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How I got 1000 MMR in about a month (divine to 6.2k)

I never played as much dota as I wanted to for a lot of reasons:

  1. SA servers are not great. (This is coming from someone that played russia, SEA and NA in the past)
  2. Busy making videos
  3. I was a tilted player and very often would just stop playing after a loss streak

Recently though I started streaming with my 7.5k coach and I gained a LOT of mmr real quickly and I wanted to share it with you guys the things I learned.

  1. Playing meta heroes to get mmr is overated. I mostly played Enigma to get where I am. One of the most overlooked heroes in high mmr and also one of the most tilting heroes. What I learned though is that if you want to play heroes that are not popular you have to be expecting that your allies don't know how to play around you and that they also will probably flame you. This gets us into the next thing I learned:
  2. MUTE PEOPLE. There might be players here that are completely ok with toxicity or overall bad vibes in your games but I'm sure at least 80% of people get affected by that sort of stuff. I noticed that because I played a bunch of Enigma and specially in the first games I wasn't totally sharp the flame would come constantly. From missing black holes to not using them to not buying the items that my team wanted. It's ok to hear criticism but you absolutely have to be confident enough in yourself about your decisions and items. Enigma is not a hero people know how to play and if you're playing heroes like him don't let people discourage your expertise.
  3. Find the balance between giving useless calls and input vs being too quiet. I was definitely an over controlling player in the past. Used to watching a lot of high lvl dota I expected my team to do the "right thing" and I would be very vocal about that which only made me sad because very often people want to do what they want and they would also report me afterwards. That said you can't just never say anything. Some calls are VERY important though and if you know them but get afraid about being adamant to your team you will lose mmr. Examples: Forcing buybacks after winning a big fight even if you don't have any ults and are kinda low in HP. Roshing after enemy team uses warlock golem+chrono for a fight and your team roshes relatively fast. Taking a tower after winning a fight multiple enemies died (even if you know you can't take that t2 after a fight just the act of forcing the glyph now gives you a chance to take it afterwards)
  4. If you're a support after the 10 min mark ask yourself this: Where is my core that is the most aggresive position wise towards the enemy? Chances are: You should be behind that guy. The amount of supports that just jungle or miss the fact that they can actually take fights without a smoke because their aggresive core will bait reactions and if well positioned they have a good chance to get much more out of the game than the medium camp the support was farming whilst their mid/offlaner died. This goes for warding as well. Supports are often times like: "sorry was warding" but they are warding some place they think its more important than where they cores are. Here's the thing: If you ward where your most aggresive core is not only you're positioned to play with him so if enemy shows up there your core can cover your ass and even if you die the ward you placed now allows your core to play where he is BETTER. Stop thinking about what you think its right (unless that's VERY important) and just tag along your bois. By doing that you minimize the "sorry was warding deaths" and your core dying somewhere because "sorry was warding".
  5. Learn the importance of blocking or not blocking camps. Are you a strong 4 vs a weak 5? (Clock vs Lich). Make sure to block her small camp. Weak supports can only pull because if they commit to fights they die. Now let's say you're a clock 5 vs a CM4. You can easily block the enemy large camp to prevent their pulls. Overall though watch replays and see how better players than you prioritize blocking camps because when you get the feel of which lane is stronger you will be able to milk your advantage much better. Blocked camp = no possibility of messing with creep equilibrium other than dragging creepwave but if you're stronger than the enemy it means you can also contest that.
  6. Stop jungling and stop blaming your cores for being out of position. I am/was very guilty of that. If 4 of your allies are posturing around a t2 and you're not there and they get team wipped it is your fault. There's like 5% of times (let's say you're AM with bf yasha) where its ok to not group with your team but then make sure you're pushing a wave aggresively away from that fight but overall even if you don't have your bkb or whatever item LEARN TO BE CLOSE TO A FIGHT FARMING (you will farm less, but it doesn't matter. Use your omnislash, chrono, eclipse and now you have an excuse to actually afk farm for a bit). Not only that learn how to be AVAIABLE but not commit. What if the enemy team has a pepega just like you that loves farming? If you're there and enemy is bad (which happens in immortal frequently so happens in your pubs 90% of the time) it means that by actually grouping and being SMART about it you can let your team die if they actually took a bad fight but also outplay the enemy in case they are only 3 or 4.
  7. This leads us to this very important tip. Dota is a game of possibilities and I can't stress this enough. If you group with your team even when you're not ready you give yourself the chance that you take a good fight when people are showing somewhere during your smoke but you also get the chance to farm very far away from the fight with a tp if it goes wrong because chances are that your smoke will lure tps close to where you fought. If you don't go you don't give yourself the chance of taking a good fight. This also goes for people that randomly decide to tp once they think a fight is over or a push is over. If you lose 2-3 heroes after your tp its YOUR FAULT. Disengage with your team make sure everyone is alright and then tp out. Blink dagger usage or force staff usage suffers from this same problem. A lot of players just use blink all the time to get to a camp faster, to get to a bounty faster but in case a fight happens or someone proves to be close to where you are going then you're screwed because you just wasted your item. If you're leaving your fountain sure blink away but if you're defending a t2 as a shaker and you blink from fountain there's a small but real chance that you need to echo and your blink is still 4s on cooldown because YOU eliminated the possibility of being useful. This concept is super important in this game and it can translate to a thousand different scenarios
  8. Limit your hero pool (if you want to get mmr). In the past I would play 3,4,2,1 whilst also trying every little dumb idea that I saw in a liquid game or that I thought of while high or some shit. If you don't limit your possibilities a little bit you will fail to see MMR reward and that's totally fine if you're new to the game or you just don't care about MMR but I think that was a main issue for me. I watched so much dota and made so many videos yet I couldn't improve (at least MMR wise) so I would blame me or team mates and that didn't help at all. So far I'm learning a hero every 2 weeks and its been awesome to actually find all the little things and nuance in them. This obviously isn't as applicable if you play 1 or 2 since your pick has more weight in how the game is going to be played but as long as you know the best meta heroes you should be fine.
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There's much more to talk about honestly but I don't have the time to write more. Will probably update this once I get to 7k (If I can) but considering my winrate I think its possible will be though because once the patch drops I will probably keep making videos. Once again I really urge you guys to check my coach because I'm very grateful of all the tips he gave me and he is an AWESOME super kind person with a lot of knowledge to pass. I think his main difference in comparison to other 7k+ coaches is how much he knows and talks about mindset (dealing with people and yourself). Also if you want to watch my pepega very late road to 7k you can find me on youtube(streaming there too) (dota2bowie) or twitch


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