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How does overwatch work for games like this…

Today I played a game with an Oracle 5 player who griefed me the entire game, so I reported him to overwatch. Problem is, you cant even understand what he's doing if you dont have chat context.

Game ID 5893046485

The dude is flaming me for buying boots on weaver. Seriously. Refuses to use any defensive spells on me or anyone else the entire game because he keeps calling me a retard and etc because I dont have a falcon blade. Literally just flames me and griefs me all game because i dont. have. a falcon blade. What is wrong with these people? How do they come up with this absolutely brainless ways to flame and grief people?

He also refuses to buy support items, sentries, dusts, smokes, etc. Ends the game with about 6000 gold in his inventory. Pretty sure both him and my 0-11 Dark Willow are account buyers as both theyre profiles are low level with less than 500 games played.

His flaming me also gets the rest of the team to witch hunt and start flaming me as well. They all start blaming me, pinging my items, etc, because Im trying to farm a BKB and not going to "fights" which are actually just the rest of my team with my 2 account buying supports running in and dying one by one. We also remember dont have vision against Puck/Void spirit so I cant even attempt to take objectives because my Oracle is griefing. Like just these unbelievably dumb things that are obviously throwing and making the game impossible but to a context-less overwatch reviewer he just looks like hes really bad.

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This games make me not want to even play dota, because if he was atleast blantantly walking down mid and intentionally feeding, at least I know he'd easily get convicted by overwatch, the game would end quickjly and I could get on with my life. But when you just get these 45 min games of someone greifing and flaming you (for some reason even muting doesnt stop your team from spam pinging your items, abilities, death timer, etc, or enemy spamming voice lines) where youre the only one on your team trying to actually win, it really makes me hate the game.


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