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[HERO] Jarl, Lord of the Lost Legion (melee, agility)


The ghost of a fallen general still inhabits his rusty armor and trusted saber. His soldiers follow him from beyond, their spirits literally gripped to their weapons.

They died while fighting a necromancer's undead horde who used a powerful spell in his final moments to bind his enemy's souls to their equipment so that they could never find rest. Now he leads his ghostly corps to hunt down necromancy.



Q Ghastly Bellow
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical
Pierces Spell Immunity No
Projectile Speed 1200
Cast Range 600
Start Width 100
End Width 240/260/280/300

A thousand years of commanding the unending march against necromancy has honed Jarl's ability to inspire the courageous and terrify the cowardly with a single shout.

A commanding roar that sends out a wide shockwave.

Damages enemies and speeds up allies. Enemies hit from behind are feared.

Level Cooldown Mana Damage Speed Speed Duration Fear Duration
1 18 100 60 15% 3 0.6
2 16 95 90 20% 3 0.9
3 14 90 120 25% 3 1.2
4 12 85 150 30% 3 1.5

W Bannerlord
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical
Pierces Spell Immunity No
Projectile Speed 1200
Cast Range 600
Damage/Aura Radius 350/400/450/500
Center Radius 180
Shard If Jarl picks up the flag the cooldown resets and he heals 200 HP. While not on cooldown, Jarl passively carries the flag aura.
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The flag may be tattered and worn, but Jarl and his Lost Legion will march to the end of the world carrying it.

Throw a flag that damages in an area, stuns enemies at the center.

The flag has a aura that causes allies to give a max hp heal other allies when they attack or are attacked.

An enemy hero can attack the flag 3 times to destroy it and end the stun early.

An allied hero can issue an attack command on the flag to pick it up and center the aura on themselves for a duration.

Level Cooldown Mana Damage Center Stun Max HP Regen Flag Duration Pickup Duration
1 14 140 80 1.6 1.6% 8 4
2 14 140 140 1.9 1.9% 8 4.5
3 14 140 200 2.1 2.1% 8 5
4 14 140 260 2.4 2.4% 8 5.5

E Tactical Strike
Ability Passive
Affects Enemy Units
Range 400/500/600/700

When Jarl orders a command, the Lost Legion follows with pride.

Toggled Cooldown Passive.

Issuing an attack command on an enemy slows its attack speed for 3 seconds. Allies near the target have bonus attack speed.

Level Cooldown Attack Speed Change
1 11 25
2 10 40
3 9 55
4 8 70

R Onward to Glory!
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical
Pierces Spell Immunity No
Cast Range 1100
Radius 500
Max Soldiers Spawned 8/12/16
Soldier Speed 800
Soldier Collision Radius 180
Soldier HP 1/2/3 hero attacks
Soldier Max Attacks 3
Soldier Attack Rate / Attack Speed 1.8/1.7/1.6 / 100/110/120
Scepter Becomes Vector Target. Also grants True Sight, and can damage structures for 25%.
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Forward, to Victory!!!

Ghostly soldiers march on through a target area. They latch on to enemy units (or structures with Scepter) and attack viciously.

Each soldier attack counts as your attack but with a low set amount of damage.

Onward To Glory soldiers home in on enemies marked for a Tactical Strike, and enemies stunned by Bannerlord.

Level Cooldown Mana Duration
1 180 200 4
2 140 300 6
3 100 400 8


+15 tactical strike attack speed 10 -30 tactical strike attack slow
+70 bannerlord damage/center radius 15 +1s ghastly bellow fear duration
+80 bannerlord center damage 20 +120 ghastly bellow fear damage
onward to glory soldiers crit 300% on final attack 25 onward to glory soldiers use 125% of your attack damage on first attack

Recommended Items:

Blink Dagger -> Swift Dagger – Gives you more chances to stun and fear, upgrade synergizes greatly with Tactical Strike.

Skull Basher -> Abyssal Blade – Your ultimate summons can bash.

Arcane Boots -> Guardian Greaves – Lets you more efficiently use abilities and gives more healing.

Assault Cuirass – Boosts the speed and damage of ultimate summons.


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