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How can one get into Meepo, especially in the current patch?


All you Meepo players out there, how did you get into playing this hero?

I've been doing some unranked after doing quite a bit of bot practice, obviously there's a LOT of room to keep improving but I feel like you have to eventually face a real game, right?

These are the current questions I'm trying to deal with:

1) Hotkeys? Yeah.. this is something that must be asked a bazallion times but I'm honestly not sure sometimes xD

What keys specifically do you guys use to farm? Are you binding them in pairs?

I hear about people saying you should bind ALL the clones individually and others that tell you that's unnecessary and you just need 3 groups.

I'm currently settling with a bit of both, still trying to really get myself to stay calm in team fights BUT I guess that comes with practice..

2) Gameplan in current patch?

Seems like the hero really ain't in the best place, what are most of you guys doing in terms of a gameplan?

I try my best to just keep poofing the mid wave out and going into the jungle to stack + farm, seems like I do "ok'ish" in lane but it goes downhill pretty quick after that.

In the games I've played so far, I always seem to be getting an eblade around 16-17 minutes which I believe is quite late as well (I remember 11-12 was the more norm according to most people).

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It then seems like my team along with my farm just falls behind completely and we start losing every fight. What do? (I can send some replays via DM if anyone wishes).

3) Is it worth making a new account until I eventually get better at him?

Unfortunately in the games lost, most people IMMEDIATELY comment on the fact that you threw the game and I wouldn't be surprised about the number of reports I'm racking up.. even though this is all in UNranked.

I don't like the idea of a new account for the simple reason that I'll probably "stomp" completely new players, which defeats the point.

I'm curious to hear what other Meepo players ended up doing on this point in particular.

4) Are there any specific players that could be recommended for replay's?

This is something I don't do too often as I'd rather actually play a game than watch someone else LOL but I'm sure it would help to see a couple.

5) Any special custom modes for more practice?

People are saying that Overthrow would be good but wouldn't this make less sense since you'd be against so many people that can just pop you?

Thanks for any suggestions. 😀


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