Snapfire (sometimes disruptor too). A good 2rd/3rd item depending on what hero you are playing.

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BKB. The item that everyone hates building but is necessary in some games. If you are a support that relies on a channeling ult to be useful (like CM, Bane,etc ) , consider buying an early bkb. Do make sure however that they dont have multiple cancels that go through bkb, you want your bkb to be as impactful as possible.

Veil of discord. Get one if your team has alot of magic damage that you can amplify.

Rod of atos is good on heroes that need long range setup for their spells like pudge and sky. You can also get it if your team lacks catch potential

Vladmir’s Offering is a good item if you want to boost your carries damage and give people around you lifesteal. Amazing core item on aura carriers like Venge.

Ghost scepter get it against physical damage right clicking lineups. Can also be upgraded to Ethereal Blade much later in the game which can be used both offensively and defensively.

And i think thats pretty much it. I think I covered most of the “general” support items. If any of you have any questions/objections to any of the above tips ,you can either comment below or reach out to me on discord. I'm always down to learn something new or correct my existing notions of support.Also lemme know if you found any of this interesting or helpful. I also coach people for free, so if you are interested in learning and have a good attitude, you can message me on discord. I recommend checking out my previous posts on supporting, this post is a continuation of those → 1 2 3 4 5

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