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How do we genuinely deal with people like this? (rant)

Content of the article: "How do we genuinely deal with people like this? (rant)"

I just want to get this out of my chest and wanted someone to know. Im really sorry mods if this isnt allowed.

Ive had a long ass week, with getting quarantined after coming back to my home country and working + starting new semester in online courses and helping my family move to a new home. My grandma also had an extensive back surgery and is in bad shape. Dota is one of the things that actually makes me feel better during stressful situations.

But lately I was on a bad losing streak but I still try my best. Anyways today after coming home after a long ass day, I think ok maybe one game of some nice dotes. I queue for all roles and get pos 4. Ok cool.

Then we get a hard support pick SF and queue for mid. He only said “me mid”. (Admittedly his account look like it hadnt been used in a while as he had no rank so maybe he didnt know about role ranked?) The rest of the team obviously rages about this. But i told them its fine and to chill. I picked myself a Bane and told the team I would go hard support instead and do all the supporting single handedly. The rest of my team consisted of Huskar (offlane), morph(originally mid), pa(safe), sf(now mid). We all agreed the game is still very winnable and i told ill do all the heavy supporting duties.

Well the game starts and guess what? Our offlane huskar starts throwing a tantrum. Saying sf hard support gg bla bla. He immediately starts walking towards enemy mid tower. Normally I would be pissed about this but lately with my losing streaks Ive just been so defeated. I was really out of options and just pleaded him on mic. I begged him not to do it and tried to convince him we can still win. I really tried man. I tried with anger. I tried with reason. I even tried just appealing to his sense of humanity.

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But guess what? Fuck all those. He still goes and feeds the enemy ember. 4-5 times in a matter of 3 minutes. Whats sad is our PA and morph were quite good and we were winning our lanes. Even after 5 minutes he was still mindlessly feeding but I still begged him to no end. I still told him “ok thats enough bro please. You got it out of ur system now we can still win. Our pa and morph is good and ill support”. But he didnt care. The SF wasnt even bad as well. The SF managed to kill a really fed ember and go 2/0/0. But this Huskar clearly doesnt care. Upon seeing how well other lanes were doing he started going there to feed himself too. I asked him can you atleast tell me why. He told me something along the lines of this sf deserves to die, he must be punished etc. I tried to reason that by doing this he is hurting 3 other innocent people, and most importantly he is hurting himself needlessly.

You can imagine how rest of the game went. More feeding, sometimes playing normally (but it was tooo late) and buying and hoarding all the wards. The stupid fucker actually started playing normally for about 2 minutes into mid game and then gave up again. Like what? Youre not even man enough to commit to what you started?

I explained to him what he was doing is really shitty and my situation and all he told me was “lol bro ur too emotional lolz” and to “fuck your soon to be dead grandma”. From the beginning the only reason he fed was so that (in his mind) he can force the enemy team to finish real fast like in 15-20 minutes, thus saving time. Whats sad is the game still lasted around 37 minutes which is the average time in dota matches… Like man, if you actually tried maybe this 37 minutes couldve been much better? Especially considering how our other 2 cores were doing.

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But whats EVEN sadder is the fact that the entire enemy team was having a field day about it. All of our teammates pleaded to them, “look you got your free mmr, but please try to report this dumbfuck so that he doesnt ruin other peoples experience”. But instead near the end of the game all of them bar one were typing “ty huskar”, “ty for feed bro”, “commended” etc. I doubt even with all our teammates reports we could still achieve anything. I see behaviour like this more often than before and ive NEVER NEVER had that message where valve says we took an action against someone you reported. I think thats the saddest part. The fact that the enemy team encouraged that behavior and this mentally unstable suicide bomber goes off scott free into another game.

Idk why im even writing this. Im just really hurt and wanted to get this out of my chest. I know with the right conditions dota is a masterpiece but solo matchmaking just feels like this. I just dont get it. Can someone explain to me what is going through someones head when they do shit like this? Why man, why did this happen? I just dont get it.

If you want to see how the game went the match id is: 5607542992

The feeder is huskar 4/27/11.


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