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[Hero] Blood Legion

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  • Intelligence
  • Melee
  • Carry
  • Escape
  • Durable

A cultist who has lost his identity to his own magic, Blood Legion saps the energy from his foes to create an army of himself. Through ritual sacrifice of this army, he can become a nigh unstoppable Abomination.


STR: 17 +2.0

INT: 22 +2.8

AGI: 25 +2.5

Movement Speed: 310

Vision: 1800/800

Attack Range: 175

Base attack time: 1.7

Armor: 0 (4.16 after accounting for agility)

Ability 1: Blood Curse

Ability: Passive, No Target

Affects: Enemies, Self

Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

Dispellable: No

Passively, whenever you are struck by a damaging ability from an enemy hero, steal maximum mana from the enemy equal to a portion of that ability's cost for 20 seconds.

When the effect expires, restore health equal to the mana you had stolen.

Activate the ability to instantly return stolen mana (healing you).

Cost to Mana ratio: 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65

Cost: 100

Cooldown: 30

Ability 2: Soul Tap

Ability: Passive

Damage Type: Pure

Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

Blood Legion's first attack against a hero will deal bonus pure damage and spawn an illusion after a one second delay.

Illusions created by the original Blood Legion's Soul Tap can themselves use Soul Tap to create lesser illusions. Illusions do not share Soul Tap's per-target cool-down with either each other or the original Blood Legion.

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If Blood Legion damages a creep and leaves it with less health than Soul Tap's damage, Soul Tap will trigger its damage and illusion-spawn.

Deaths of Primary illusions will create creep corpses. Deaths of secondary illusions do not create corpses.

Base Damage: 20/30/40/50

Intelligence Multiplier: 1.0

Primary Illusion Damage Dealt: 50%

Primary Illusion Damage Taken: 200%

Secondary Illusion Damage Dealt: 30%

Secondary Illusion Damage Taken: 250%

Illusion Duration: 7 seconds

Per-target Cooldown: 13/11/9/7 seconds

Ability 3: Offal Consumption

Ability: No Target

Affects: Self

Dispellable: No

Dispel Type: Variable

Consume a corpse within 1200 range, prioritizing hero corpses. If successful, dispel yourself (basic for creep corpses, strong for hero corpses), gain a steroid for 3 seconds, and consume another corpse when that steroid ends. If the corpse is a creep, steroid values are halved.

If there are no corpses nearby when this ability searches for one, the ability ends and goes on cooldown.

Hero corpse attack speed: 30/50/70/90

Hero corpse regeneration: 10/20/30/40

Hero corpse movement speed: 10/20/30/40

Cooldown: 30

Mana Cost: 100/110/120/140

Ultimate: Consolidate

Ability: Unit Target

Effects: Self, Allied Units

Targets Blood Legion or one of their controlled units.

On cast, kills all of Blood Legion's controlled units (including themselves).

Creates an Abomination at the target's location that takes up the mantle of "Blood Legion" until the original hero respawns.

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The Abomination has access to:

  • Blood Legion's items
  • Blood Legion's basic abilities
  • The abilities of all consolidated units

The Abomination's health and base damage are equal to those of Blood Legion plus a portion of those from the other consumed units. The Abomination has the movement speed, regeneration, armor, and mana of Blood Legion.

Cast Range: Global

Cooldown: 150/110/70 (after Abomination death)

Stat Conversion: 20%

Aghanim's Scepter

Upgrades Consolidate.

Allows targeting of allied heroes, resulting in the deaths and consolidation of them and all of their controlled units. 100% of the consolidated hero's stats are added to the Abomination, while their controlled units have stats added at the normal rate.

The consolidated ally may attack, cast abilities, and use items from within the Abomination without interrupting its movement. Consolidated allies can channel spells without stopping the movement of the Abomination, but will be interrupted if the Abomination is stunned.

Teleportation (Town Portal Scrolls, Furion's Teleportation, Activate Fire Remnant, and Dark Rift) is disabled while consolidated.

Grants the Abomination 50% status resistance.

Aghanim's Shard

Upgrades Blood Curse.

Allows you to target the active healing effect onto an ally.


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