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I'm at risk of getting a 6mo ban. I held a pretty consistent 10k behavior score up until a month ago (~7k current) which more or less coincided with me reaching my all time peak matchmaking rating so far. Now I'm 600 points down from my peak. But that's barely my worst drop ever. I don't understand why I'm getting reported at all. Like in one of my recent wins I went 8/0, was the only one to win his lane (mid, only one to get more gold then his counterpart at min 10) and the position 5 that I didn't have all that much to do with really vows to press his and buttons on me. Then when I play support I get called out for not warding when all the wards are out of stock and I got 3 dewards in the past 15 minutes.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Should I explain my map movements and hero picks and items choices to everyone who asks at the cost of losing some focus on direct gameplay? What I do is never without reason even if it's not optimal. I don't feel as though I'm doing anything different from when my behavior score was 10k other than that I'm losing more games.

I feel like I get put up on more frequently than others for the flaming carousel. (I don't actually get reported for comm abuse.) Some things that I do that I'm aware of that might get me reported are pausing and pressing voice lines when enemies die and arguing with people that are upset (I'd frequently speak up if I feel someone is not shot calling well or dishing out critiques of my teammates.)

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Another thing that I do that's "not good"(r) is I'll play multiple games in a row even when I'm tired or I'm losing without real breaks. I guess that's not super respectful towards the people I play with in ranked, but I strongly prefer ranked games for anything other than playing the 20~ heroes I'm not comfortable playing.

Right now I get like 30 games and then with 8 reports I get a week ban and half a score of low priority queue games.

Should I go and take a break? Learn LOL? Play less Dota? Buy or calibrate a new account? I'm enjoying most of my games win or lose, provided they're somewhat even and nobody gives up unduly. Can I maybe leave a few replays and have someone look at whether something I'm doing is aggressively bad or toxic gameplay wise?


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