Dota 2

[HERO] Jungle Raider (Ranged, Agility)


Q Toxic Volley
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Pierces Spell Immunity No
Projectile Speed 1200
Cast Range 600
Width 250

There are strange and deadly flowers in the jungle underbelly. Hidden in their shimmering blue petals are seeds that can be brewed into a magic silencing poison.

Fire a volley of 7 poison darts in a cone that silence enemies briefly then apply Neurotoxin that reduces armor per second. Attacks against enemies with Neurotoxin have a chance to silence for 1s.

Level Cooldown Mana Silence Duration Armor Shred Duration Armor Shred per second Chance
1 14 80 1.2 5 -1.5 15%
2 13 75 1.4 5 -1.8 20%
3 12 70 1.6 5 -2.1 25%
4 11 65 1.8 5 -2.4 30%

W Zoomerang
Ability Unit Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity No
Cast Range 900
Projectile Speed 700

This thrown blade has decapitated many a mighty jungle beast, always finding its way back to its wielder's hand.

Throw a Zoomerang that damages a target enemy then returns to you. Gain tree walking and ignore speed limit while it is in flight. Dodge projectiles when you throw it and catch it.

Level Cooldown Mana Damage
1 10 90 80
2 9 85 160
3 8 80 240
4 7 75 320

E Jungle Fury
Ability Passive
Affects Self
Radius 500
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The Raider uses guerilla tactics to take foes by surprise.

Gain attack damage. Allies near you gain boosted attack damage for each one attacking the same enemy.

Level Attack Damage Attack Damage per Ally
1 20 10%
2 24 12%
3 28 14%
4 32 16%

R Doomerang
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Heroes
Cast Range Global
Max Range 2400
Projectile Speed 1600
Damage Type Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity No

A deadly hunter always keeps a trick up their sleeve to throw prey off guard before the final strike.

Throw a ricochet boomerang. it damages and stuns on the first enemy hit, but stops and returns to you.

If it travels full distance, it bounces on all enemies for a massive crit and ministun on the way back to you.

Level Cooldown Mana Direct Hit Damage Direct Hit Stun Bounce Crit
1 100 200 250 1 500%
2 90 175 275 1.5 550%
3 80 150 300 2 600%


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