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How to learn new heroes when you spammed a certain hero (or only very few heroes) to high mmr brackets (6.5k+)?

Content of the article: "How to learn new heroes when you spammed a certain hero (or only very few heroes) to high mmr brackets (6.5k+)?"

So far from my experience, I spammed void spirit, arc and invoker (almost only that three heroes) to get to 6700 mmr, when i tried to play different heroes I had awful outcomes and dropped to less than 6200 mmr in three days, so I asked myself that question: "How am I supposed to learn new heroes when my opponents/allies play their best heroes? I can clearly see when I play morphling, ember or ta im just being a weight to my team, and tell myself "damn why didnt I just pick void spirit, this was definetely an easy game for me & my teammates if I did, now I just make everything harder for me and my allies…" And every game after game I tell same thing to me, play arc win the game, then go play sf lost, play void spirit win the game, then go play leshrac and lose… This becomes a cycle when i want to try new heroes… I feel so confident that if I just keep playing my best heroes I'd hit over 7k mmr, but I feel that my mmr is temporary, and being able to play different heroes is what actually makes me feel better because most people despises people that can play very few heroes actually good yet got high ranks. (Before u ask why u care if someone else despises you for playing a hero actually good, because I would do despise myself for that too.)

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So what I want to know is if I one day hit 7k spamming a certain, or few heroes; if I ever want to learn a new hero, knowing I will be getting stomped if I try to in this bracket, what should I exactly do? Even in my trash 6k bracket I still have awful performances on almost all mid heroes except that three I listed above. So I want an answer to this even before I play in higher brackets.

Also, using an alt account to train in lower brackets doesnt seems like a bright idea, because game knowledge is what decides if you did good or not in lower brackets, for example you'd take a 7k mmr player who never played sf in his life before and he would still have a good performance in a 4k bracket as a sf, definetely better than any 4k mmr player that regularly plays sf. Because what wins him games would be his game knowledge/in-game decisions etc… not the hero knowledge.

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