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Hoodwink is a very potent support

Content of the article: "Hoodwink is a very potent support"

So it's been a while since she has released, and I think we can now take a look at where this hero belongs. To me Hoodwink is a support, preferably laning on the hardlane, but also a completely justifiable pos 5 pick given the right draft. Her net is incredibly reliable in lane and can punish mispositioning very harshly. Mediocre trading power, decent range and a very small health pool. Can get away with more in terms of ballsy playing than many other supports with only a single level in Scurry. Very good at leveraging the fog to her advantage too.

She doesn't offer the raw damage something like CM or WD does, but offsets this by being more versatile; her stun is very reliable in lane and her decent armor and high movement speed make her less likely to fall prone to getting snuck up on. Very strong at rotating to other lanes when the need arises. A very versatile support with a cocky playstyle and attitude.

What I like most about Hoodwink is that she curves beautifully into the late game as a support. With only Rod she can reliably create opportunities in or for ganks (without it she's very unreliable due to the low projectile speed on net) and her ultimate is absolutely perfect in her kit. You engage, fall back to wind up your ultimate and then go back in for another net. In this sense she is unique; instead of bursting down a single target and dying you can act as an answer to the opponent's response. Net can damage control some very nasty situations after re-entering the fight.

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My current build consists of starting with a circlet, 3 tangoes (1 shared), a health pot, 2 clarities and 2 branches. First item being Magic wand, into Arcane boots into Rod of Atos. After Rod anything is kind of luxery, but Mealstrom offers so much damage with Acorn I will immediately attempt to go for Gleipnir unless we're really falling behind. Due to a lack of peel but very strong rotating potential I usually want to lane with a core who can hold their own, best case be able to utilize the reliable net stun. When the opponent drafts Undying I'll usually avoid picking Hoodwink as he's particularly gnarly to deal with.

Very strong lanes: Centaur + Hoodwink pos 4, Bristleback + Hoodwink pos 4. Phoenix is a nice offlaner to meet too as they are very good at reacting to you punishing faulty positioning by the opponent support. Anything that can leverage a stun as setup to translate it into a lot of damage will be very happy with a Hoodwink support.

Overall really fun hero with a unique play style.


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