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How to climb MMR from 0 to 1,5k. Tips from a person who is deep in the trench.

Hello everybody!

I've been playing the game now for a almost a year and would like to share my honest opinions about climbing in MMR in the trench soloquieing. First of all, I'm bad and I do know it and these tips are just to help people in the same MMR.

I started playing in 2018 after OG won, inspired by the two fellow Finns winning the TI and hadn't previously played a MOBA ever before. I rushed through the 100 unranked games before jumping straight into the ranked games. Got calibred to 150 MMR and dip to 10 MMR at the worst. I was extremely frustrated because I just didn't understand why I was losing and didn't know the abilities or the counters or anything. That lead to me taking a over a year break and coming back to the game mid 2020.

My first tip would really be to try to find the preferred role you want to play and just spam the hero you like. This makes you more familiar with the heroes abilites, strenghts and weaknesses. I do this still and have found it to be very rewarding to understand better how the heroes work. So no, do not just randomly play every hero or counter to some hero if you haven't played it before in ranked.

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Second tip would be to understand how the different roles work and what should you do at that position. Every position has importance and you definitely can make an impact. For example being pos 5, Hard support, you have immense responsibility to try to help your best the pos 1, Carry. I see more often than not pos 5 players buying salves and tangoes but never sharing them or using salves to their low hp carries while they keep it to theirselves because they bought it. As a pos 5 try your best to help in the lane: if the lane is pushing -> pull. If the lane is pushing and enemies are hitting your carry, try to take the attention away from that and tank the hits and be annoying. Most important thing is that never sit behind the carry with full hp and mana. Use your spells and hp to help out, carries job is to to carry you in the late game, your job is to help that person get there.

Third tip for the people who seriously just want to climb MMR is to play mid. There only your skill has the effect on how the lane goes, of course counters matter etc. but you're in control. AND the most important thing seems to be that you have a hero who can push towers and do it alone. If you will pick a ganking hero which creates a space and falls of at a later point of the game you will most definitevely lose as everybody just wants to fight and build damage items, BKB seems to be extremely rare concept.

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Fourth tip would be the same. If you play any core position, try to learn a hero who can push towers effectively and how to do it survivably. That is the most important thing you can do in a game as very rarely somebody will do it.

Fifth tip: be prepared to lose a lot. I would say that there are at max 30% of the games you have some kind of an impact. 50% of the games your teammates will lose the game for you and you will not have any impact on the result. At this point try not to tilt and practice your combos or try a new build, just don't take it too harshly. As of now, it seems atleast 30% of the games have smurfs and they always play mid. Beware of any hard to execute heroes on mid with low amount of games. Many do play Puck now and SF, they just run around and you cannot do anything. Accept that and do the before mentioned.

I'll add more later if I remember but hopefully these steps can help you towards getting our of the trench. It is horrible and painful, I really do know it. Good luck and try to have fun!

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