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Hi, my name is Maik and I am a dude behind most live contextual stats in DOTA2 tournaments

Content of the article: "Hi, my name is Maik and I am a dude behind most live contextual stats in DOTA2 tournaments"

TLDR: Hoping to add value to stats stuff that is happening in the DOTA2 scene and this subreddit with insights given by my job.


If you are watching DOTA2 tournament-streams, you might have stumbled over graphics like this:

Graphics that are evaluative / put a live performance into a context (e.g. comparing it to "patch avg")

In this case it is by layerth (with whom we work closely). They parse the live data (10:38 – timing of axe build a dagger) .

And the data is enhanced (3:52 faster than patch avg 14:30) by a third party service.

I am the main developer of the system that provide that service, which has been around for more than two years now.

And I would like to share some more details about it.


The complete data basis consist of games that have been played on league tickets since May 2012 (6.74), excluding those without fixed teams (like inhouse leagues)

Noteworthy is the biggest data hole by far around the playoffs of the chengdu major 2019, which has more than 50 broken replays and thus are not included in the data basis.

Most times it make more sense to compare live stats with much smaller data sets anyway. Thus it is possible to use different scopes like event/patch/DPC/season that filter on that mentioned data basis.

The ingame context data is calculated on the fly within a second.

The system also provided context data for graphics before matches and during the drafts (maybe soon also to the post game 👀 👀)

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Most Organizers have their own design and a dedicated person in the production team who decides to when show the graphics.

Last year it were dreamleague and ESL with their own designs and epic league with layerth.Previously it also were PGL and MDL with own designs aswell.

Since GOSU AI (And RuHub on russian steams) started providing similar features to tournament streams (e.g. weplay), I want to point out that all this only applies when you see a blue logo directly on the graphic. Then I am responsible for the context data.

Happily this is not a profit oriented project, but a sponsoring one with the side effect of supporting the scene and adding money to it.

About myself:

I am playing DotA since the WC3 Allstars Map 6.49b (2007)

Battlenet pubs –> garena –> –>dotalicous and finally DOTA2

where I still playing almost daily and being 5k for ages. (fav hero is Puck)

you might have alrdy seen me in an ad during the ESL ONE Hamburg 2018.

and this is a private personal account to join stat discussions on this subreddit and trying to provide insights into new graphics in the future.

One of the latest example were graphics focusing the mid lane matchup during the ESL ONE GERMANY:

MID Matchup Graphics

Left you can see that this matchup was pretty even in the other 8 matches of 7.27 where those heroes met in mid. Even though DP made more kills/last hits, doom has the slight networth advantage (possibly because of his gold making spellerino, because stats do not include min 10 bounties).

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Right you can see that the laning stage in this game (NAVI vs CYBER LEGACY) went pretty average. Both under performed just a little little bit (all the red numbers outline how much).Doom did 1 last hit and 1.25 kills less than avg and still got 1% more networth than avg and also more than dp in that game.While Death Prophet got 3 last hits and .5 kills less than avg which result in 3% less networth than avg.

Furthermore you get the information that 8 matches are a RARE matchup in this patch relatively to other matchups

Feel free to ask questions or share ur opinion on this kind of graphics (reddit pm or this thread).


Last but not least a huge shoutout to the developer of opendota, replayparser and layerth , that contribute so much to the documentation of evrything about DOTA2 data.


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