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How I play BB

I play BB as offlane. I usually try to ban in hopes it decreases the chances he'll be banned and I'll first pick him a lot since it isn't unusual to double pick him.

I start with tango, gauntlet, QB and 3x Mango. I use to buy heal ring + SR then I realize it's incredibly stupid. Basically level 1 and 2 you want to try to get the creeps pushing into your tower (block behind second creep, aggro onto range, hit your own creeps when they're below 50% etc). Try to hit the enemy carry a few times so he doesn't get too comfortable in lane. I usually don't hit until he aggros or is trying to get a last hit (and its too soon to deny). If you're getting creeps closer to your tower your creeps die first and he'll harass you at level 2 so don't be to aggressive and only W if he didn't run away and you have a 4 stack. Usually I try to save W until level 3

Your goal is to be aggressive at level 3 and go to kills at level 4. If you can't kill at level 4 don't play BB. Practice against very hard bots. You should have bracer + boots by 4 and you may need last hit trainer if you can't do it everytime. Lion is annoying tho and he might stun you every time you try to last hit. If you are harassing with W and have a 4 stack on enemy you might want to dive but you should try to get the wave to half health ish before you get 2+ stacks on enemy because you need your creeps under tower to be able to dive him. Precut trees if you're top. You might want to do the same bot but I generally don't.

Grab boots before bracer if you're dealing with jugg, MK or some hero who can burst you in 10seconds. I feel most comfortable when MK is half health cause generally he can't kill without risk dying. Try asking your support to stay in lane until you take tower but 70% of my games they say yes (or nothing at all) and leave anyway. It's dota, you should except everyone to be a NPC

If I'm harassing and kill his wave fast I like running past tower (harassing without right clicking) and cutting wave to pull to my big camp (or small if support is actually pulling and shit). If I get a kill it's very typical for me to buy another 2+ mango. Sometimes I buy clarities but I only pop them after laning phase, when both are dead or if I cut wave and pulled to big camp. Most of the time I'm harassing/denying that I can't use the full amount so I prefer mangos (and mangos have a passive heal).


Usually with a decent support and a terrible enemy carry/support I can take tower between 8-12min. If it happens before 10min siege tank gets mid I go help push. Otherwise I send support away and farm lane + small + big camp. I usually only enter their jungle when 1) enemies are still in their lanes and not rotating 2) when I finish hood or vanguard. If we lose t1s I'll usually not enter even if I have those items because chances are 2 or more are jungling and I'll lose a lot of health or die if I enter. So I stay back to small+big camp and lane. If we have all T1s I basically steal his farm and snot behind enemy if he's solo in lane and wreck him

ITEMS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. If enemies are all physical I'll go solar but sometimes I'll grab a plain old void stone, if two magic but not annoying enough for pipe I'll make shroud. If stunners or hero with lockdown (atos, eul, etc) i'll go lotus. I go lotus fairly often cause people love nuking me when I run uphill or hit towers. For tinker I chose lotus over pipe bc he makes sheep. It's good agaisnt arc for dispelling his slow and reflecting his sheep later on in the game. Most of the time I go shroud, sange/halberd, AC then heart or last two switched if I need to get tanky first. If I skip sange I'll do heart than AC. The only items I never buy together is shroud/solar/pipe/lotus. I generally get one of these rarely I'll grab two

Annoying AF heroes: Lion/nyx/AM for draining mana in laning phase. If lion stuns me + drain mana and my ally as a stun I can usually pop 1-2 mangos and kill him after baiting out the stun. For AM and void I'll buy vanguard and focus on denying and last hitting + taking tower. If they put timbersaw in your lane to fuck with you (happened to me exactly once) just leave cause that pure damage will wreck you and W activates his shield. Or just ignore harassing him and try to dodge his shit.

OD/Timber/Silencer are annoying I generally try not to fight them. Lotus is good for OD, halberd for silencer. Drow also extremely annoying and I'll try to not fight her and cut wave if I can. I'd rotate to push. LC can be annoying but generally getting platemail is good enough to deal with him. If there's a (non support) sniper I know I'll be running at him with my face so I'll buy a BM eventually. Sometimes I buy one for drow but generally she'll still gust and pike me away so usually I ignore her.

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If AA ults me I treat it like accidentally popping my BKB. Meaning I'll get the F back and tell my team it hit me and I'm backing

Most of the game I try to bait enemies to chase me into river or away from T2. I try not to take fights in their jungle unless we had a pick off or baited out an ult or whatever. Usually fighting where they have vision is a bad idea. Sometimes they have 3 in the jungle at all times which means I can't push off or mid. Usually I have a carry in our jungle/safe. I'll occasionally just suck it up and jungle our safelane T1 big+small camp and keep lane pushed until someone TPs then I'll run mid and try to start a fight

MY BIGGEST MISTAKES are always TPing away ESPECIALLY when enemy is pushing (as 1 or 2). If a lane needs to be pushed out and your team is grouped (3 or 4+) DON'T LEAVE. If you leave team can't fight and you KNOW your allies won't leave immediately they'll farm while backing and get caught. Let your support push it out or let enemies take T1 while you take T2. I had so many loses because I TPed offlane and went to jungle or TPed safelane then went to jungle. Unless you're trying to keep lane pressured to bait a TP you should never be in your own jungle. Living in theirs is better (even if it's their safe lane small+big camp) or running to your teammates is better (cause someone likes to take fight at river or mid or whereever). If you happen to TP there just push a wave and walk your ass back to your team or their jungle. I might take a fight in their jungle if we're winning but usually I don't if we're losing and I'd run away when they show up and tell my team to push or take a fight when I have 2+ chasing me

Usually after 25m we're winning, as 4 and I'd be happy to fight in their jungle (we're together and uphill first which makes them having vision less bad). If enemies are very passive I might try to take rosh instead of push T2. But fighting in jungle is different from fighting under T2. Also fighting in triangle is the WORSE. Almost as bad as going uphill at T3s and I use to think fighting mid T2 was brutal.

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Special case: If there's a weaver/lifestealer/AM I will NOT make halberd. Instead I'll make abysal. The bash/abysal is insane esp when 2 of them will always have BKB. Aghs also very strong but I haven't figured out the best and worse time to pick it up. I like aghs when I don't need halberd or abysal (ie against a jugg or pl). Last game I build (in this specific order) bracer, phase, heal ring (usually vanguard but SF+dazzle=-armor so I knew I'd be getting platemail), second bracer, aghs, platemail + dragon scale neutral item. I almost died many times but had just enough HP to get out. Another game I went phase, blight stone, vanguard, heart (maybe this was overkill), BM (mid sniper), blight->solar crest, aghs, ac. Usually I can't afford that much but that match it was me VS bots. I tanked more than enemy team put together and my allies werent very good either. But I might have been able to end it sooner if sniper played more poorly (or if I wasn't so paranoid of him) and skipped the heart (i'd replace with bracer or sange)

Shroud is crazy strong and the 20% spell steal is great for fights that last more than 20seconds but many fights don't and shroud isn't always necessary.

Random protip. If you accidentally pop clarity in lane act like it's already dispelled and keep harassing/denying creeps. You may figure out if enemy is the type to hit you once popped or ignore it. If they hit keep that in mind and pop one after you're backing away from a tower dive. Sometimes they come out to hit you and you get a chance to kill


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