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Help me get out of the trench (Crusader scrub)

Content of the article: "Help me get out of the trench (Crusader scrub)"

My main is 2000 hours account. 1400-1500mmr.

I started playing Dota 2 one year ago. I had experience in Heroes of Newerth for like 10 years. My mmr in HoN was something like 1700-1800mmr in the end. (Its hard to scale in Dota 2 medal system but something like Archon or Legend atleast.

When I started to play Dota, I tought it would not be hard to learn the new heroes, skills, and items, new meta and little differences in game. (Hon had dotaports, and the meta kinda followed Dotas meta, when I ended jungling was consireded okay, and Offlane was called suicide. I liked to play suicide alot, heroes like Qop, Puck etc.

But anyways, it took me while to learn and transition from HoN to dota.

Im really good at playing Ember Spirit. I usually win any matchup even a lot of Huskar players coz Im pulling the waves, using greep aggro etc. Also, Im destroying my offlanes when Im playing pos 4 Undyin, Jakiro, Rubick, Pugna or Natures Prophet also in offlane my old good MAGMUS (Sand King is Magmus on steroids) I just destroy people.

My problem is that in my 1k mmr games my allies are usually shit. Like seriously shit.
If I dont play pos 4 my team does not have wards, or they are idiotic, constantly getting dewarded etc.
But Im playing a carry Im getting a really retarded support which does not harras, nor pull or use his spells on the lane.

Im trying not to tilt and usually I have my chat on mute to just play and keep calm. I try to think like "Its okay if I have support pudge in safelane as AM, when he hits like lvl 6 I can just farm izi because he leaves the lane"
But then there is offlane pick like Phantom Assasin offlane or something shit like that, and we are getting our ass beaten and the opposite team is just running at me.

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In my lane the tower usually stands longer, and I usually buy wards as carry or support and try to farm that area or let my carry farm that area, but they dont and they go to opposite jungle where enemy has been seen and dies there.

I dropped to 700mmr when I firstly calibrated, and my highest mmr has been 1800mmr.

My Behaviour score on this account is 3000 right now. It was 7k originally before I had some technical problems with the game (Couldnt reconnect to the game bc Dota2.exebeta crashed) happened multiple times, but Valve didnt want to help and I understand that.

Now my allies and enemies are absolute animals. Im having impossible games constantly. Im making a impact, but my team is giving me 0 support when we have a lead and could close the game like concepts taking Roshan, pushin when enemies are dead etc.

So, I bought a account from internet and wanted to make a test. I bough a account which had previously 2000mmr and 8k behaviour, I calibrated to Archon 1 or something. Then I played 50 games, only pos 4 or mid. I dominated in offlane most of the game, sometimes there was good supports against me and the biggest think I realized was that my offlanes heroes were actually using the harrash I gave them to theyr advantage -> We stomped the games.

Currently that bought account is 2500mmr.
I dont enjoy playing on it because I dont have my wheelemotes, or skins, or badges for the heroes like in my main.

So what Im asking you is:

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I just lost a game as Undying, I had 26 assists and my teams second best had 13.


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