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How to deal with Riki in this patch?

Content of the article: "How to deal with Riki in this patch?"

Given the popularity of Riki is a recent development in this patch, I don't think people have really decided on exactly how good he is, given a lot of his strengths are related to him being good against the current meta heroes. That being said, I really think he's the best position 1 in this patch, and possibly just the best hero. The recent buffs to his Aghanims (and his shard, but that's a more controversial point) were huge buffs to what I really think was an already good albeit underrated hero. I think the buffs got people to play him more and figure out how to correctly play him. While he is very little of a threat in lane, he is also extremely hard to bully or kill given his high base armor, hp regen, arsenal of escape abilities, and surprisingly high HP pool. As an offlane player it feels nearly impossible to actually slow him down or kill him without having both the 2 and 5 rotate. Otherwise, usually the best I can hope to do is take his tower and then rotate to take the mid tower as soon as possible given that defending towers early is one of his biggest weaknesses. Once he gets his BF and Aghs, his damage is off the charts and he feels extremely difficult to actually kill and he never really falls off from that point. On top of this, with the new build he's exceptionally good against the current zoo meta; not only that, but he's also naturally very good against many of the currently played counters to zoo i.e. Timbersaw, Bristle, Brew, Tide. So not only is he good against the current meta heroes, he is also good with the current meta heroes. I really don't know what to do when I see the enemy pick Riki in a game anymore other than just hoping he only sees that Riki is popular and doesn't actually know how to play the hero currently and just goes Diffusal and runs around instead of farming. Any tips? With the current state of the meta, I'm just considering not playing Dota anymore until the balance is stabilized because the current dominant strategies simply feel way too good and the last two sub-patches have only provided minor changes that have essentially changed nothing. Given the immense changes in 7.28, I don't know why valve/icefrog are practicing such austerity in following sub patches. It's really mind boggling to me given how obviously unbalanced things are currently. It's really disappointing too because 7.28 was one of if not the most fun updates that's been released since I started playing in 2012, until the dominant strategy was figured out. Surprise, it's just another zoo patch!

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