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I don’t get it??

Content of the article: "I don’t get it??"

why do you get fucking, reported for doing literally nothing.

Just because you're matched with a 3 stack, they will all gang up on you, saying you did this thing and that thing and the enemies always decide "yeah i'll report them" and you get low priority. I didn't do literally anything but play the game to the best of my ability, and this pack of 3 players literally forced me not to play anymore. Why is this not just okay, but the norm for this game? a stack can stop another stack, or a singular player, from ever playing again? i'm unable to play because I didn't listen to 4 guys who had no idea how to play the game and they decided i shouldn't deserve to play ever again, so i can't. why is this not just okay, but the norm?

they kept saying i was losing my lane, not farming, not helping them fight (somehow simultaneously, not farming AND not fighting. either choice was eventually wrong), and i was totally useless. REGARDLESS if i somehow was totally useless, why do i deserve to go from 10k behavior down to 5k from one game? because 9 people reported me? i legitimately didn't say a word, i didn't do anything wrong, my 4 stack teammates just created this narrative that i was ruining the game and so the entire enemy team agreed and reported me and now i can never play dota again without someone ruining my games? i really don't understand how this is fair. I didn't say a word and i got 9 reports for disruptive gameplay and now my entire experience is ruined forever

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Since i know you will all say i deserved it, what I did wrong was we were down 1-10 so I split pushed, I took 2 towers for their 1 and I got told i was griefing for not defending our towers (and instantly dying like they all did). I got us to 7-12 but at that point they already gave up. They'd constantly TP towards me and use 1 spell, and then walk away afterwards and all chat that I was feeding once i died despite them being the ones telling me to go in

i went from being 10k behavior my entire life down to 5k from 1 game. and it really seems impossible to bring it back up at this point; all because ONE stack of players decided they didn't like the fact they lost and decided to ruin my entire future in dota 2 as a result


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