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How to properly glitch the game to do higher levels

Content of the article: "How to properly glitch the game to do higher levels"

Hi I played a game earlier with a 3 man premade (me being the 4th who was NOT part of the premade) as Magnus and they kept spam-pinging me that my level of Skewer was too low. When I asked what I needed higher level Skewer for, they kept spamming T5 Aghanim's cleared emotes at me etc until finally 1 of them said "you need to be pushing enemies and bosses outside the map with Skewer".

I started trying to intentionally do this with little success (managed to push a couple captains on full hp outside the map where they instantly despawned and counted as dying for the wave) but they kept on pinging me etc, so I guess I was still not doing it right.

After a while our Slark and TA started doing very strange things where they would blink "under" the map for a few seconds then come back. They also all kept pausing the game and disconnecting then reconnecting every few waves, in what I assume was the "meta" to glitch the game.

Eventually all this culminated at the rest shop on level 17 (i.e. just before fighting Aghanim's himself) where our TA somehow had infinite gold and anything she bought was unmuted – so she bought like 9 Daedelus and threw them on the ground, 4 BKB, all the shards from Bristleback as well as all the Potions and Scrolls and Lives. The rest of the group seemed to accept this as being normal and quickly stacked themselves up madly.

We killed Aghanim in less than 30 sec with all this gear.



I went an watched some vids etc afterward to try learn how to do this but couldn't find anything concrete. Have experimented a few times since then with little success.

But bearing in mind that I had another game as Magnus today where when I couldn't glitch stuff out satisfactorily, my whole party just spammed "noob Magnus" and then left the game – I assume it is "meta" to be doing this to clear higher levels of Aghanim's now?

So can anyone please provide some concrete guides/tips etc on how to bug out the game so I can do higher levels of Aghanim's without feeling like a noob/having to repeatedly rejoin games because people leave in disgust because my skills are so bad?



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