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How am I only good at a few specific heroes and trash at everyone else???

I have a 77% winrate on Gyrocopter, 35 games. 71% winrate on Lifestealer, 42 games. 67% winrate on Zeus, 85 games.

And basically these are the only heroes I can go into a game feeling very confident that I can carry the game.

Everyone else feels like a toss up whether I get good teammates or not.

Don't get me wrong, I know I can carry games with my best 3 heroes. They're the only reason I reached the mmr I am at, and I know I still have several hundred more mmr to go if I continue spamming them.

The problem is, I'm lagging behind on basically every other hero.

The worst thing is I feel like generally I perform decently every game, it's just that some games I encounter difficult situations and I have nothing in my hero's kit to address the situation correctly.

If you scroll down my dotabuff you can see a very recent period of games where I'm spamming Jugg and Lifestealer and I went 21W-4L. And it's not a lucky streak either, I legitimately carried most of these games by farming actively and therefore putting pressure on the map and being present for teamfights.

Finally I needed to get role queue tokens so I had to play offlane and supports. And I proceeded to win 2 games and lose 3 out of 5 games. Like how?? How is it possible that I dominate like a smurf on my best carry heroes, but I can't do the same on other roles and heroes?? Like it triggers me so much when I see my own carries play so terribly, they farm passive parts of the map and then say they're "too far" when teamfights happen. Or they itemise so terribly that they die to a single silence. I just don't know what to do. I feel so helpless.

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I just hope maybe someone can give me advice on my 3 losses?? Even though I feel like my teammates were terrible sometimes, I want to focus on my hero and so I will give my thoughts on my own play. (I'm Centaur Warrunner, the problem with this game is I feel like we had no vision earlygame and the enemy team were fucking retards just 3 of them hiding behind their Drow when I'm trying to pressure their safelane, if I knew then maybe I could've punished it by just staying under my own tower and wasting their time, but since I didn't know, I kept stepping up to the lane, and then a single Drow ice arrow and I'm slowed and then they would follow up with hooks and stuns and I'm dead. Perhaps I'm playing too aggressively but I have this idea that you have to play balls to the wall as an offlaner, idc if I die because usually if I die as an offlaner it means the enemy had to put in a lot of effort into killing me so theoretically my team should be able to clean up the fight. And tbh I generally hate laning against Drow as a melee offlaner, because I have to time correctly when to walk up to the creep otherwise I just eat 2 arrows for free. Idk. )

Read more:  Welcome to TrueDota2: Rules & Info — Read first before posting! (I'm Silencer. Honestly our draft seems so much better, and I thought I did fine throughout the early to midgame, maybe I missed a few chances to global because I wasn't paying attention, otherwise I don't see any mistakes from me. To be very frank I feel like the only issue this game was Ursa not getting a BKB, as well as Puck buying orchid 1st and therefore becoming very vulnerable to enemy silences/lockdown not to mention the silence just stacks with all my spells. On my own end, I feel like it's so hard to play against bristleback as a support because he just frontlines for his team and I can't help kill the backlines otherwise I eat ten quills, so I always find myself hitting bristleback even if my cores are jumping the backlines. So I feel kinda useless in teamfights because I'm just right clicking their tank? Also in the laning phase I tped to bot to counter a dive, and then my Willow tped bot as well after she respawned, leaving Ursa by himself which may have affected his farm?)

Overall it's just so fucking demotivating to lose even if I had a positive impact on the game, and the problem is it keeps happening, I have a meagre 50% winrate with Silencer and sub-50% winrate on most other 0-outplay-potential supports. I just don't know how to get better as a support when your kit is so limited and it feels like there's 0 room for improvement.

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