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How I lost my chance to compete in the dpc while literally Sleeping

About me: First of all my name is Tim Meese-Marktscheffel aka "TheBloodySky". I am or i rather was the Offlaner for the NA dpc Team "A-Team" up until like 20 hours. I played every game for the Team since its existence, even the Qualifier games not missing a single game at any point.

I am making this Post because i have the honest feeling that me and 2 of my Teammates got robbed out of our chance to compete in the league. Prior to the Event that i am about to describe, we played a Bo3 in the Octaexon league and we lost 2-1 to "Typical NA". This was very demoralising loss for all members of the Team. Shortly after, 3 players got kicked out of the team, This is Steel-.-borcos point of view: – keep in mind that it's a biased one (as he said himself) since he speaks on behalf of his friend who got us to this point in the first place.

My teammates (AlienManaBanana and B1ka) and me got kicked from the roster 2 hours before the deadline of dropping players was over. The Majority of the Team had no saying in this and this was only possible because "Szabo" is the manager on the majors website. This happened literally while 2 out of us 3 were asleep, so we had no opportunity to react in time. Ive put a lot of time and effort in the Team just to wake up to the message "change of plans… im leaving the Team". Followed up by the discord message "the Team is mine and we are gonna play with Players from WaR".

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We were a team out of 5 Players with no Sponsor and i would have assumed that we all have the same part of ownership of the team, which would lead to the fact that a majority of the players would have to agree on such drastic changes. But because "Szabo" is the only one who can change the roster on the majors website, he is able to kick everyone whenever he feels like it. He is going to use the Slot now to play with Players from the closed Qualifier team WaR. Basically one person abused his power in order to get a benefit for himself. Apparently this is allowed by the current ruleset. This is really a devastating blow for any person whose dream it is to play and compete in professional Dota2. I dont see how i or any other Player could protect himself from such an situation happening to them unless if you yourself are the one person who is in full charge on the website but that would leave the other 4 being exposed to the Wraith and feelings of one Person. This is kind of a similiar situation that happened with team Spirits/Incubus where one person had the ability to stop an entire Team from competing by abusing his powers.

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I think that this should not be allowed in any case and even if my post does not end up with me being able to play, I atleast want to bring attention to this topic so that valve hopefully changes them for next coming seasons.

Thanks for listening and thanks to all the people who have and still are supporting me in dealing with this horrible Situation<3.


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