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How to play Natures Prophe mid/late?

Content of the article: "How to play Natures Prophe mid/late?"

I started playing NP recently as a pos3/4 and i really enjoyed this hero. My mechanics and tricks with NP are good. I will do well earlygame on a consistent basis, playing to my 3 or 4 role's strength. I have a problem mid/lategame though.

I sort of have this theory that he's great early because you can force a lot of 2v2+NP, however as the game goes to late and fights eventually becomes 5v5 he's worse since he doesn't actually bring anything to a teamfight unless he has significantly more farm.

Here are some recent games: (Lost game. Core. Felt like draft was pretty bad,i kept my mouth shut though. Gameplan was to split push, deep ward and let invis team go ham on their jungle. I barely joined any fights which might be a huge loss factor, but it was hard to see a window where i could join as fights went to shit. Lategame teamfights went to shit since we had no damage or control. Riki bought early BF but never once farmed. Maybe this game was unfixable?) (Lost game. Support. Earlygame went more than well. Sniped a bunch of couriers. Bought forcestaff and used it to save cores from Ursa. Our team had no items against Ursa, this is maybe where i should have skipped several items in favor of sheepstick?) (Won game. Support. Sniped couriers and mostly just harassed Lycan a lot. All i did was defend towers against Lycan, usually sprouting the tower to make it difficult.)

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Feel free to pick me apart, i know i'm missing something fundamental from the picture. I think i got 50% with him in recent games, but overall history turns him down to 40%~.


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