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High Rank Professional Coach Coaches for Free (limited)

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Some of you might know me, some of you might not. Long story short, I try to give value to the Dota community, by answering questions, trying to give an honest and objective answer (fun fact is that usually downvote anything they don't want to hear 🙂 ). I have coached multiple people with results (I almost always charge for that). Today, (rarely I make decisions like this one) I offer a replay analysis to everybody (max 30ppl) to understand how people should review their replays. Now, nobody really reviews their own game and in my opinion, this is a huge mistake. Just spamming games and grinding usually leads nowhere but this is another story.

And this is what I am offering today completely FREE for 30 people maximum. I will review 1 to 2 replays, a free session of total 40minutes(no more) to everybody. All you have to do is click the link, do a serious application about yourself and I will contact you to set up an appointment.

Why I created the application: As I have said in the past, FREE is not appreciated and is considered guaranteed. That being said, the last time I offered the same opportunity to the community (at Christmas), people were late to our session, they occasionally canceled it 30minutes before or they did not even appear. Obviously, people showed zero respect for the free time I invest in them. Now I am wiser and learned from my previous mistakes. I will get to choose the people I will work with. People that are serious, want to improve and do write more about themselves and their situation, will get to work with me. People that are serious, want to improve and do write more about themselves and their situation, will get to work with me. On the other hand, if your application is full of "asd", and other nonsense I will ignore it.I did the exact same thing 2 months ago and I had over 100applications. Unfortunately, I couldn't accept them all, and even the ones I did accept, there were people that did not show up. It's sad but I it happenedLast but not least, for obvious reasons, you should not reapply if we've worked together in the past and should let another person have the chance.

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Once I approve the ones that are truly in need to improve their gameplay I will contact them on the discord to schedule the session date. We are going to have a 15 video call before the session to get to know each other, talk about your struggles, and the specific parts of the game you would like us to focus on.


I will let the application for a week. I believe it is more than enough time to fill up a good application. I am looking forward to helping as many players as I can.PS: I will be accepting applications for a week and sessions can be done until a week after (max 20 of the month).

Looking forward to it.


EDIT: I am looking for one (or more) video editors that will help me create some videos and form them. In exchange, I will coach them for free for as long as they choose to help me. Feel free to send me a DM in Reddit if you are interested


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