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How Pos1 can abandon the lane by themselves?

Content of the article: "How Pos1 can abandon the lane by themselves?"

There is a common type of greedy pos1 who think pos5 should sacrifice himself to let him "safe farm". They just laning and have no desire to win the lane or at least make a drew lan.

This is pretty common mentality and usually result a lost lane.

Here are some obvious indicators and the reasons behind it:


The most obvious indicator is they don't level up even one level of his own stun ability.

Even the enemy can diving hard, they still choose to level up yet another passive. They force a drew lane to a lost lane.

When his pos5 is strong and good, but his pos5 require a bit of stun to last hit the enemy, he chooses let the enemy go. They force a win lane to a drew lane.

This includes:

  • Luna don't learn the beam (To abandon the lane for "maximum farming efficiency")
  • WK don't learn the blast (To get that merely a dozen of hp from each attack)
  • Pos1 alch don't learn unstable bomb (To increase that a little damage on acid spray and die)
  • AM don't learn ult at level 6 (To get one more level of mana burn to ranged creep quicker?)
  • BB don't learn the Goo (To get more damage but let enemies free to go)
  • PL don't learn spirit lance (To get more temporary stats from his rush)
  • Naga don't learn the net (Even though enemy can diving him like slaughtering)

In theory, they don't need to learn that stun/slow to get maximum efficiency of farming or something.

In reality, there are lanes ups very hard to survive, they have to do something by themselves. (I'm not saying all the situations). Leveling up anther level passive is merely had little use. If you play OMG, you will know all passive build is very bad, it is super weak on lane.

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Leveling up too much passive or farming abilities is more or less choosing to be a bag being punched. They choose to only have one option which is being beaten.


Another obvious indicator is harder to notice and require some creep control knowledge.

It is when the enemy is very close to him when last hitting between creeps. They choose not to use the spear time to right click the enemy. Even though friendly creeps is much more than enemy creeps, they still just stay there and want to "FOCUS on last hitting".

If the pos1 is a range hero, and he doesn't attack enemies then he chooses to lose the lane by himself. It is impossible for pos5 to deliver enough damage to solo kill. Even a "weak" pos1 sniper or drawranger can do something by attacking the enemy.

You will not die or lose anything by just click the enemy whenever you can.

Third obvious indicator is abandoning the pulling pos5. The pulling camp is actually very close to the tower. When enemy pos3 and 4 decide to stop him from pulling, and make an attack, pos1 can just show up a bit to top them.

Even the pos5 just a few steps away from him, he can just walk back a few steps to avoid the death of his pos5 which only cost a few secs. They choose no, let the pos5 to die.

Abandoning pulling pos5 means there will be no more pulling, since pos5 will die with almost same procedure. The creep meeting location will be forever bad. Pos5's death and the abomination makes Pos5 weak since enemy pos4 can get more regen or items.

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Yet another obvious indicator is when enemy is low in HP, pos1 just make no zero move as if he cannot see anything. They can choose to get closer a bit, and when pos5 stuns the low hp enemy, he can just get a free kill. Enemy will not feed you, you have to walk closer by yourself to get that kill.

Closing thoughts

Abandoning the lane by pos1 himself is very common on pubs games. They just think "ok, safe lane lost is common, let me farm juggle" to comfort themselves.

Abandoning the lane by pos1 himself is still a thing on high MMR. Some pos1 is totally suck (choose to be a punch bag by themselves) during laning phase, but they are good at something else, so they get a decent MMR.

I know this post will hurt deeply those greedy pos1 players, welcome to down vote 😀


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