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HEROES WANTED CONTEST! & Aghs Contest Winner

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Thank you everyone for voting! We had our best voting turnout yet!

1st Place for the Contest goes to u/carlvic's Dark Seer's Aghs!

Feedback said that this Aghs has a pretty big balance issue with its numbers, but aside from that its great! It is a strong effect that doesn't stray far from the hero's design but still give alternative uses to Wall of Replica! It ties all of his abilities together very well, brings better team synergy, and new ways to play the hero! All in all a great design for an Aghanim's effect!

u/Delta17v2 has dropped the Divine Rapier flair and it has been picked up by u/carlvic, who will also receive a $5 Steam Gift Card!

2nd Place goes to u/lightnin0's Lone Druid's Aghs!

Feedback said that having 2 different effects between Lone Druid and the bear is a great way to utilize Spirit Bear and is a really unique concept! However feedback is split on whether its underpowered for its cost or too strong. Lone Druid's effect could be underwhelming, while the effect for the bear could have high varying impact depending on when you get it.

3rd Place goes to u/capitalka's Slark's Aghs!

Feedback said that its a very cool idea that is an interesting way to utilize Essence Shift! However but doesn't make for the most interesting Aghanim's Scepter or Ability for Slark's playstyle, and it's balance is off. It's a good strong ability, but feels out of place on a slippery movement loving hero.


This contest is shaking things up so please read the post completely!

The word has spread! The Quorum have posted mysterious contracts seeking fabled warriors, esteemed mages, forlorn demons, and all other shadowy figures from across the planes. Rumors among mystics and thieves alike speak of the heroes and villains now making their way toward Weeping Rose. Why does the Quorum seek them? What rewards were promised? What plans do the Quorum have? You have heard whispers and wondered yourself, but you have answers that few outside the Quorum have.

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Riches of Fame, Gold, and Arcane rarities!

Create Winning Heroes!

There will be lots of different contracts available, submit up to 1 hero to each to potentially win the contract! Winning a contract will award you with 500 Gold!

Contracts will be their own threads, but a directory of them will be listed on the Wanted Board!


Create your own mini-contests in the form of Heroes Wanted Contracts! Create a thread for your contract and detail what the criteria for the hero are! Your contract must be for a hero, and must be kept relatively simple. other than that feel free to get as creative as you want! (There are 4 examples of Contracts (), (), (), and ()!)

Once created, message a link to your thread to u/D2C_Banker to validate it and get it added to the Wanted Board! Incorrect contracts will be removed instead of validated.

For a week after you create the contract people can submit heroes to it. At the end of the week, u/D2C_Banker will declare your contract over and you can pick a winner! Doing so awards you 500 Gold!

You can't create a second contract until you've judged your first one.

Most Wanted!

In addition to the user Contracts, there are categories for the best of the best! Over the course of this contest you can nominate another user for one of these categories. You can only make one nomination for each category, but doing so earns you 100 Gold! Nominees also get 100 Gold, and at the end of the contest the winner for each category will win 1000 Gold!

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Most Wanted Categories:

  • Best Feedback Comment

  • Best Hero Lore

  • Most Creative Ability

  • Best Custom Art

  • Best Labor of Love


This contest will run for 2 MONTHS! At the end of which whoever has the most total Gold will be the winner!

First Place wins: Marketable Arcana of their choice! and a unique user Flair!

Second Place wins: $15 Steam Gift card and a unique user Flair!

Third Place wins: $5 Steam Gift Card and a unique user Flair!


  • You can only have one Contract open at a time.

  • Contracts must be a for a hero.

  • You can only submit one hero to each Contract.

  • Contracts that get no submissions after a week cannot be judged and will be immediately closed.

  • Contracts must be judged within 3 days of being closed to submissions.

  • u/D2C_Banker isn't a bot, its just me on an alt, so what they say goes!

  • Last day to create a Contract is October 24th!

  • Last day to nominate someone for Most Wanted is also October 24th!

Questions, comments, or ideas for other contests can be commented in this thread or PMd to me!


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