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how to get rid of 2k pool (help needed)

hi there.

i have a question for people above 2k MMR or anyone care to read this post.

i have been playing this moba from dota 1 since 2005 and dota 2 for quite a long time since 2014 (2 years interval) and i am keen to read and watch a lot of thing about it and I know that i have potential competence and performance about the game itself at least something around 3-4k. i am not claiming that i am uber super pro but i honestly think that i don't deserve to play with 1.8k mmr people.

to be able to increase my mmr for about 3 weeks i am doing the same thing and i am going mad.

i get safelane or offlane cores to be able to dominate the game because in most of the public games most of the players have no idea about the game. my friends say that you have to carry the game for youorself. because most of the players in my pool are basically just focus on killing or farming not focusing on winning the game or they just want to have fun with some stupid hero.

i made a pool for myself:

offlaner: chaos knight, mars, dawnbreaker, centaur warchief, slardar

for mid: lina, shadow fiend, monkey king, kunkka, clinkz, rarely meepo

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for safelaner: naix, ursa, traxes, monkey king or riki.

i usually dont play anything from these heroes and so far the best result i get is with chaos knight with over %65 win rate.

but at anytime there is a person who wants to go mid pudge or mid snapfire at 2k mmr 🙁 we start playing i get good kills and sometime later my teammates start feeding .safelane void goes like 1 to 9 and mid pudge goes with 0 to 7 and they we lost the game eventually.

i am really going mad about this cant see anyway around this shithole 2kpool.

i am climbing upto 1990 MMR and suddenly my mid techies giving feed like hell. (yes mid tech) then get successive 4 loss in a row. because i know that in the next game there will be something more interesting like someone with a lother to riki or a refresher to tinker.

i don't know how to get rid of this shite can someone pls help me?


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