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How to build a Carry Slardar? Do you still buy blink dagger for him?

Recently I've played a lot of Slardar, and I've noticed that after all the recent changes he has been working better as a general carry than on his traditional initiator role.

When I rush for the blink dagger and other tank items, I've noticed that I just lack the impact that traditional initiators do. Don't get me wrong, Slardar is pretty tanky, and has decent armor and really good str gain, but have said that, he is not a centaur, magnus or tidehunter in the sense that he can just dish out a lot of spells in a split of a second after the blink, so you're ok when you have to eat their disables, most likely die and create that space so your cores can finish the job. No, what end happening is that I've to use Slithereen Crush in one or two enemy hero, since the radius is pretty small, put corrosive haze at enemy core and then…. die because of the enemy spells, barely able to proc a single bash. It's minimal impact.

So I opted to build him as a carry, skipping blink dagger all together, and focusing on damage and tankiness, what have given me better results in general. My build generally starts with orb of venom to orb of corrosion or just quelling blade and wind lace. combined with a sustain item like a stick, so I can be more scary at lane. Than I quickly buy a Hyperstone in place of blink dagger or Mordiggan, which just by itself is enough to make the damage output of my bashes scary (but I'm considering echo sabre) allwoing me to fight more efficientely, to bkb, so I can go to team fights and have that precious seconds where I can bash without worrying about the enemy team. After that point, I build in accord to the situation, if I feel I need tankiness, I upgrade hyperstone to assault curiass, what generally ends up happening. After that I buy another hyperstone to build a Mjollnir if I want to farm fast or moonshard, or if stomping, I use the first hyperstone to build the formers instead. If things are tough and I'm low on cash, I make a drums so I can at least do something at team fights and escape with the increased movement speed.

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The problem of course is that he suffers from Chaos Knight disease where he is a good carry after it have farmed a lot, but isn't easy to reach that point since siltheren crush eats a lot of your mana. So he is more like a partner to your main carry, I would say. He combos really well with PA, Wraith King and Alchemist, because his ultimate makes their criticals and armor debufs one shot enemy heroes, and he appreaciates the extra lifesteal and lifesteal auras, while he himself brings disables to the table.

Do you do the same guys or have other opinions?


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