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How to play Position 4 Windranger or Hoodwink.

So the game has begun, but you had to take a shit so you missed most of the picking phase and all the core positions are taken, or maybe your grandma was dying and you had to go deny her before the match, or maybe your computer just sucks and it didn't load the picking phase at all until right now. Doesn't matter. What matters is, you have a choice. Pick a support hero, or fight for last hits in lane? You just woke up, and you're still pretty hungover from last night's dota teammates, so you decide not to focus too much of the game and you just decide to pick a support. You click a lane and you choose windranger/hoodwink.

Starting the game make sure you skill Powershot, it is the spell that deals damage after all, and with the antimage in your lane i'm sure it'll help secure a lot of kills and the initial bounty rune. After sustaining literally no damage from the bounty rune fight with just AM's mana burn and your powershot, you secure the rune…somehow, and have begun moving into the laning phase, AM has gone to block the creep wave, so you as a windranger/hoodwink support player should walk next to him while he does it. The enemy could be around any corner, and you should be ready to back him up on the way to the lane, but don't get too close to the creep wave, you'll need an excuse on why you didn't block yourself if he screws it up somehow.

Now into laning. Laning is very important as a windranger/hoodwink support, make sure you use the small camp whenever you need to, to get some experience, and when antimage asks you to pull the wave because it's been under the enemies tier one tower for the past 5 minutes, explain that you "keep forgetting", continue to keep forgetting about the pull times for the small camp, and keep powershotting it, get some farm, supports need it. At this point if you've done everything correctly, your carry will leave the lane to you, the lowly support, as they go to the jungle. Everything is working exactly as planned. Use the lane your carry gave you and farm a very important support item. Maelstrom. With maelstrom, your supporting will be even better, make sure you support down the creep wave as fast as possible with power shot and maelstrom, and then head to the jungle to support down as much farm as you can. As a support you need items. If someone tries calling you out for this, buy a ward and place it in your lane. And make sure to remind everyone that you are a good support, while spam pinging the ward you placed yourself.

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After the laning phase you should have your early supporting items all ready, maelstrom and phase boots. With these important supporting tools, you are free to support more jungle camps, until you get your aghanim's scepter, don't forget to support the lane creeps too. At this point your antimage should be far away in the triangle, giving you the jungle and the lane to support in, how generous of him. After farming the support scepter, it's now time to support the rest of your team. Look at the scoreboard and point out how you have not died yet, and how they have all died multiple times. If they tell you it's because they were fighting the enemy team who was death balling them since the laning phase was over while you were jungling, just tell them that those fights were bad and they should have avoided them anyway. Make sure to buy another ward while you do so and a sentry along with it, because afterall you are a support. And next, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, don't place the ward and sentry, keep it in your backpack, this is a surprise tool that will help us later. If your team continue to blame you for doing absolutely nothing wrong, proceed to mute them, and continue jungling our next support item, MKB. MKB is a great support item for windranger and hoodwink, in theory you can support a single enemy hero to death every time your ult is off cooldown. It's time to fight. Since your team will remain muted for the rest of the match ping violently one of the tier one towers you have not killed yet, along with your ultimate and supportKB. If they don't proceed to move in the towers direction draw arrows on the map, to make sure they can see where to go, this will help them find out more quickly than audio and visual pings.

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Taking that tower will be easy, you have enough support tools to destroy it, but your team is lagging behind, antimage is still trying to farm his abyssal blade and refuses to go with you. Make sure you spam ping him until he does, that's what a good support windranger/hoodwink does afterall. When you're all at the tower, it's time for our surprise tool. Make sure you do absolutely nothing with it. Ult the tier one tower, before they use fortification, because that will stop damage from your ult so try to get as much in as possible before they use it. And when the enemy comes, try to survive as long as possible against their 5 man smoke gank against your team who are fully fed thanks to your team only having effectively 3 people on it. After the fight make sure you use the "We need wards" chat wheel command, to show that that fight wasn't your fault, they just had superior vision. Repeat this until the game has been lost.

After the game make sure you report your team for coms abuse for flaming you so much when you did nothing wrong, and then continue with the next match, hopefully you'll get better teammates this time.

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