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Harleen Falco, The Winged Assassin (Contracts: UI-nique and Jack of 4 Trades)

Content of the article: "Harleen Falco, The Winged Assassin (Contracts: UI-nique and Jack of 4 Trades)"

Harleen Falco, The Winged Assassin
The Jasper Circle are amongst the most finest and professional assassin in the known world, from powerful Kings to measly peasants no one is off limits to them. They are the most talented that outside the circle see them as destined assassin, molded from the day they are born to perform one thing: Assassinate anyone for the right price. Among them is Harleen, she is the epitome of this sentiment, she wasn't an orphan, a rebel nor a black sheep it is her dream to be one when she saw an assassin killed the person who abused her family, exploiting them for their innate senses. This horned and stout assassin wasn't suppose to kill the abuser but rather her entire family, however seeing the preposterous nature of this assignment the assassin instead spared their life in exchange that on the ripe age of 12 Harleen is to follow him and train as an assassin. She became one after years of rigorous training with her earnings securing the life of her family. However she must fly out now for she was given a new contract to assassinate a number of high profile targets and follow his master to the war of the Ancients.

Harleen Falco, The Winged Assassin is a melee agility hero capable of fighting enemies through the thick of battle. Harleen's abilities are tailored for one on one duels, fast assassinations and pro longed teamfights, thanks to her passive she can tank a fair amount of projectiles enemies may throw at her making her a nuisance against heroes who are ranged, in melee her rapier has the capacity to be a potent duel ability or team fight ability capable of swinging in multiple AOEs and has a sweet spot that deals more damage.

Role: Fighter, Initiator, Roamer
Agility: 25+ 2.4
Strength: 20 + 1.4
Intelligence: 15 + 1.5
Movement Speed: 315
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 53-57
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.5
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Q: Tywin, No Target

CD: 14/12/10/8 Mana: 100

Harleen's rapier is adorned to by her loving and protective father's name

Harleen can user her rapier 3 times before going into cooldown dealing her damage in varying area of effects. The AOEs have sweets spot and hitting an enemy on said sweet spots will deal bonus damage. Can proc on hit effects

Passively if she hits an enemy hero in the 3rd sweet spot her next auto attack is converted into pure damage.

Damage Type Physical/Pure
Base Damage As Damage 100%
Sweet Spot Bonus Damage 1st Attack 10/15/20/25
Sweet Spot Bonus Damage 2nd Attack 20/30/40/50
Sweet Spot Bonus Damage 3rd Attack 30/50/70/90
Circle Angle Vector (1st and Second Attack) 140°
Radius (1st and 2nd Attack) 500
Radius (3rd Attack) 200
Distance (1st and 2nd Attack) 400
Distance (3rd Attack ) 500


  • Before the attack is finished the attack UI is shown for Harleen
  • the UI looks like this
  • The first attack is a swipe to the left the second is a swipe to the right
  • The 3rd attack is an aggressive thrust
  • Aesthetically Harleen first uses her fist and only will use the rapier until the pure attack (if successful) is expended
  • Harleen has 3 full seconds to cast the next 2 attacks of Tywin before it expires and the ability goes on cooldown
  • The first swipe is the only one who consumes mana

W: Grappling Claw, Point Target

CD: 14 Mana: 90

Flying can be quite tedious even for her so a grappling hook sometimes does the trick

Fires a claw shot in a line which pulls her into the first target hit stunning them, hopping over them and then kicks them pushing them opposite to where she is facing upon cast.

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Dispellable? No
Max Hook Distance 900/1000/1100/1200
Stun Duration 1.2/1.5/1.7/2
Knockback Distance 400


  • The effects of this ability only happens when the ability lands to an opponent
  • The affected target's direction prior to be affected is not changed they are merely pushed.

E: Falcon Sense, Passive

CD: 18/14/12/8

The senses of the House Falco is unremarkable

Harleen's Falcon eye sees projectile which causes her to unfurl her wings to counter react every so often, blocking one projectile attack and it's effects and gains movement speed for a few seconds after.

Breakable? Yes
Movement Speed Bonus 12%/13%/14%/15%
Movement Speed Bonus Duration 2/3/4/5


  • Only triggers on hero projectiles
  • The projectiles blocked can be either a spell or attack

R: Evelynn, Unit Target

CD:30 Mana: 150/165/190

Her mother maybe loud and cruel but this gun adorned by her name reminds her of how strong and steadfast she is.

Fires her musket against a unit dealing large amounts of physical damage as well as destroying a percent of their armor

Damage Type Physical
Damage 200/300/400
Projectile Speed 3000
Armor Reduction 40%/50%/60%
Armor Reduction Duration 10
Cast Range 500

Aghanim's Upgrade: (If there is one)

Upgrades: Tywin

Sweet Spots now can parry attacks and auto attack projectiles which if successful fully parries that attack or attack projectile.

Gives New Ability: Falcon Dive

Gives Harleen a chance to take to the skies for a few seconds giving her bonus flying vision and movement for 5 seconds. While flying casting Grappling Claw stops the flight immediately

Bonus Cast Range: 200

Bonus Vision: 300


Level Left Right
25: Falcon Sense Absorbs Projectile Damage Tywin +150% Damage
20: Falcon Sense Knockback 400 Radius +15 Strength
15: +200 Cast Range Grappling Claw Targets Trees
10: +20 Movement Speed +6 Armor
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  • Falcon Sense Absorbs Armor: Makes it so that the damage is not deflected but absorb, her next attack will gain bonus damage based on that Projectiles damage and will have additional properties it may have (stuns, slows etc)

Author's Notes: Just an entry for both UI-Nique and Jack of 4 Trades. For the later I choose to put together a hero that fits the mold of UI-Nique (her Q has a thing called sweet spots), a Weak but Balanced Hero, a Weight Lifter because of the W as well as my own Prized Champion as she is a fighter from the Jasper Circle. Just wanted to make a hero who is a bird without giving her fully bird like abilities as well as a foil for Donte the Pangolier


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