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How to figure out the better item choice?

Content of the article: "How to figure out the better item choice?"

I'm not sure if this even has a good answer but it's been on my mind quite often when playing and also now that I'm teaching a few noob friends. I'll illustrate by a few examples.

(This is from one of BSJ's recent youtube videos) Playing as a melee pos 1 against undying you want a magic stick because he spams his spells, a quelling blade because you're a melee pos 1, a good amount of regen for obvious reasons, and some stats (~4 according to BSJ) so you have a good amount of strength left despite undying's first skill. However, it's impossible to get all of these with your starting gold. In the specific video I saw BSJ suggested to not get the quelling blade as a starting item, because that's the least important. What I'm wondering is how you figure such a thing out. I hope I don't just have to rely on hearing it from a random immortal player to figure stuff like that out.

There's a lot of choices like these. Say we have drow against heavy magic damage. We obviously want a dragon lance because that will make it easier to keep our ult active; we obviously want a bkb against heavy magic damage, and we also want to do damage thus we want bfly, daedalus and/or mkb. I often feel like I don't know which should take priority. I might find myself against terrorblade and windranger among others, and I immediately know I probably want an mkb, but do I want to rush it first item after boots?

On a lot of melee agi carries according to ingame guides as well as what I see pros do, the 'standard' (when not countering anything in particular) starting items will be quelling blade, two iron branches, two sets of tangos and slippers of agility. However, you have enough money to go a circlet instead of slippers, and this will give you one agility less for 2 strength and 2 int, and I just cannot figure out why anyone would think 1 agi is more important than that (it seems to me you'd rather tank 40 more damage than deal 1 damage more per attack, early game; I'm assuming the extra AS and armor are negligible).

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All of these probably have an answer; what I'm trying to figure out is how to find the answer; is there some useful way of thinking about it, are there useful heuristics to go by, or is it just a matter of trial and error (or checking statistics on something like dotabuff)?


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