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How To Play Keeper Of The Light FULL GUIDE For The Laning Stage – Anything You Need To Know For Kotl In The Laning Stage Part 1 – Ask Me Anything

Happy New Year! Welcome Back to another support guide for the laning stage!

This time I chose one of my favorite heroes:

If you are new to this type of post, welcome! My name is Jeff, and I do Dota 2 Guides ONLY for supports and ONLY for the laning stages.

On top of that, I try to explain the hero fundamentally and show examples of good, even, and bad laning, so you’ll learn from both good plays and mistakes!

I will make two separate videos about Kotl in the laning stage (~30min each)

Keeper of the Light is undoubtedly one of the most versatile heroes in the game. While we mostly get to see him in the support role (mid & offlane in the past), it’s definitely one of these heroes that can do so many times have a game-changing impact.

Of course, like any other hero, Kotl has both his strengths and weaknesses. But in my experience, Kotl can end being the ultimate griefing hero in the laning stage due to his ability to miss use his spells (illuminate).
That is the main reason why I created

, where I show how to lane the hero properly (and how not to play the hero properly



  1. 3 laning stages
  2. How to Win Lane
    How To Approach Laning Stage(depending on the matchup)
  3. When To Rotate
  4. How NOT To Grief Your Core With Illuminate
  5. Early Itemization
  6. Skill Build
  7. Tips & Tricks


  • INSANE High Movement Speed Hero
  • Has A Lot Of Damage
  • Can Push Waves
  • Can Defend Towers
  • Can Splitpush (especially dead lane!)
  • Synergises GREAT with Most Midlaners & Offlaners(Puck, Void Spirit, Ember Spirit, Pango, Mars, Underlord, QoP, Sand King, etc.)
  • Great At Stacking
  • Great At Defending Highground
  • Hard To Catch
    Hard To Play Against (Blind, Solar bind, force staff and glimmer carrier(extra cast range from ultimate))
  • Scales with Gold & EXP
  • Scales PERFECT in the mid & late-game!
  • Hero is STRONG In the middle game. Therefore, even if you don’t stomp your lane (or even win), you can definitely come back.


  • Can Be Weak In The Lane
  • As Strong As your lane partner, if you don’t have a good combo, you will struggle.
  • You need to be creative to make the hero work
  • Low Damage Hero
    Low Armor Hero
  • Struggles to Trade 1v1 with almost ANY other support in the game
  • Can grief your lane with one wrong illuminate
  • Squishy hero! If he gets jumped on, he dies(But in the mid-game, he can disengage with blind -> force staff, AND since hero farms dead lane, he can afford items)

Why Should You Pick


Kotl is one of these heroes who can prolong the game while having a significant impact. You can hold towers, farm the dead lane, and be as annoying as possible. You create a LOT of fo space by applying pressure on the enemy lanes without actually griefing your cores.
I highly suggest picking Kotl. It is a bit forgotten as a hero, and I feel he will get buffed a bit. So you might as well start practicing a bit, and hopefully, by the time we have our next patch (you know, in about a year or two), you are already ready to play this playable hero(it’s still playable, but you need to play a bit better atm)

What MMR Should I Be To Have Impact as Keeper Of The Light?

In my opinion, Kotl is excellent support (both pos 4 & 5) for ALL ranks. I find it more useful in the lower ranks where people don’t apply that much pressure. So, you can take advantage of that and farm it yourself (again, do NOT grief and take the farm from the areas your cores want to)

With the extra gold, you can afford support items like Force staff, Glimmer, Lotus, Aghanims, and Hex and have tremendous team-fight impact!


In terms of early itemization, you will find more about it in the video. Kotl is quite simply early on

Itemization In Mid-Game:

As you understand, sometimes, you will be able to afford, unlike other supports (like


, etc.).
I suggest you buy Force staff or Glimmer cape as first items (of course, Tranquil boots, wind lace, and wand ALWAYS). Ideally, you want to buy both of them, but sometimes you might want to skip one of the other to get something bigger (lotus orb, hex, aghanims, etc.)
You should ALWAYS think about what you need. I just find force staff, though, to be SO useful since you can force staff enemies (spirit form gives a LOT of cast range) into blinding light backward, and all of a sudden, you made an enemy completely out of position (similar to swap)

Of course, items like Aghanim’s or Aghanim’s Shard are also an option. The “problem” with these items is that all of a sudden, you end up having 7 spells as well as your items in the inventory, and you need to be quite experienced to press everything correctly, watch your hero’s positioning, and overall not to mess up.
As a result, I suggest if you are a beginner try to play only with glimmer and force staff in the beginning and as you become more experienced you experiment with these items.

What Is The Difference Between Kotl Pos 4 & 5?

Kotl position 4 can actually spam a lot more illuminates in a few words. He doesn’t really care about lane equilibrium AS LONG AS he has unblocked the big camp and gets to pull whenever you want to.

Your job is to pressure the enemy carry!

The other option, of course, is to pressure enemies under the tower (for example, Timbersaw + Kotl lane) instead of pulling.

The position 5 Kotl needs to be more careful because we want the creepwave to be under the tower so our carry will be as safe as possible!

Before I close My Post: If you do enjoy this type of content, I would appreciate a subscription, since my road to 1k subscribers feels impossible.

On top of that, I want to point out that I am not a native English speaker, and sometimes (while I talk) my grammar sucks, my accent is even worse and I have brain lags. That's something that mainly happens because I don't get to edit my videos and I give you raw content.

I understand that I create long videos therefore, from now on I will create two smaller videos for each support so it will be easier for you guys to actually follow up with a smaller video overall!

I also would like to thank you for all the comments, likes, and subscribes so far.
There are numerous players that gave me so much positivity back and told me that my laning stage did help their game a lot.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to comment on the video or ask me anything below! Any questions are welcome!

Any Support Question is more than acceptable. Do not hesitate to ask me!

If you want a specific hero, you can get to ask below!

You can watch the complete Kotl Guide:

If you are a position 5, feel free to watch previous guides and ask me anything about these heroes.

Feel free to join my small discord community. I answer questions and help members in my spare time.



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